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Interviews with QMII & PH

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As Julia.Montague has already posted some days ago in the "TV tipps" thread, there has been a documentary on European prince consorts in the German/French TV channel "arte".

I watched it yesterday and it was just great, great, great!

It was about Prince Philip, the Dutch prince consorts Bernhard and Klaus and of course about Prince Henrik. They focused very much on Prince Henrik, because he was the only one who gave in interview.

he talked a lot about his role as a prince consort, the Dane's attitude towards him, the Queen, his jobs and duties and so on. I'm not too sure about that, but I think that the interview was made on his birthday 2003. F)

If there is any interest of those who haven't been able to watch this, I could try to translate what he said and also some of the comments that the reporter made while they showed some videos of the Prince.


Anybody interested?

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Okay, just give me 2 or 3 days, and I will translate it - unless this wasn't an exclusive interview and has been published before? Does anybody know of an interview he gave at his birthday 2003 speaking frankly but quite positively about his role as a prince consort? :lol:

As I haven't heard before the things he said, I will so start translating it but I'm pretty busy with working and studying at the moment, so as I said, it may take some days. B)

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So, finally I found the time to do the translation of the interview. I have only translated what he said and not the reporter's comments. The sentences in brackets are related to the videos shown in the background while PH is speaking in the off.

The main topic of this feature is the role of Prince Philip of GB, Prince Henrik of Denmark, Prince Bernhard and Prince Klaus of the Netherlands, how they feel not being king but only a Prince Consort. In the first twenty minutes of the documentary they presented Prince Philip of Great Britain, then they start focusing on Prince Henrik:


(PH and QMII in the vineyards of summerly Caix)

"I have always considered this situation to be very problematic for a man. Before I had married there where only two prince consorts: Prince Philip of Great Britain and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. I was of the opinion, that they were doing their job extraordinarily well and also have reached harmony in their marriages.

My family is from this area. My parents also have a vineyard, about 20 km from here. I have cousins and relatives here. I thought that my children would like to be in contact with their grandparents and their French cousins and so we decided to look for a house here. And this little castle was for sell. It was in miserable condition and for the Queen and me it was a very attractive thought to reconstruct it after our own taste.

Most of all it’s a place of retreat for the family. When the Queen comes here, she’s first of all in a foreign country. So she has time to rest and to relax. She paints a bit or embroiders. For me it’s the same, but I also have a lot of work: I use the time when I’m here to look after my estate. Viticulture is one way to keep in touch with the important things in life: with agriculture. But I see it more from the romantic point of view, because it’s a lot of work to produce good wine.

It’s true, I have also written poems here. This castle has actually been owned by the poet Lefron Pompignon [jessiwessi: this is certainly not the correct spelling, if anybody knows how to write his name, please help...]. He was well-known in the 18th century, a member of the “Academie française”. He has written theatre plays, mainly in verses.

We think that we don’t have much freedom: it’s a bit like giraffes in the zoo: we are the giraffes and have to satisfy the public and at the same time to adapt to our environment. "


(on the balcony, 1972, when CP Margrethe was proclaimed to be QMII, then later the new Royal Family on the balcony: PH, QMII and little CPF and PJ, to small to look over the balustrade)

"That was a very emotional moment: on the one hand because I lost my father-in-law who had always supported me, liked me from the beginning on and regarded me as his son.

On the other hand because we lost a lot of our freedom. My wife was now head of state and I the head of state’s husband. We had to realize that our lives won’t be the same anymore, but certainly will be very interesting.

A Prince Consort must have a rhinoceros’s skin and a seismograph’s sensitiveness. We are the favourite target of journalists and all kinds of criticism. That’s why the skin has to be thick enough to let bounce off any criticism. At the same time you have to be sensitive as a seismograph because you must know exactly what you can do and what you can’t do. Or like Oscar Wilde said, how far you can go without going to far.

In the public’s mind the prince consort is practically not existing, there is only the queen. All the attention concentrates on the female character and the consort is like a little dog running after her, yelping, sitting up and begging to get it’s peace of sugar. That’s the conception that the people have of a prince consort "

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(1966 at Copenhagen airport, PH arrives for the official engagement)

"The arrival of a French in Denmark was something new, surprising. I was welcomed very friendly, then criticized harshly and now everything is okay, I think.

Since my earliest childhood I dreamt of being a diplomat. I always wanted to be an ambassador. Perhaps I could have become one, who knows.

