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21 May - Royal Run

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Crown Prince Frederik completed the final 10 kilometres in Copenhagen in 57 minutes.


Mary and the children were at the finish line to greet him.


"I can not wish much more," Crown Prince Frederik said to TV2's reporter after finishing his final run during the Royal Run.

"It's great experience to have your close family with you - both on the balcony and on the circuit."




The Crown Prince thanks all volunteers
"I would also like to say before we completely round off thanks to the volunteers - both in Copenhagen, but especially in the rest of the country. Thousands thank you for your support, for your mood and today, the atmosphere has just been extremely good," said Crown Prince Frederik after his last race.




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"My running shoes have been around Denmark's five largest cities today. Thank you for a touching and fantastic day.

My desire to bring together the Danes to a running feast is fulfilled. In all cities I have met happy people who have challenged themselves and achieved

personal victories. Thank you very much"








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Is Mary wearing tiny Danish flags in her hair? 


I love the idea of this event, it perfectly shows everything important to Fred. His family, children, military, beautiful cities and scenes of Denmark, sport, friends, support etc. And shows how Danish people like and appreciate their future king. Really heartwarming.



Mls, thanks for your posts :-)

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16 hours ago, cph said:

Is Mary wearing tiny Danish flags in her hair? 


Mls, thanks for your posts :-)

You're welcome. There was/is a huge amount of great photos on especially social media yesterday. With or without Frederik or the others.

This was a huge event that people really loved. And it seemed, that many watched it on telly for hours.


Mary was wearing Danish flags in her hair. It was mentioned by many tv watchers.










In Copenhagen he was running next to the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.



171 photos




With the French Ambassador to Denmark - "I will miss Denmark"



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