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Day 2 - State Visit from Iceland


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Wednesday January 25 2017


Meeting with The Mary Foundation
The First Lady and HRH The Crown Princess participate in a meeting with The Mary Foundation at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.

Read more about Mary Foundation


Visit to the Arnamagnæan Collection 
Kl. 9.10

The President visits the Arnamagnæan Institute at Copenhagen University. The Arnamagnæan Collection is a collection of manuscripts that date back to the Middle Ages. The manuscripts used today to research among other text and linguistics in old Nordic languages. The collection consists of approximately 3000 manuscripts, of which about 1400 is preserved at the University of Copenhagen, while the rest of the collection is handed over to the Island.

Read more about The Arnamagnæan Collection


Seminar at the Confederation of Danish Industry
The President and The Crown Prince are present at a seminar on innovation, sustainability and food production at the Confederation of Danish Industry, Copenhagen. The President opens the seminar.

Read more about  the DI seminar



Visit at Tante Olgas Børnehus 
The First Lady, The Crown Princess and The Mary Foundation visit the kindergarten "Tante Olgas Børnehus" in Copenhagen. During the visit, the kindergarten teachers and children show how they use “LæseLeg” (“BookFun”) at the kindergarten. BookFun is material developed by The Mary Foundation. Through actively involving children in reading stories aloud, BookFun contributes to strengthening their language skills and self-confidence.

Read more about LæseLeg


Visit at State of Green
In continuation of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s seminar, the President and The Crown Prince visit State of Green. State of Green is a private-public partnership between the Danish government, relevant companies and players within the energy sector. State of Green works to make Denmark a pioneering country in green growth and to make Denmark independent of fossil fuels by 2025.

Read more about State of Green



Visit to the UN City
The First Lady and The Crown Princess visit Copenhagen’s UN City. The First Lady and The Crown Princess meet representatives of the UN City’s Nordic offices and participate in a tour.

Read more about UN City


Visit at ICES
The President and The Crown Prince visit ICES – the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. The President and The Crown Prince will get a presentation about the organization and work of ICES. ICES is a global organization that researches and advises about sustainable use of the ocean and its ecosystems. The organization functions as a network through which researchers and other experts share their knowledge and research results. 

Read more about ICES


Visit at the University of Copenhagen

The President and First Lady and the Crown Prince Couple visit the University of Copenhagen. During the visit, there will be a round-table discussion on for example globalization from a Nordic perspective, after which the President will give a speech.

Read more about University of Copenhagen

Luncheon at the Copenhagen Hospitality College
The President and First Lady and the Crown Prince Couple visit the Copenhagen Hospitality College. During a tour of the school, the President and First Lady and the Crown Prince Couple get an opportunity to taste various Nordic dishes the students have created. Afterwards, the President and First Lady and the Crown Prince Couple take part in a luncheon.

Read about Copenhagen Hospitality College


The afternoon agenda includes 2 events which don't involve the Royal Family.


Icelandic reciprocal event at Nordatlantens Brygge
The President and First Lady hold a reception in honour of The Queen and Prince Henrik at the waterfront cultural centre Nordatlantens Brygge as a conclusion to the state visit. The royal family will participate. There will be speeches and entertainment at the reception.

More about North Atlantic House

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Another BB article, this from the luncheon visit at the Hospitality School


Mary and Frederik took care of the dishes


"The Crown Prince was the perfect host as he was armed with a knife and good technique opened and served oysters for the Crown Princess and Icelands Presidential couple."



BB added a video of CPF opening oysters




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5 hours ago, mls said:

BB added a video too


"VIDEO: A cheerful farewell after Icelandic State Visit"


BB reports that the reception hosted by the visiting Icelandic couple included delicious canapés with delicacies from the Island. There were readings and entertainment, but it was the President's speech that really set the party atmosphere alight. He turned out to be something of a stand-up comedian, says BB, and the younger royals enjoyed themselves so royally that tears were rolling down cheeks.

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Scanpix photos - Nr 15 and onwards are government ministers.





Luncheon at Copenhagen Hospitality College

"All dishes were created by school cooks students and was served by waiters students. And there was great joy and satisfaction with the event

in both the prominent guests and the four of the school's pupils who sat at the table at the request of the court."





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