I think we were on of the first royal couples who married because of love at that time, without any preparations or expectations. I was completely unknown and so was my family. There was absolutely no reason for a Danish princess of Lutheran faith to look for a prince in France. But not we have set an example: king Beaudoin of Belgium has found a wife in Spain, Princess Beatrix an unknown German. At that time society had begun to change.

I can’t say that I have been prepared for my role, except of the fact that my job, my journeys, my studies and my whole childhood have given me a routine that allowed me to find my way as a prince consort."


(the wedding)

"That (jessiwessi: the whole wedding) wasn’t a problem for me. Not only an act of strong will but also of sense. But I have to say that something like this is not easy to do, you don’t do it with your little finger.

I think one shouldn’t renounce your personality. It would be dreadful to become a jumping-jack – what I never did. I don’t think that I have ever been a jumping-jack, but it’s something different to give up your name, your country, your religion, your friends and also your work, because I used to be a diplomat, a fulfilled a function in society. All this I gave up, but on my own accord. Firstly because I loved my wife, but also because I wanted to support her in carrying out her duties.

People expect the husband to step back behind his wife completely, because she now fulfils both roles. She is husband and wife at the same time. What remains for the husband? Almost nothing. So he has to find a place in his own world to avoid becoming a shadow. at the same time he has to form his position in a way that it doesn’t evoke the impression that he want to be in first place.

When a couple is getting on well, then the wife has to understand her husband’s difficult situation. In our partnership this is the case. And my wife never gave me the feeling to be not more than a shadow. She regards me to be at the same level as her, just like a king would do with his queen, if I may say that. "

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(different videos of PH and QMII with Frederik and Joachim: presenting little Frederik the first time to the public, the whole family on the balcony, playing a game on board of the Dannebrog (talking French btw), riding lessons)

"I loved my sons very much, but perhaps they are of the opinion that we didn’t care enough for them. Ant that’s true. We had so many duties, that we perhaps didn’t have enough time for them.

By the way, today I think that I wished to have had so much time for my sons as a father with a normal job would have had for them.

It tried to teach my sons a certain sense of duty and a sense for what they are representing in our society. We a flags, sign-boards. We have the chance to stand at the top of our society’s pyramid. We are a symbols and the next generation must be aware of these symbols.

This is the only way for them to be satisfied with themselves and to find confirmation among the people that surround them.

He (jessiwessi: CP Frederik) has definitely got what we supposed to be the right education. A bit strict perhaps, with too many obstacles, but he certainly knows his way. And I think he has all the aquirements to adapt monarchy to the 21st century. "


(opening of EuropaNostra’s general meeting in Strasbourg, PH making the opening speech, later having lunch in a Countess’s garden)

"Without wanting to praise myself, I think that I put a lot of activities in my life. I can’t do nothing. I don’t dwell on with mourning, for me life must always go on.

I have three caritative duties: one for the people with the Red Cross, one for the animals with WWF and one for the buildings with EuropaNostra. This takes a lot of time and I have to travel a lot. We have two conferences: one general assembly and one meeting of the council, twice a year. This has to be prepared and that takes a lot of time.

"Protocol can be like a yoke hard to carry. But you also have to say that it protects us. There are invisible borders, invisible lines, but they must never hinder us to be a human being. I think it depends of the personalities in high positions to know how to loose these stoppages of protocol and to express human and personal feelings.


(a long feature about visiting hirtshals during the summercruise 2003: shaking hands, listening to speeches in the city hall, walking through the streets, visiting a factory and some villages, reception on board of the Dannebrog and waving goodbye in the evening.

Then another long feature about PH and CPF sailing in France)

"She (jessiwessi: his boat “Najade”) is something like the Ferrari or Porsche among the boats: fast, able to compete, elegant and racy – and I love the competition on the water!

(jessiwessi: about CPF: ) I think his is just a sportive concurrence. My son participates in the dragon class since only four years and I think he is looking forward to compete with his father. Yes, I’m looking for some challenge! But I’m also playing tennis, I ride, go skiing. I like doing sports, that’s how I stay physically fit. I think sailing is a very nice sport. Especially in Denmark I fell in love with it. We are known as good sailors since the time of the Vikings!

(the regatta: CPF wins)

"Sailing must be in our genes! When he wins, he must have inherited this by his father! "


(PH’s birthday in 2003, he presents three puppies to the public)

"Every person defines hi role in a different way. But I thin you need a big dose of professionalism, of vocation and mellowness. And also constancy and tenacity of the couple. And a strong will. A will to keep the relationship in a good condition. You always have to “feed” it with vitamins and dung and you must not let it dissolve. You have to do away with the weed."

