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26 May - Gala Banquet at Christiansborg Palace

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3 minutes ago, gudinde said:

Just in Danish - on the Prime Minister's website.

See my post 2 posts back :)

Thank you.


There must have been an English translation of his speech too, for the benefit of guests outside Denmark but the court

has not published it. Maybe later.

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I'm going to temporarily post this machine translation of the Prime Minister's speech here, and remove it when an English version surfaces.



I've seen the most 
And tried a bit of each 
I've had it easy and had a hard time


The quote is from one of the 150 songs on the Crown Prince's playlist, which you have posted online on the occasion of your birthday.

A royal soundtrack for the first 50 years. And yes - that was Thomas Helmig.


When you are Crown Prince, all of Denmark - all Danes - follow both the light and the hard.

It could cause somebody to choose the easy solution.

You have never done that.


You have thrown yourself into life.

Absolutely fearless. And on your own terms.

Each time you have landed on your feet. Day after day thereafter.

Richer for the experience. And somewhat wiser about life, about your fellow human beings and about yourself.

You have shown a daring style, in which younger generations of entrepreneurs, artists and other creative people find inspiration and motivation.

A daring style by which all young Danes can be inspired.

You did not have to run marathon. But you did it.

It was not a requirement that you applied for the Frømandskorpset (Naval Special Forces) - probably the hardest and toughest education at all.

300 applied. The thirteen were accepted. Four completed the training.

You - Pingo - were one of the four.

Dog sledding in Greenland. An extremely harsh route. Minus forty degrees of frost. You did not have to do it.

You have completed a full academic education. On the same terms as everyone else. You did not need that either. But you did it. As the first royal ever. As the first in the family. In other families one would call you a pattern breaker.

The Olympic Movement. You knew - we knew it was going to be difficult.

But you have a true love for the Olympic spirit. I have a lot of respect for that. And - which is far more important - Denmark's many talented elite sportsmen have deep respect for.

You have tried it all.

Not only as Crown Prince. But as Frederik.

Knowing that all of Denmark watched. Not only when it went well. Also if it went wrong.


Everything you've experienced has made you the person you are.

A man with a very special presence.

Whether you meet a bunch of girls and boys at the school Olympics - a Tuesday in Viborg.

Or the women's team at the European Masters final in Holland.

Or a director who shows you around his wind farm at Sydfyn.

Or receive a president on an official visit.

Then everyone gets to meet the Crown Prince where he is best - as himself.

Authentic. Present.

You do not just speak to other people. You are talking to them.

So they feel it. So they feel appreciated. So they feel believed.

That ability does not come from the title. Not from position. It lies deep within you. 

Your father said,

"Frederik will be a good king. A clever and human regent."

Where is it true!

And how we miss Prince Henrik tonight.


Queen Ingrid said that you reminded her of your grandfather. The popular King Frederik the ninth. We can all see that.

We can also see that your mother is proud of her eldest son. And you of her. You have learned a lot from the queen.

I experience this in the government when the government submits the new laws (at State Council). The times you have to wait for the queen, you grow more and more into the role.

Queen Ingrid. Queen Margrethe. Two clever women in your life.

But it does not stop here ...

Three clever women!

You have also learned a part from the Crown Princess. A great deal.

We all have been able to follow and feel this.

A new balance between external expectations and inner wishes.

Nobody becomes weaker by making space for a strong woman. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

You are at present father of four. You make oatmeal for the kids. And cycle with them to the nursery, kindergarten and school.

A crown prince on a bicycle.

You and the Crown Princess have created as common a family as possible in unusual framework.

I think that makes the Danes more impressed than a marathon, special forces training, dog sledge and a graduate degree. It certainly impresses me.


Being Crown Prince is a task in itself.

You are not only in a position to become something - Denmark's next king. You are something. In your own right.

And you do something.

You travel for the Red Cross.

Three years ago to Nepal after the great earthquake. And what you could tell about the harshness of human life at the foot of the Himalayas. That made sense of the need for help.

You lead major business delegations in important countries. Both close - as in Germany and Poland. And farther away - in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The importance of your travels to China and Japan is huge.

You give yourself completely. And it results in close friendships. When the Japanese Crown Prince landed in Copenhagen last year, he got a hug.

You proudly show Denmark to the world. And you are good at it.

A 50th birthday is being used to work for public health. 

When you have all Denmark for your birthday, you can also invite everyone to run.

