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TV2 & DR1 TV documentaries

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DR.dk documentary - "En prins finder sig self" (A prince finds himself) - First episode 21. May and second 23. May





"TV viewers can look forward to an unusual documentary in two parts about Crown Prince Frederik in connection with his 50th birthday."


"Crown Prince Frederik is born to a life in first class, but it is not easy for a little boy to grow up in the photographer's flashlight and for a number of years,

the Crown Prince is struggling with the role he has, because he doesn't want to be a king very much. He finds peace in sports and music - and then he gets

invaluable support from his grandmother. Slowly he overcomes the obstacles and becomes the man he is today. A man who can do more than most.



"The documentary series "A Prince Finds Himself" 1: 2 tells the story of the crown prince's way from little insecure boy to marathon runner and frogman. "

Two days later, Wednesday, May 23, the second episode - and in this it is especially the love for Mary, which comes in focus"



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3 hours ago, abbie said:

will this program be available for people outside of Denmark? I would love to see it.

Don't know but lets hope it will. I'm sure there will be articles with photos at least.



I think this could be from Trend.






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19 minutes ago, GalaSH said:

I think it's 2017. 

So it is. These were the outfits I was thinking of. I remembered them but not the year.


That means, that the photo of them playing board games must be aboard Dannebrog, not Gråsten.

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I watched the second part of the DR documentary last night, courtesy of free wifi at a Copenhagen hotel.

It was blaah...

For those who already know quite a lot about Frederik, his meeting with Mary etc, there's nothing much new.


It was based on quotes from the new biography (Under Bjaelken), photos from old magazine covers and old videos.

For myself, there was nothing new.

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