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CPF visits South Africa for Danish Export promotional campaign - Programme


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2.-4. november 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltager i erhvervsfremstød i Sydafrika den 2.-4. november


HRH The Crown Prince participates in export promotional campaign in South Africa


"From 2 to 4 November 2015, an official Danish business delegation will travel to Johannesburg

and Cape Town on the occasion of a visit by H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Denmark.

A substantial part of the visit will focus on strengthening commercial relations between Denmark and South Africa"

"The program for the business delegation is structured around three selected sectors with excellent potential for Danish - South African cooperation. The delegation will gather Danish world-class solutions to meet South African demands within the following themes:

Energy - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Water - Water & Environment

Agriculture & Food - Livestock, Sanitation, Nutrition & Feed, Plant Growing, Crops, Biomass & Machinery"

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HRH The Crown Prince participates in a business promotional campaign in South Africa 2-4 November 2015.
The Crown Prince will lead a business delegation with nearly 50 companies to South Africa, which is the largest export market for Denmark in Africa. The Crown Prince will be accompanied by environment and food minister Eva Kjer Hansen and business and growth minister Troels Lund Poulsen.
South Africa is the 33rd largest economy in the world. At the same time, the country is challenged in a number of areas in which Danish companies are strong. Those strengths revolve around the green sector, from which Danish know-how and services can offer solutions, as well as agriculture and food products.
The business campaign will focus on energy (sustainable energy and energy efficiency), water and environment (integrated water solutions, technology) and also agriculture and food products (crops, machinery, biomass, livestock and food products).

Monday, 2 November - Programme modified due to flight difficulties


Business workshop

The Crown Prince is present at a business workshop. At the workshop, The Crown Prince will give a speech.


The Crown Prince takes part in a reception for the business delegation, civil society representatives and partners hosted by Denmark’s ambassador to South Africa.

Tuesday, 3 November


Visit at Tsitsikamma wind farm

The Crown Prince visits the Tsitsikamma wind farm, which was established by Vestas in cooperation with Cennergi. During the visit, The Crown Prince will be shown around the wind farm, which is partly owned by the Mfengu people, on whose land the farm is built.

Cape Town

Visit at Woolworth’s flagship shop in Waterstone

The Crown Prince pays a visit at the exclusive supermarket chain Woolworth’s. During the visit, The Crown Prince will be shown around in the section that recently won an honour for being the best supermarket department in South Africa.

Grand dinner

The Crown Prince takes part in a dinner with, among others, business people, local partners, and local authorities. Denmark’s ambassador to South Africa hosts the dinner.

Wednesday, 4 November

Cape Town

Visit at Drakenstein Municipality

The Crown Prince pays a visit at Drakenstein Municipality with a focus on Danish technology and knowledge in use in the South African water and environment sector. The Danish embassy in South Africa cooperates with WWF to give support to the introduction of the Danish solutions in the area of water and environment in South Africa. During the visit, The Crown Prince inspects the Drakenstein waterworks.

Visit at the wind energy conference Windaba

The Crown Prince pays a visit at the wind energy conference Windaba, where a Danish pavilion will be opened. During the visit, The Crown Prince will be shown around.

Visit at CocoáFair

The Crown Prince visits CocoáFair in Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. CocoáFair is Africa’s first organic chocolate factory and was established in 2011 by the Dane Thor Thorøe through the Danish initiative Social Food. CocoáFair will relieve poverty and promote sustainability by creating jobs for the underprivileged residents in the townships of Cape Town.

Business lunch

The Crown Prince takes part in a business lunch, in which companies, their local business partners and local authorities also participate.

Opening of seminar

The Crown Prince takes part in the opening of a seminar about commercial opportunities in Angola, in which governmental ministers from Angola participate.

Opening of “Young Talent”

The Crown Prince takes part in the opening of the Nordic conference for social innovation “Young Talent”, which is held in connection with the export promotional campaign. The conference is themed around young people and social innovation, including how new solutions can be created and financed, targeted towards social challenges in South Africa. In connection with the conference, there will be an idea competition in which participants must develop and present recommendations for a solution targeted at a specific social problem. The Crown Prince will present the prize for the best idea.
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