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CPM in Senegal with the Orchid Project and Tostan


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11.- 15. november 2015

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen foretager rejse til Senegal med organisationerne Orchid Project og Tostan den 11. - 15. november.

Rejsen foretages med henblik på at opleve og få dybere forståelse for organisationernes arbejde med ”Community Empowerment Programs” med særligt fokus på kvinder og pigers rettigheder og kvindelig omskæring.”

11-15 November 2015

HRH The Crown Princess makes a trip to Senegal with the organizations Orchid Project and Tostan from November 11 to 15.

The trip is made in order to experience and obtain a deeper understanding of the organizations' work with "Community Empowerment Programs" with a special focus on women and girls' rights and female genital mutilation.



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About Tostan

"NGO based in Dakar in Senegal, which works throughout West Africa including in The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, and Mauritania, as well as Senegal. They also work in parts of East Africa including Somalia and Djibouti. Since Tostan’s founding, they have helped bring about the abandonment of FGC in over 7,500 communities across West Africa, by equipping them with the knowledge that the practice does not have to continue.

Tostan delivers a human-rights based Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) which is a 30 month long programme delivered by local staff in local languages. Our partnership with Tostan complements the CEP and is based around their concept of ‘Social Mobilisation’. An Orchid Project funded ‘Social Mobilisation’ programme is currently taking place in Kolda and Sédhiou in southern Senegal as well as Fouta in the north of the country, and we are supporting this programme through to the end of 2015, and hopefully beyond. This Social Mobilisation programme involves working with teams of volunteers who have already abandoned FGC to spread the message of abandonment, and encourage others to join them through awareness raising and human rights based education. These programmes are crucial to the rapid diffusion of the message of abandonment, and can help bring about an end to FGC in surrounding communities which haven’t been a part of the Community Empowerment Programme."

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