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Thanks for the translation jessi[/i]!! [:}:P

And I know there are some people out there who don't really like PH, but I do! I like how he doesn't seem the boring type and not perfect... you know, complex (and a bit annoying sometimes), very interesting and I think also very honest. Perhaps this is why people dislike him, because he doesn't try to lie about it.

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Very good translation Jessiwessi,

I see this interview with pleasure .

Prince Henrik showed himself very sincere and very naturalness in this report.

It spoke about its role of prince consort, the protocol, the difficulty in living with the daily newspaper the intrusion of the media and the glances of people. Love which links it with the queen, with the errors and with the doubts that they have can be made like parents. Henrik speaks with many love of its two sons.

when henrik speaks thus about its role, of the love for his wife, its children, his passion for the sport, its castle in France; pleasure which it has in its occupations and personal; I believe that he wants simply to say that nothing is easy. That it ya of the days where the pressure is too strong.

Margrethe and Henrik married by love, a true love which enabled them to face the difficulties, with the doubts, They reflected before married and Henrik does not hide that it has also to teach him a trade to which it was prepared but only the support of his wife for fact that they are still married and happy today.

And I believe that Frederik and Mary are linked by this same very strong bond which will allow it to deal with the doubts and difficulties of their role.

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Thanks for the translation jessi[/i]!! [:};)

And I know there are some people out there who don't really like PH, but I do! I like how he doesn't seem the boring type and not perfect... you know, complex (and a bit annoying sometimes), very interesting and I think also very honest. Perhaps this is why people dislike him, because he doesn't try to lie about it.

You're all very welcome. Actually it was more fun than work translating it.

actually I neither liked Prince Henrik very much. When I lived in Denmark everybody just laughed about him and didn't take him seriously. But the more I learn about him the more respect I feel for him.

It must have been very hard to give up everything for love to go to a foreign world and step back behind your wife completely. Being chairman of such in influential European institution as "EuropaNostra" certainly is nothing you do just for fun but hard work.

I'm very glad that the Prince finally seems to be happy with his life. He laughed a lot during this interview and you could hear in his words that he is content with everything at the moment, though it wasn't easy to reach this.

And I agree, Jasl, his honesty is really impressing. Not many other princes would talk frankl about feeling like a dog begging for sugar !

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[:} Thankyou for the translation Jessiwessi; I found this interview interesting. It was great the way he spoke of his wife, marriage and children. I liked the way that he regards Denmark and France his homeland origin. It is obvious that he loves his family. Prince Henrik may seem complex but he comes across as a caring person too.
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Guest Valentine

jessiwessi, I have just belatedly read your translation of the interview given by Prince Henrik. Thank you. It was a joy to read.

What an interesting and forthright person he seems to be.

His displayed attitudes are a contrast to those expressed by Princess Benedikte's husband, Prince Richard, on another thread. http://crownprincessmary.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=941

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Not many other princes would talk frankl about feeling like a dog begging for sugar !
(I didn't know dogs liked sugar)

Haha! Did he really say that!! [:};)

Omg, can you imagine Prince Philip of England saying that?? No waaay!

Yaay, go Prince Henrik!! Lol! Why don't we make this 'The Official Prince Henrik Fan Club' thread? ;):P

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Not many other princes would talk frankl about feeling like a dog begging for sugar !
(I didn't know dogs liked sugar)

Haha! Did he really say that!! :P[:}

Omg, can you imagine Prince Philip of England saying that?? No waaay!

Yaay, go Prince Henrik!! Lol! Why don't we make this 'The Official Prince Henrik Fan Club' thread? ;);)

You're welcome, Valentine and Smiley!

Jasl, well, I wouldn't open a fan club for him, but I think he's a pretty fascinating person who has had difficutlies to accept his role in life but has obviously thought a lot about this and learned to cope with it.

Hopefully also Prince Richard will overcome that "everything is bad and noone accepts me, I'm a nobody"-part of his life....

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Interview with QMII in the local Norwegian Paper



Kongelig vinterferie i mer enn 30 år


Gausdøl’n blir tatt i mot av ekteparet Sibbern og hoffdame Marianne Boel i den smakfullt innredede hytta, sentralt på Skei.

