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Visit with the Danish exhibitors at “Living is Giving”

The Crown Prince visits the City of Copenhagen’s guest exhibition “Living is Giving” at Beijing Design Week on Wednesday, 26 September. His Royal Highness will be received by Denmark’s ambassador to China, Anders Carsten, City of Copenhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, and culture minister Mette Bock, among others. Prior to the official opening, The Crown Prince will take part in a conducted tour of the exhibition and meet the 21 Danish exhibitors.



Official opening of the exhibition “Living is Giving”

The Crown Prince takes part in the official opening of the exhibition “Living is Giving” and, in this connection, gets an introduction to the exhibition’s concept.


Concert with Den Sorte Skole

The Crown Prince attends a concert with the Copenhagen-based group Den Sorte Skole. Den Sorte Skole is a composer-duo consisting of Martin Højland and Simon Dokkedal. In 2017, the duo received the Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Prize.


Thursday, 27 September

Tour around 798 Arts District

The Crown Prince participates in a tour around the 798 Arts District and visits selected galleries there. The Arts District is located in Beijing’s Chaoyang district and consists of a number of 60-year-old shut-down weapons and electronics factories, which now form the setting for the area’s artist environment. There are more than 80 galleries and exhibition places.

Among other things, His Royal Highness will visit Faurschou Gallery Beijing, which is Danish-owned. The gallery focuses on contemporary art and previously has had solo exhibitions by Louise Bourgeois and Ai Weiwei, among others.


Participation in the “Living is Giving” symposium

The Crown Prince takes part in the City of Copenhagen’s symposium “Living is Giving”. Here, His Royal Highness will be present for a debate on the creation of better well-being in cities. Participants include Copenhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen and Beijing vice mayor Sui Zhenjiang, among others. 


Visit with “Bite of Denmark” companies and luncheon

The Crown Prince greets the five Danish food product companies in the exhibition “Bite of Denmark”, among them Danish Crown, Arla and Dueholm. Afterwards, His Royal Highness participates in a luncheon inspired by the New Nordic cuisine tradition.


Visit with the company representatives in the green track

The green conference track at Beijing Design Week focuses on Denmark and Danish experiences with the many facets of sustainable urban development. The Crown Prince meets with, among others, representatives from the Danish companies Hempel, Rockwool and Danfoss who will tell about their participation at Beijing Design Week and their other activities in China.


Attendance at signing ceremony with Jacob Jensen Design

The Crown Prince takes part in the celebration of a partnership agreement between Jacob Jensen Design and the Chinese company CGE concerning a joint venture in China. Here, His Royal Highness is introduced to the objective of their partnership agreement, after which the leaders of the two companies will sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” in the presence of the Crown Prince.


Visit with company representatives from the health sector

The Crown Prince meets representatives from the Danish companies participating at Beijing Design Week as a part of the health track. The health track at Beijing Design Week covers a number of different activities, among them sports activities, with a focus on the opportunities for keeping active in the urban space. The Crown Prince gets an introduction to the companies’ activities and the background for their participation in Beijing Design Week.

Visit at Beijing Foreign Studies University

The Crown Prince visits Beijing Foreign Studies University in connection with the 10th anniversary of Danish language education and the opening of the Center for Danish Studies. His Royal Highness is received by university president Peng Long, who will tell about the Danish research center’s future plans. Afterwards, The Crown Prince attends the formal opening of the new center.


Meeting with Chinese government representatives

The Crown Prince participates in a meeting with vice president Wang Qishan. In addition to The Crown Prince, the culture minister and Denmark’s ambassador to China take part in the meeting.


Visit at art installations

The Crown Prince pays a visit at two art installations in Beijing which have been created at the site by the Danish artists Karoline H. Larsen and Thomas Dambo. Wonderful Copenhagen CEO Mikkel Aarø Hansen extends a welcome, after which the two artists introduce the works.


New Nordic  Dinner

The Crown Prince takes part in a New Nordic Dinner hosted by the City of Copenhagen and Wonderful Copenhagen. The dinner takes place at Botanica, which is a combined café and restaurant located in the 798 Arts District. The dinner accentuates New Nordic gastronomy for Danish and Chinese guests and collaborating partners.


Friday, 28 September

Participation in “Staying Healthy in an Urban Environment”

The Crown Prince participates in the event “Staying Healthy in an Urban Environment”, which focuses on Danish initiatives that have the objective of improving general health. The Crown Prince is introduced to a number of Danish projects that help both children and adults stay healthy in the urban environment.


Participation in the conference “Organic Living”

The Crown Prince takes part in the conference “Organic Living”, which focuses on ecology in Denmark and China, including the differences in consumption of organic foods and the development of the consumers’ views about ecology. In connection with the event, His Royal Highness will preside over the launching of Arla’s organic products for pregnant and nursing mothers.


Luncheon reception with the Danish ambassador in China

The Crown Prince participates in a luncheon reception with the Danish ambassador in China. Approximately 150 Danish and Chinese representatives from public authorities, companies, the cultural world and other partnering organizations will take part in the reception.

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