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Found 1 result

  1. 25. April 2022 HRH The Crown Princess visits Bangladesh, 25.-27. April 2022 https://www.kongehuset.dk/nyheder/h-k-h-kronprinsessen-besoeger-bangladesh Crown Princess Mary visits Bangladesh together with the Minister for Development Cooperation, Flemming Møller Mortensen. The focus of the visit is nature-based solutions and biodiversity in Bangladesh. Program for the visit to Bangladesh Monday, April 25, 2022 HRH Crown Princess meets the Prime Minister of Bangladesh The Crown Princess begins her visit to Bangladesh with a reception at the country's Prime Minister, HE Sheikh Hasina. The Minister for Development Cooperation, Flemming Møller Mortensen, is also present at the reception. Last year, Bangladesh was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary as an independent nation. Denmark was one of the first countries to officially recognize Bangladesh after independence, and for the past 50 years Bangladesh has been among the primary recipients of Danish development assistance. HRH Crown Princess attends the signing of a green framework agreement between Denmark and Bangladesh The Crown Princess attends when Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen signs a green framework agreement with Bangladesh's Foreign Minister HEAK Abdul Momen. The focus of the agreement is the Danish-Bangladeshi co-operation, which in the coming years will move from traditional development co-operation to a trade-based co-operation with a focus on the green transition. HRH The Crown Princess participates in a lunch with Danish companies in Bangladesh Together with the Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen, the Crown Princess will meet representatives from Danish companies based in Bangladesh. Denmark has been present in Bangladesh for many years with development assistance, Danish knowledge and skills. Denmark has thus worked for progress in agriculture, climate conditions, the development of democracy and women's rights. This has given Bangladesh a good knowledge of the solutions that Danish companies can offer. It provides a particularly good starting point for the Danish business community, as Bangladesh becomes increasingly richer. In 2021, Danish exports to Bangladesh amounted to DKK 650 million, while imports from Bangladesh amounted to DKK 6.3 billion. During the lunch, Her Royal Highness and the Minister will hear about the work of Danish companies in Bangladesh, which is a changing country with many opportunities for especially Danish green solutions. Tuesday, April 26, 2022 HRH The Crown Princess visits environmental recovery activities in Cox's Bazar Although Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries, Bangladesh houses an increasing number of refugees. In the southernmost part of Bangladesh lies Cox's Bazar district, where the world's largest refugee settlement is located. Here, more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar have sought refuge in more than 30 camps, and the Crown Princess, who is the patron of the Danish Refugee Council DRC, will, together with Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen, visit the refugee settlement and hear about DRC's work in the area. The need to restore biodiversity is great and climate change in particular is a challenge in the camps, where both drought and monsoon rains pose a risk to the safety of the population - and as most dwellings consist of bamboo poles and tarpaulins, the DRC works with local forces to create environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo poles. The Danish Refugee Council has been present in Bangladesh since 2013 and is headquartered in Cox 'Bazar. DRC is working to establish the slopes in the camps with the help of cement masonry. In this connection, the Crown Princess, together with Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen, will look at a number of DRC's climate protection projects and initiatives for nature conservation. Refugees in Cox's Bazar district are facing a period of floods, cloudbursts and mudslides when the monsoon season begins in May. HRH The Crown Princess meets representatives from the host community in Cox's Bazar The number of refugees now exceeds that of the host community, and as people's living conditions deteriorate, the potential for conflict over access to scarce natural resources increases. After the visit to the refugee settlement, Crown Princess and Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen will meet with representatives of the host community in Cox's Bazar and hear about their challenges in the area, which is already one of Bangladesh's most marginalized and vulnerable areas. Wednesday, April 27, 2022 HRH The Crown Princess participates in a field visit to Satkhira In southwestern Bangladesh, the Crown Princess together with Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen participates in a field visit in the Sundarban area, which is the world's largest mangrove ecosystem. In the area, millions of people have had houses and fields destroyed due to rising water levels and a higher frequency of cyclones, and the Crown Princess and the Minister will see how the local community, in collaboration with NGOs, protects the vulnerable ecosystem. For example, it can take up to 25 years to re-establish a mangrove area, and during the visit, examples will be shown of how nature-based solutions such as irrigation, canal establishments and the introduction of resistant rice varieties in agriculture all help the community. in the climate-exposed area. The area is among the poorest regions in the country with 2.5 million people, and the region already forms the setting for some of the worst social and economic consequences of climate-damaging losses and damage. HRH The Crown Princess visits a cyclone protection project and climate-exposed village community. In the Sundarban Delta, the main occupations are agriculture and fishing, but climate change makes working conditions difficult. The many cyclones and floods cause ramparts and dams to break down, resulting in a more saline soil. In the long run, it helps to break down the conditions for agriculture, but at the same time it kills the many freshwater fish just as clean drinking water becomes a scarce commodity. The Crown Princess and Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen visit a number of cyclone protection projects in the area, which help to protect the fragile community against floods by cyclones, while at the same time protecting the delta's special ecosystem. During the visit, Her Royal Highness and the Minister will get an impression of the many consequences of previous breaches of the dikes and the losses and damage it has caused to both people, infrastructure and the ecosystem. HRH The Crown Princess participates in a boat trip and visits the forest board in the Sundarban mangrove Sundarbans is home to many hundreds of species, including the Bengal tiger, as well as a diverse fauna, and parts of the area are included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. The Crown Princess, together with the Minister, will sail out into the area and get a first-hand impression of the place's biodiversity, which is threatened by climate change. The area is close to India and Bangladesh is cooperating with the Indian government to protect the particular ecosystem. Along the way, the Crown Princess and the Minister will be briefed on the importance of mangroves for biodiversity and nature-based protection of the coastal zone.
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