Tekst: Olav Iverslien

Foto: Esben Haakenstad

Redaktøren i Gausdøl’n er nok aldri så lite nervøs på sin første "hoffreportasje", men dette går fort over etter å ha fått hilst på Hennes Majestet dronning Margrethe og tatt plass i den koslige peisestuen med varme på peisen og kaffe på bordet.

- Når var første gang Hennes Majestet dronningen var på Skei?

Dronning Margrethe i hyggelig samtale med lokalavisa Gausdøl’n.

Foto: Esben Haakenstad

Jo det husker jeg godt, svarer dronning Margrethe. Det var i 1954 og jeg reiste hit opp omtrent på denne tiden av året sammen med min mor. Enda ikke fyllt 14 år husker dronningen både togturen fra Oslo og reisen opp til Skei fra Tretten stasjon.

- Det var masse sne, så mye som jeg aldri hadde sett før. Vi skulle bo i en hytte tilhørende Gausdal Høifjellshotell og det var fru Berle som var hotellvertinne den gang. Det snedde da vi kom opp og det var sne i fru Berles hår så hun så nærmest ut som et Fjelltroll der hun sto og ønsket oss velkommen denne første gangen. Jeg ble nok begeistret for stedet allerede da og vi var også tilbake flere ganger i årene deretter. Slik fikk jeg lært meg å gå på ski, og lærte og sette pris på den flotte fjellnaturen her, forteller dronningen.

Så var det et opphold i besøkene her oppe, sier dronningen, men i 1973 var hun tilbake på Austlid med egne barn på vinterferie. Og etter det har det nok vært så og si hver eneste vinter siden, unntatt i fjor vinter. Så en kan nok på mange måter si at det er et tredveårsjubileum i år, og jeg tror på ingen måte det slutter med det, legger hun til.

- Hva er så tiltrekkende med Skei?

Det er nok landskapet og de flotte skimulighetene her og det varierte terrenget som gjør det mulig å være ute selv om det er litt ruskevær, da kan en jo bare trekke ned i skogsløypene.

Det at jeg kan oppholde meg såpass usjenert her teller også mye, sier dronningen.

- Kan en si det så sterkt at Skei er ditt favorittferiested?

Ja, vinterstid vil jeg si det, jeg har alltid hatt gode og styrkende feriedager her.

Men sommerstid da?

Nei på sommeren har jeg nesten ikke vært her så det kan jeg ikke svare på, sier Dronning Margrethe.

Er det andre av kongehusets medlemmer som også har tapt sitt hjerte til Gausdal?

- Nei det er nok bare jeg som er så spesielt glad i Skei og Gausdal, svarer hun. Sønnene Frederik og Joachim var med som små, og kronprins Frederik har også vært med en tur som voksen, men det er dronning Margrethe som alltid vender tilbake hit.

- Har det vært aktuelt for dronningen å skaffe seg sitt eget feriested på Skei?

- Nei det har det ikke, for de tross alt få dagene i et år synes jeg ikke det er tjenligt, svarer dronningen. Og når en har gode venner, som Sibberns, som en både kan bo fast hos og være sammen med er det en meget god løsning for meg, svarer dronningen.

Utviklingen på Skei

Hvordan synes Hennes Majestet at Skei har utviklet seg som turiststed?

- Det har jo vært en rivende utvikling, særlig de siste 10 årene etter OL, svarer dronningen.

- Jeg hører jo til gruppen "de gamle koner" som helst ingen forandring eller utvikling vil ha, sier hun spøkefullt. Men jeg vil da si at det er tatt rimelig hensyn til naturmiljøet ved bebyggelsen her, og man kan jo ikke være motstander av utviklingen med et flott løypenett som er perfekt preparert til enhver tid og stadig bedre tilbud for alpin skisport. Så alt i alt synes jeg Skei fortsatt har særpreg og besitter gode kvaliteter som vintersportssted, sier dronning Margrethe.

- Hvordan disponerer Hennes Majestet vinterferiedagene i Gausdal?

- Vi prøver jo å være ute hver enste dag svarer hun, om ikke alltid så lange skiturer nå så har jeg hatt mange praktfulle turer i terrenget her opp gjennom årene.

Kart og kompass

- Dronningen nikker bekreftende på at hun er godt kjent i området Skei/Austlid.

- Jeg har nesten alltid med meg kart og kompass og liker å orientere meg underveis og bli kjent med de lokale navn og forskjellige ruter, forteller hun.

