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CPF presents grants from Crown Prince Frederik Fund


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11. juni 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsen overrækker legater fra Crown Prince Frederik Fund. Frederik VIII's Palæ, Amalienborg, kl. 14.00.

11 June 2015, 2:00 pm

HRH The Crown Prince presents grants from the Crown Prince Frederik Fund, at Frederik VIII's palace, Amalienborg.


The grant presentation takes place at Frederik VIII's palace, Amalienborg - the Crown Princely Family's home.

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This years recipients:

"Frederik Petersen (born 15 October 1975) is employed as a clerk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He graduated Master of Laws. from the University of Copenhagen in 2005.

Frederik Petersen has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2007, inter alia, as the first embassy secretary at the Danish Embassy in Afghanistan and deputy head at the Danish Embassy in both Iraq and Brazil. He has also been active in the military from 1995-2012 and has been deployed to several of the world's hotspots, for example. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq and Israel, with the rank of captain. As the clerk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Frederik Petersen especially working with the Danish government's post-2015 agenda for reducing poverty and promoting sustainable development by 2015. He has worked closely with civil society, the private sector and in international fora, such as . The EU and the UN, with a view to ensuring that Denmark's ambitions for global agreement on sustainable development. Frederik Pedersen sitting now with the work Business Partnerships and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Frederik Petersen admitted at Harvard Kennedy School - John F. Kennedy School of Governments Mid-Career Master in Public Administration. While staying at the Harvard Kennedy School will Frederik Petersen especially focus on subjects within energy technology innovation and green politics. He looks forward to studying in the international learning environment with leading professors in diplomacy and leadership that characterizes the Harvard Kennedy School.

Anemone Birkebæk (born March 30, 1992) is studying political science at the University of Copenhagen, where she was bachelor in June 2014. Anemone Birkebæk has also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris in the autumn of 2014.

Anemone Birkebæk have early in her studies focused on the relationship between foreign aid and democracy development, and she has particular been involved in implementing a comprehensive democracy program in Tanzania.

In her school and high school were Anemone Birkebæk very active in school policy and has since completed her university studies with practical experience of international youth policy work and in spring 2015 intern at the Danish Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva.

Anemone Birkebæk will read "non-degree" at the Harvard Kennedy School - John F. Kennedy School of Government and hope that the studies here will help her to an international career with the opportunity to influence the international development agenda. She is looking forward to try their hand at the Harvard Kennedy School international learning and high academic level.

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