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Crown Prince Frederik's 50th Birthday - general info

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There were many elements during Frederik's birthday celebration which were similar to their wedding week events. Like some sport together, carriage ride, waving from the balcony, speech by the spouse, dancing, concert -- maybe that's why this rumour has been started. But it can be true as well ... though Daily Mail/New Idea are not the most relevant sources :-)

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7 hours ago, cph said:

Married again! Prince Frederik's 50th birthday celebrations doubled as a 'second wedding' - and the royal couple plan to officially renew their vows later this year


Source: New (No) Idea.


I rest my case.

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36 minutes ago, royalfamily said:

What about the all video about Prince fredrik 50th in DR2?

Do you mean the DR1 documentary?

If you do, I checked last week and it still wasn't possible to watch outside Denmark. At least for me.

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Thanks for the pm :rose:



One of the birthday gifts was a new painting of the Crown Prince, a gift from the Chamberlains.
The portrait is painted in oil on canvas and measures 190 x 190 cm.


It can also be found in Thyge Christian Fønss-Lundberg's new book 'Regal Faces'






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