Opp gjennom årene så har hun også flere ganger utforsket ruter litt utenom hovedløypene og tilfreds sett at løyper hun kjenner godt - som runden om Sjøsetervatnet og Gammelseterrunden på andre siden er blitt til mye brukte turløyper.

Kongelig effekt?

- Det er jo mange dansker som ferierer her i Gausdalsfjellet. Som i andre land er en vel også i Danmark opptatt av hvor de kongelige ferierer. Tror Hennes Majestet at det gir en ekstra effekt for trafikken av dansker til Skei at hun er så trofast mot denne destinasjonen?

- Nei det vet jeg ikke om har så stor betydning, det varierte tilbudet her og Skei sin satsing mot danske reisende har nok mere å si mener hun.


Hennes Majestet ble jo utnevnt til Æresgausdøl i 1995, hvordan så dronningen på denne utmerkelsen?

Jeg var veldig glad for utmerkelsen og så på det som en stor æresbevisning fra lokalsamfunnet her. Det var svært hyggelig, svarer dronningen.

Utsmykking av fjellkirken - kunstnerisk virksomhet

Dronning Margrethe har bidratt til utsmykningen av Skei Fjellkirke ved å male altertavlen.

Hvordan ser dronningen på denne oppgaven og hvordan ser dronningen på Fjellkirken slik den framstår i dag?

- Det var en stor ære å bli spurt om det oppdraget og også veldig fint å få følge så tett med på byggeprosjektet og delta ved vigslingen.

- Det er også gledelig at Fjellkirken blir så mye brukt som jeg har forstått er tilfelle, sier hun.

Hennes Majestet er kjent for sin kunstneriske virksomhet driver hun med det ved siden av gjerningen som regent fortsatt.

- Ja det er vel alltid et bilde eller en tegning eller noe annet som jeg har under arbeide, men ingen store prosjekter for øyeblikket, svarer hun.

- Har dronningen hentet inspirasjon til sine kunstneriske arbeider ved opphold i Gausdalsfjellet.

- Ja det vil jeg nok si, om ikke direkte i motiver så i forhold til naturopplevelser, stemninger, roen og det spesielle lyset i høyfjellet. Jo, det har nok vært medvirkende, nikker hun bekreftende.

Hvordan vil dronningen karakterisere gausdølene etter alle besøkene hum har hatt her?

- Jeg har jo alltid følt meg velkommen her, svarer hun. Det at dere er har et så avslappet forhold til at vi er her passer meg veldig fint.

Jo, jeg trives sammen med gausdølene, sier dronningen. Det er jo derfor jeg stadig vender tilbake.

Det er et slagord som Dansk Turistråd bruker som sier "Det er dejligt å være norsk i Danmark."

Kan vi snu dette på hodet, og kan Hennes Majestet være med på et såpass sterkt utrykk som å si at: Det er dejligt at være dansk i Gausdal?

Ja, det kan jeg nok være med på, sammen med mange av mine landsmenn, svarer dronningen muntert.

- Hvor lenge varer dronningens ferie på Skei denne gangen?

Vi blir nok litt over en uke, svarer dronningen og hun er svært fornøyd med allerede å ha hatt tre dager med strålende vær på fjellet når lokalavisa besøker henne.

Gausdøl’n sier pent takk for at vi fikk besøke dronningen på Skei og er sikker på at vi har hele Gausdal med på å ønske Hennes Majestet dronning Margrethe velkommen tilbake neste gang!

Helt avslutningsvis drister journalisten seg til å ønske dronningen lykke til med forberedelsen til kronprinsens bryllup i mai. Dronning Margrethe takker for det og hoffdame, Marianne Boel, kommenterer til det samme at det blir en travel vår for kongehuset og at de nå på mange måter har det "stille før stormen".

Dronning Margrethe av Danmark

Dronning Margrethe av Danmark er født 16 april 1940, datter av Kong Frederik 9 og Dronning Ingrid.

Hun har vært Danmarks regent siden 14. januar 1972.

I 1967 giftet hun seg med franskmannen Henri som da fikk tittelen prins Henrik av Danmark. De har sønnene Frederik 1968 og Joachim 1989. Joachim er gift med Alexandra og 14. mai d.å gifter kronprins Frederik seg med Mary Elizabeth Donaldson.

