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Crown Prince Frederik's 50th Birthday - general info

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Nice anecdotes from Danes meeting their Crown Prince




" We talked for an hour
I am wounded soldier from Afghanistan and have been deployed a few times. I was shot in my arm and later wounded by a grenade. Later on I was shot four times and wounded 11 times. When I got home, I received a grant from the Crown Prince for fighting the enemy. A few years later I participated in Invictus Games for veterans in London, where the Crown Prince came to visit us. He was surrounded by people, and I did not feel like standing in line to greet myself

so I sat down on the stand. After a quarter he came out and sat beside me asking if it was not me he had handed the grant. Then he asked me to tell the story again with more details. We were interrupted a thousand times by people greeting him, but every time he made sure to introduce me. Every time he knew exactly where we were in the story and asked me to continue. We spoke for more than an hour."


" The Crown Prince helped my dad to the toilet
I met the Crown Prince many years ago during a football match between Lyngby and Aab. I had my old dad for over 80 years with who was a huge AaB fan. We had seats on the VIP stand between a lot of Lyngby fans and invited guests. Behind us was Crown Prince Frederik, but none of us had discovered that.

At one point my father was going to the toilet, and I asked if I should follow him. He did not want that because I could not enter the men's toilet. Then the crown prince suddenly stood up and offered to follow him down, and so he did. My dad did not realize that it was Frederik, but I thanked him of course when they came back. In the second half my dad would go to the toilet again. When he came back, AaB had scored without my dad to see it. The crown prince poked him on his shoulder and said, "Now you did not see that Aab get a goal," My dad - still did not understand that it was the crown prince-said "no, unfortunately, did you see who scored?" Then the crown prince laughed. Aab won the game, and when we had to go out, my dad said, "Hi, how do we get

out of here? I hope we will not be attacked." Then the crown prince put his hand on his shoulder again and said that we could follow him, so nothing would happen to us. My father lived on that story until he died."


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6. May

"Earlier today, H.R.H. the Crown Prince visited DR City in Copenhagen to participate in recordings for the radio program 'Crown Prince Frederik on P4'.

Here the Crown Prince spoke with the hosts Alex Nyborg Madsen and Anders Agger about music from the 60's to today.

The Crown Prince plays personal music favorites from his life and tells personal stories about selected music tracks."


The topic was music, chosen by Frederik and a similar interview was made by Madsen 23 years ago.

On radio P4 this morning.


A short video from the recording on May 6 with some footage from 23 years ago.





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70000 (!) Danes are running with the Crown Prince tomorrow. In Copenhagen alone, there are 30000 participants.

It will be the biggest 10km race ever in Denmark. Half way, reaching Amalienborg, the Royal Life Guard is playing music.





"We have never experienced anything like it. The number of participants, the enthusiasm from the cities, companies and people who wants to contribute.

And then, 29 percent of the enrolled Danes have never run a race before."





A personal gift is to be presented to Frederik tomorrow, during Royal Run in Aalborg



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"The Danish Defence becomes a very visible part of the event when his Royal Highness the Crown Prince's 50th birthday is celebrated with Royal Run

in Denmark's five largest cities on 21 May.


The Armed Forces' contribution to the birthday and races is especially folded out in Esbjerg. Here the Armed Forces take part with a team of 300 runners from all three

services that will compete the one mile distance. A group of veterans from the DIF Soldiers project is also participating in Esbjerg. The entire Armed Forces team runs

in similar running shirts, and the military personnel among participants run in uniform pants and boots,  so that the military presence becomes clear


Shortly after his Royal Highness has landed in Esbjerg, the military parachute team jumps from an EH101 rescue helicopter and lands in the square.

And when soldiers and veterans run their heat, two F-16 fighters fly over the square as a greeting and a greeting to the birthday to the birthday boy.

On the occasion of the round royal birthday, the two planes have painted their tails with a special greeting to His Royal Highness."








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Confirmed: Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg attend on the 26th.




50e anniversaire du Prince Héritier de Danemark
Copenhague, Danemark


Leurs Altesses Royales le Grand-Duc et la Grande-Duchesse assisteront aux festivités qui se dérouleront au Christiansborg Palace,

à l’occasion du 50e anniversaire du Prince Frederik de Danemark.


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Today, at the opening of the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership in Aarhus, PM Rasmussen presented the

Danish government and parliaments official gift for the 50th birthday, a painting, which will stay on the wall of the center.






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The King and Queen of the Belgians attend.


"Leurs Majestés le Roi et la Reine se rendent ce week-end a Copenhague afin de participer aux festivités organisées au Palais de Frederiksborg à l'occasion

du cinquantième anniversaire du Prince Frederic, Prince Heritier du Danemark."



I think it would be nice if the name would be spelt correctly and they seem to be on their way to the wrong palace...

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Lots of articles about Crown Prince Frederik this week. I have read only some of them.




News to me: "When Crown Prince Frederik studied at Harvard in the United States, he actually worked (volunteered) in a 24-hour shelter room for homeless people. the crown prince There his job was cooking and talking to the lonely."

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2 hours ago, mls said:

New book out today. It's a book with photos of Frederik from the past 25 years.

The Crown Princess has contributed with private photos.


Quoting Stig at SRMB (thanks):


" the publication has been a secret until today, because it's Mary's surprise to her husband. The book contains some of her private photos,

but mostly professional photos by four photographers often used by the royal family (Franne Voigt, Marc Høm, Steen Evald and Steen Brogaard)"

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