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26 May - Gala Banquet at Christiansborg Palace

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26. maj 2018

H.M. Dronningen er vært ved et gallataffel på Christiansborg Slot i anledning af H.K.H. Kronprinsens 50-års fødselsdag med deltagelse af den kongelige familie samt gæster fra ind- og udland. Christiansborg Slot, kl. 20.00.




On 26 May, The Queen hosts a gala banquet at Christiansborg Palace on the occasion of The Crown Prince’s 50th birthday

with the participation of the royal family as well as guests from Denmark and abroad.



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From DR: " We know that Danes - and others curious - abroad at the moment can not see when the Crown Prince is celebrated.

We are working to get the signal opened so that everyone can see. We apologize for the inconvenience."


There is hope for a proper coverage!

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8 minutes ago, mls said:

You are right. It does look a bit odd.

That gold tiara would look much better on dark hair.


good point about hair color!  maybe it's the contrast btwn the silver hair and the gold that i find odd.


yes, i do really like the tiara in and of itself.  i'm from india, and used to seeing a lot of gold jewelry and find it attractive.  but i'm used to seeing it with dark hair (and different skin tone).

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Asparagus flan
Wild watercress and fjord prawns
Main course:
Backstrap of Danish summer venison with spiced kale, new danish potatoes and morel sauce
Roquefort tart
Rhubarb and lemon mousse
The wine is very special this evening and of course from the Crown Prince's deceased father, Prince Henrik's, castle Chateau de Cayx.
They start with a La Cigaralle du Prince from 2014 and then have a special birthday wine, S.A.R. Le Prince Heritier Frederik 50 ans - 26.05.2018 - which has been made especially for this occasion. It is a Chateau de Cayx from 2015.
For dessert, champagne, a Moët et Chandon - Cuvée M & H special is served.

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Excerpts from the Queen's speech:

- It is with great pleasure that I welcome you this evening, where we celebrate the Crown Prince's 50th birthday. I have been looking forward to celebrate you on this day where you are surrounded by friends and family from near and far.
- You stand, as you say, in the middle of life. Much have you achieved and much have you experienced, and these days you've been able to feel how all of Denmark cheer you on and look forward to your deeds. With eagerness and energy you go for everything you have to do, and it sets the track for your progress.. Being Crown Prince is not easy at all when you are young and searching, but you have found your way yourself, every time you started a new chapter, you have drawn from the strength that lives within you, and learned to grit your teeth and completed your race. On Monday you got all of Denmark to run with you. How grandmother would have been proud of you and how I wish Papa had been able to experience your round birthday, for he was as proud of you as I am. He also saw how you developed your skills year by year.


- When you found Mary, you started a new chapter. Now you were two, then three, then four - now, six! A whole family that everyone can look forward to and who joyfully follows and mirrors. You and Mary have managed to create a safe and warm family life, while together and individually taking on tasks that lead you to each other.

You make Denmark bigger, and you honor Denmark. You make me so happy.

Dear Frederik! Congratulations!


Let's raise our glasses for Crown Prince Frederik!"



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