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There is this week an interview of prince Henrik in POINT DE VUE It speaks about its passion for the writing, of its role. It also answers a question on the marriage of Frederik and Mary. If you want this interview I can translate it for you.

here the question about the marriage of Fred and Mary.

How felt the recent transformations within your family like the marriage of your Frederik son?

Prince Henrik : At our time being quite born any more true smell with the eyes of the younger generation does not have. If the selected person has all qualities. One can say that the birth does not have importance. And if there is one hears deep between the two beings it is still better. Finally if to all that are added the beauty, the grace and of great human qualities as it is the case for Mary, then why be opposed TO the marriage. Mary and Frederik love enormously and it is well there essence for a father.

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Merci beaucoup SANDY pour cette traduction. Je ne parle pas tres bien francais, mais je voudrais bien essayer de lire cet article si vous pouvez l'afficher (je ne sais pas si ca c'est le mot juste!!)

Hi annieanlouise,

I will translate this article for you with pleasure as soon as I have a little more time.

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Here the interview of French Henri I will translate it into English a little later :P

Point de vue  (PDV): Monseigneur, vous écrivez et publiez des poèmes. Voilà qui est rare pour un prince aujourd’hui ?

Henrik de danemark  :

C’est le moyen de m’extérioriser, sans être controversé. Dans ma position les écrits peuvent être retournés contre vous. Or, on ne peut pas critiquer des poèmes. On peut juger leur qualités mais pas leur contenu.

PDV :Vous en écrivez souvent ?

Non, c’est le troisième ouvrage ; Le premier s’appelait « Chemin faisant » et en toute modestie je l’avais édité à compte d’auteur. Il n’était pas disponible dans le commerce. Le second « Cantabile » a été publié au éditions des belles lettres. Le nouveau paraît aux éditions du Félin avec des aquarelles de l’artiste danois Maja Lisa Engheldart . Il sera édité en danois en octobre prochain. Son titre ne français Murmures du vent c’est toute la beauté de la langue française.

PDV : Vous écriviez déjà adolescent ?

Je crois que comme tous les adolescents, j’ai écrits des poèmes puis vient une période où en en a honte. Et parfois une autre période où on se dit pourquoi pas ? Ce fut mon cas. Mais comme tous le monde, il s’agit d’un choix très personnel. Pour Murmures du vent j’en ai choisi une cinquantaine.

PDV : Un choix très personnel ou en accord avec votre épouse la reine ?

Ma femme ne veut pas s’en mêler, par discrétion, elle préfère rester en dehors de ce domaine.

PDV : Vous écrivez aussi des livres ?

Il est très difficile pour l’époux d’un chef d’Etat de se lancer dans des manifestations littéraires trop personnelles. Enfin, je tiens un journal et là, on ne sait jamais ! Si cinquante ans après ma mort mes petits enfants songeaient à le publier , cela deviendrait peut être un documentaire historique sur les chefs d’Etats royaux de l’an 2000.

PDV : Vos enfants et petits enfants sont-ils au courant ?

(éclatant e rire) Ils le savent mais ne l’ont jamais lu.

PDV : C’est un journal quotidien ?

Presque j’écris tous les deux ou trois jours.

PDV : Vous l’emportez en voyage ?

Bien sûr

PDV : C’est un vrai compagnon ?

Il occupe trois mètre de ma bibliothèque.

PDV : Mais c’est immense.

Proustien (rire)

PDV : Tout est dit dans ce journal intime je suppose ?

Loin de là, c’est tout l’intérêt d’un journal. Vous vous rendez compte , combien cela serait épouvantable si l’on disait tout ce que l’on a envie de dire.

PDV : Une monarchie comme celle que vous représentez doit elle selon vous préserver un certain mystère ?

Très franchement, je crois que le mystère n’est plus possible au XX e siècle. D’abord on exige que nous nous  étalions sur la place publique. Nous n’en avons nulle envie mais si nous ne e faisons pas, nous passons pour des arrogants, des gens fermés, et si nous le faisons, nous passons pour des gens de spectacle qui s’exhibent. Comme toujours il faut maintenir un équilibre subtil.

PDV : Avez-vous des moyens secrets de communiquer avec votre épouse, des codes ?

Bien sûr, nous avons des codes des clins d’œil. C’est pour cela que nous sommes un couple qui s’entend bien. Nous nous comprenons. Je crois que mon épouse y est plus habituée que quiconque, car elle est née dans le sérail. Je crois aussi qu’en tant que femme, elle est encore plus prudente.