The invitation was accepted by more than 70,000 people. Thousands met up to cheer. And the queen waved from her balcony. Then it could not be much more Danish.

It was a folk party all over Denmark!

You show that the monarchy is for us all.

You have descended from the castle's towers and closer to us others - but you've brought the magic with you.

The royal house is an adventure in our hearts. A story that binds us together as people.

You have said that a monarchy is "something that takes over, fits well and moves on to the next stage of the chain."

But you have also realized that the trail has come back in time. But on the other hand, you have to find your way.

They and the Crown Princess are on track.

The royal house is on the one hand an old tradition. On the other hand, every generation must reinvent it.

You have done that. You are truly Crown Prince for our time.


The road to that has not always been easy.

Being a teenager. It is difficult for most people. It must be a thousand times harder when you are Crown Prince, and the whole country comes along.

In those years, Prince Joachim was a solid support.

You did not wear velvet gloves on the young Crown Prince Frederik. We are old enough to remember.

We also remember that the young crown prince threw himself into youth life.

I want to say to parents of wild young men. There is hope ahead. Just look at the crown prince!

I also hope that in advance there is a greater understanding. The next generation of royal teenagers is entitled to a privacy.

In a time of mobile phones, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, I am pleased that the Danes - the population - have the understanding. Thats how it should be.

Mutual respect between the royal house and the people had a very concrete expression for three days in February.

Thousands - yes tens of thousands - of Danes waited in cold and wind to take their leave of Prince Henry. The queue stretched several streets through Copenhagen.

The Danes literally stood up for the monarchy and for the people who carry it. The population showed the respect and understanding that the royal family deserves from all sides. Not only in the happy times but also in adversity.


Dear Crown Prince Frederik. 

There is great support for the royal house in Denmark. It is not a matter to be taken for granted in our modern present. And that's very much - Queen Margrethe's legacy.

But the huge support for Crown Prince Frederik. And that the monarchy is also part of our future. That is your own legacy.

You are a mirror image as father, husband and man. You are a model as Crown Prince. And I am very confident that you will also be a good king.

That the Danes enjoy the same trust - it is quite obvious.

They are - Frederik's people.

The monarchy is right here. In our time. In our hearts.

Let's get up and shout a nice living for Crown Prince Frederik.

Long live the Crown Prince!


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There was a proper party too, last night!


After the banquet was over, it was time for a dj, unofficial mingling, 80's music and hotdogs at midnight.

Not just hotdogs on a plate but an actual hotdog van (don't know what they are called) inside.


About 2/3 of the guests had gone home at 2 am and one guest confessed to a bit of a "difficult" day after.

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I was away for the holiday weekend here in the USA and had spotting Wi-Fi coverage.  Drats!  Yesterday of all days!  I was able to see some photos and video on my phone, but nothing like the real thing here on a full computer screen.  Yowza!  What a Gala!  Here are some thoughts:


QMII:  fabulous new gown.  The tiara has always been a No for me -- especially with that color gown.  However, I understand why she chose to wear it.  

Mary:  OMG!  Fabulous from top-to-toe!  

Frederik:  WOW! He wears 50 quite well :)


I have to say that I was as bit surprised about Marie-Olympia -- looks like she has already started with cosmetic injections.  Is that my imagination?


Oh well,  a fabulous event!

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59 minutes ago, smt said:

Anyone else surprised or have information as to why Carina Axelsson and Susan and John Donaldson didn't attend?  

I was a bit surprised that Carina wasn't there. I think someone said that John was spotted in Copenhagen last week, but maybe he

just preferred the private parts of the birthday.


I am guessing that there will be a "proper"private party at some point. There was one for both Mary and Frederik's 40th.

Maybe Carina and more members of Mary's family prefer to attend that.

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According to these posts/photos, this dancing group was the Queen's birthday surprise to Frederik on Saturday evening... Well, I'm sure, it was a performance that the Christiansborg had never seen before... just imagine Fred in full uniform, royals in gala dresses etc. and this at the same time, same place :-)









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6 hours ago, cph said:

According to these posts/photos, this dancing group was the Queen's birthday surprise to Frederik on Saturday evening.


I didn't understand what they were doing there, when I saw the photos earlier. They looked so out of place in that gear.

Odd birthday present...Ok, the company performing in something else, perhaps. IIRC, the same Pivo dance company did

something at Prince Henrik's birthday celebrations in Aarhus.


To me, this is not really a "Frederik gift", if you know what I mean. More Henrik or his mother.

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