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Day Three, Higashi-Matsushima, Funabashi, Tokyo


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Tuesday, October 10th


The Crown Prince’s programme


Visit to Higashi-Matsushima
The Crown Prince last visited Higashi-Matsushima in 2011 after the tsunami.

Visit at Naruse Oka primary school
10:25 am
The Crown Prince arrives at Naruse Oka primary school and meets some of the same children he met during his visit in 2011. The objective of the visit is to strengthen the relations between Higashi-Matsushima and Denmark and to see first-hand how donations and moral support provided in 2011 have helped the town regain strength after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which occurred on Friday, 11 March 2011.

Visit at Denmark Calligraphy” exhibition
The Crown Prince visits the Danish-themed calligraphy exhibition at the newly-built Nobiru Citizen Centre. Here, The Crown Prince will meet the group “Stitchgirls”, which practices Danish embroidery for charitable purposes.

Visit at Earthquake Memorial Park
12.30 pm
The Crown Prince visits “Earthquake Memorial Park” and remembers the victims of the earthquake on 11 March 2011. The park is still being built, and The Crown Prince will receive a short status report about the project.



The Crown Princess’s programme


10:05 am
The Crown Princess visits Funabashi Andersen Park and, upon arrival, is received by Funabashi’s mayor, Mr. Toru Matsudo.

Visit at Nordic Fair and the Fairy Tale Pavilion
10:30 am
The Crown Princess visits Nordic Fair in H.C. Andersen Park, which is an event inspired by the traditional Danish Christmas market. Here, together with Funabashi’s mayor, The Crown Princess will, among other things, plant a tree and afterwards visit the Fairy Tale Pavilion and see the statue of  H.C. Andersen.

Visit at Children’s Museum
11:10 am
The Crown Princess visits the Children’s Museum and sees nebuta, which is a large paper lantern designed as Rasmus Klump’s ship. The artist, Mr. Shunichi Kitamura, will give a presentation of the work afterwards.

Funabashi’s mayor, Mr. Toru Matsudo, hosts a luncheon in the dining room at the Children’s Museum.



The Crown Prince Couple’s joint programme


Visit at Japan’s National Archive
5:00 pm
The Crown Prince Couple visit Japan’s National Archive to see the exhibition “Japan and Denmark: Valuable Records of the Historical Relation”, which was created in cooperation with the Danish National Archives. The exhibition consists of more than 80 valuable documents and historically preserved materials, all of which document the 150 years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan. Among other things, the exhibition documents the first royal visit between the two nations in 1886, when Prince Fushimi visited Denmark.

During the visit, His Imperial Highness Japan’s Crown Prince and the foreign ministers of Japan and Denmark will participate.


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1 hour ago, mls said:

Do I have to be on instagram to see this, jema ?

The link goes to instagram front page.

You need to follow DenmarkEmbassyJapan's account.

But,I found those clips on Twitter.







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31 minutes ago, jema said:

You need to follow DenmarkEmbassyJapan's account.

But,I found those clips on Twitter.


Thank you.



"The Crown Prince has over the years regularly had contact with Higashi-Matsushima."


"Here, among other things, the Crown Prince will see what donations from Denmark have done to help the city rebuild itself on top of the disaster. In addition, the Crown Prince will have the opportunity to meet more of the children whom the Crown Prince then played football at at one of the city's schools."


Day 3 so far


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