PDV : Votre famille compte beaucoup pour vous ?

Oui énormément, Surtout à une époque comme la nôtre ou depuis vingt ans la famille est menacée en tant que cellule de base de la société. A partir du moment où il n’y a plus de famille, où l’enfant est pris en charge pas l’Etat dès l’age de trois ans, on en fait un petit robot. Je suis pour l’éducation dans la famille ? C’est une tâche que l’on ne peut confier à l’Etat.

PDV : Quels sont les principes que vous avez souhaités transmettre en premier à vos fils ?

Etre conscients de leur individualité. Précisément. Je leur ai toujours dit vous êtez princes, acceptez le, vous êtes qui vous êtes. Soyez le bien. C'est-à-dire soyez conscients que vous avez beaucoup plus de devoirs que de droits.

PDV : A quel âge leur avez-vous tenu de tels propos ?

Dès l’enfance. Evidemment, de jeunes enfants ne saisissent pas encre la différence entre devoirs et droits. Mais cela reste inscrit pour le vie. Ils ne l’oublient plus et comprennent que les droit sont toujours limités par le droit des autres. Les privilèges ne sont qu’un cadeau. Et quand certaines générations au HVIII e siècle par exemple on crut leur privilèges plus important que leur devoirs, ce fut une catastrophe.

PDV : Comment avez  vous ressenti les transformations récentes au sein de votre famille comme le mariage de votre fils Frederik ?

A notre époque, être bien né ne veut plus rien dire pour la jeune génération. Si la personne choisie à toutes le qualités, on peut dire que la naissance n’a pas d’importance. Et si il y a une entende profonde entre deux êtres, c’est encore mieux. Enfin, si à tout cela s’ajoutent la bauté, la grâce et des grandes qualités humaines comme c’est le cas pour Mary. A lors pourquoi refuser le mariage. Mary et Frederik s'aiment énormément et c'est bien le plus important pour un père.

PDV : Votre enpmoi du temps est il chosi par des tiers ?

(Rire) C’est moi qui le chosit mais comme je suis un être faible je me laisse envahir par les autres.

PDV : Vous voyagez beacuoup ?

Oui c’est un grand plaisir, une manière de croire que j’existe. Je n’ai plus l’impression d’être le mari de la reine ; d’être dans l’ombre de ma femme.

PDV : Comment cela ?

Officielement, je  ne suis perçu qu’à travers mon épouse, cela me colle à la peau , je suis le mari de la reine, tandis qu’à l’Etranger je suis moi-même.

PDV : Est-ce que votre épouse le comprend ?

Bien sûr !

PDV : A-t-elle des égard particuliers à ce sujet ?

C’est aussi difficile pour elle . Je suis ce qu’on appelle un pricne consort. Nous ne somme que deux au monde, autant dire très peu.

PDV : Que pensez vous du futur  mariage du prince Charles avec Camilla ? Est-ce une surprise ?

Non je crois que c’est une bonne décision pour eux.

PDV : Au cas où le prince Charles accède au Trône, Camilla deviendra princesse consort, c’est une première ?

En effet elle ne deviendra pas reine. C’est un nouveau signe de l’évolution de la monarchie.

PDV : C’est une perspective qui vous fait plaisir ?

( Eclat de rire) Enfin une femme dans notre syndicat des consorts et qu’elle femme !

PDV : Vous la connaissez ?

Non je ne l’ai jamais rencontrée, bien que j’ai souvent rencontré  le Prince Charles

PDV : Que pensez vous de ce mariage ?

On est toujours heureux de voir des être trouvés le bonheur ensemble.

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Merci beaucoup Sandy! J'ai compris... bien (je l'espoir!). C'est interessant parce que je ne pense pas souvent de Prince Henrik et je n'ai jamais lu un interview avec lui... maintenant, je crois que je le sais mieux. Il semble gentil! J'aime bien qu'il a dit "Mary et Frederik s'aiment énormément et c'est bien le plus important pour un père." :P

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Haha, sorry Gattica! Okay, the gist of the article is that Prince Henrik writes poetry but he finds it hard because he's such a public figure and he wants to keep it more private. He also has diaries that he's kept for ages - apparently they take up three metres of space in his library. When he was asked about Fred's marriage to Mary, he said that "Mary and Frederik love each other enormously, and this is the most important thing for a father" :P . He also said that he's happy that Charles and Camilla are getting married because he thinks it's always a happy occasion to see people who are good together... be together.

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