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Summer activities 2015


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Any idea how long she has been in Mallorca and if the kids are with her?

I don't have any idea, the article doesn't say anything about the kids. I hope to see more photos. That days Mallorca is full of paparazzi, there are some rumours that Máxima and Willem Alexander with their daughters will spend some days in Marivent with Letizia and Felipe. It would be great to see Mary, Máxima and Letizia together.

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A little more info from the website of a German speaking radio channel on Mallorca(Lots of German tourists on the Island I guess:-)


Danish royal family in Mallorca

The Crown Princess of Denmark has spent four days on Mallorca. Mary Donaldson, the wife of the Danish Crown Prince and heir, Frederic came accompanied by their children and lived here in a holiday home in Son Pericases. The house in the municipality of Andratx is situated in absolute seclusion and is hard to see from the outside. During their stay, the royal family was spotted shopping in downtown Palma and the Porto Pi shopping center. In this case, all showed very relaxed, strolled through the streets of downtown and ate ice cream. At some distance, however, the family followed by a contingent of Spanish and Danish security personnel.
The Crown Princess also wanted to meet the Queen of Spain Letizia here originally. But just could not take the planned Majorca-vacation so far due to the death of her grandfather.

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Thanks commoner

How do they know Mary "wanted to" or was going to meet Q Letizia...?

The Letizia part is probably a guess:-)

I thought so too....

Well, it's a bit the same with the number and nationality of the protection officers. Are there two, four or more and are some of them local.? Or are some just tourists walking behind them in pictures? Usually they have two officers.

Anyway if we go by Mallorcan radio station they spent four days there. So they probably arrived Wednesday/Thursday and left yesterday or this morning and are back home now.

Another article at the bottom mentioning Mary has spend a few days on Island with her four children and has been seen strolling around eating ice cream. The article is not particularly about Mary, but Mary is used to take a dig at Letizia. Ridiculous. I have seen similar approaches in DK Media, just turned around:-)



Another Spanish article roughly translated


Mary of Denmark, tourists in Mallorca

Prince Frederick is in Kuala Lumpur on an official trip

Surprise in the Centre of Palma. Someone is a brunette followed by four bodyguards. Safe and effectively, who calmly walked Friday through the streets of the Mallorcan capital was Mary of Denmark, wife of the Crown Prince, Federico, who took advantage of his visit incognito on the island to do some shopping.

The presence of Mary of Denmark was an appearance as it was left, without having proof of the means used to reach the island and if it is still in it. The wife of the heir was accompanied, only by his bodyguards following at a safe distance and a Danish lady that chatted animatedly while both stood in some windows of the avenida Jaume III, where you will find all kinds of shops, including some of international luxury brands and also a settlement of El Corte Ingles. Before being discovered, the wife of the Danish heir walked the walk of el Born and Sant Nicolàs and Sant Jaume streets and also attended the market of the olive grove, where Lady accompanying it bought products in Isabel and Manolo fishing, which would confirm that the Princess would be hosted at the home of Danish citizens who would have invited her to the island. The Princess has traveled alone since her husband, Prince Federico de Dinamarca, is located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on official trip that will continue until next Monday. The Danish heir attends the 128 annual meeting of the International Olympic Committee, which is a member, but has also traveled to the Malaysian capital accompanied by a Danish trade delegation.

The fact that Mary, mother of four, has preferred to spend a day in the Sun of Majorca instead of accompanying her husband to Asia, has been heavily criticized by the Danish press, which describes the journey of the Princess from escape of maiden, after fulfilling the three weeks of official holidays, next to the Queen of Denmark and the rest of the Royal family at Grasten Castle.

It is not the first time that Mary is in Majorca; already traveled to the island in 2003 along with his then fiance, invited both by Spanish Royal family with which shared trips aboard the fortune. Prince Frederick had been on other occasions coinciding with the celebration of the King's Cup, since, as King Philip, it is a great sailing fan. In 1998 he participated in the competition, even a day, on the premises of the club Náutico Palm, had occasion to present to his then girlfriend, the singer Maria Montell, to King Juan Carlos. Federico is part, usually of the crew of a sailboat called Nanoq, a Farr 40, with which it competes regularly in nautical evidence. Share the hobby with don Felipe and also kinship since his aunt, Ana María de Grecia, born Princess of Denmark, is married to King Constantine, the brother of Queen Sofia. Constantine and Ana Maria's children are, therefore, first cousins of Prince Felipe and also of Prince Frederick. In fact, when Mary Donaldson and Danish Prince met in a bar in Sydney (Australia), during the celebration of the Olympic Games in the year 2000, his cousin Nicholas of Greece and also the then accompanied Prince Frederick Prince Felipe.

At the moment there is no record that, during their stay on the island, the Princess Mary found with the Kings in Marivent, since it has a strictly private nature. In any case, with Mary on board, Palm adds a new Princess to their illustrious visitors telling the Princess Leonor, who the infanta Sofía, arrived with his father, King Philip and his sister, last Thursday. The reina Letizia landed on the island on Friday night, and with his arrival also doubled the number Queens adding their presence to the reina Sofía.

The bolded part really funny, because it has not been mentioned yet in the Danish press at all. The magazines that may have it, if they had time, come out Wednesday and Thursday. They will probably recycle the Spanish articles and spice it up with their own imagination. If they were quick enough they may have hired a local paparazzi to snap a few photos or a local pap has sold some pics to them.

A third article that mentions Mary out and about with Birgitte Handverk






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The bolded part really funny, because it has not been mentioned yet in the Danish press at all. The magazines that may have it, if they had time, come out Wednesday and Thursday. They will probably recycle the Spanish articles and spice it up with their own imagination. If they were quick enough they may have hired a local paparazzi to snap a few photos or a local pap has sold some pics to them.

H&N has finally managed to find out that Mary is/has been in Mallorca. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, so far.

And not one word about "Mary being heavily criticized for not joining Frederik on the business promotion trip to Malaysia"...

A slightly different photo of the kids. Looks like Christian also has a H&M bag.


More photos of Mary and Birgitte Handwerk on the streets of Mallorca


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Added photos
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