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General news for F&M 2020


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19 hours ago, Hannelore said:

I wonder what she was doing there and who she's with. Any thoughts?

Drinks and/or dinner with a friend?

Don't even know if the woman in the pics is who she is (possibly) with or meeting or if it's the person (s) posting the photos who "exchanged a few words with Mary".

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Does look like someone she was meeting up with to me. 

Just curious, how is this possible in DK: no face mask, restaurant/bar open for socializing, standing close to each other... Where I live we're still in lock down, I'm certainly not able to do whatever lucky Mary is doing in these photos. So what's the situation in DK right now? 

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BB out with their top story being about Prince Christian being tested positive for COVID-19. Isn’t it a unseen picture of Frederik and Mary? It is lovely!


It is from the same series of that picture the Royal House published of the Crown Prince Couple before the Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2020 by photographer Stine Heilmann. Since then, a new official portrait of both Frederik and Mary from the same series has been posted on the Royal House's website. But I don’t think we have seen this picture before. It is nice ❤️



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Needs to be taken with a grain of salt.





According to HER & NU's information, the Crown Prince's family celebrated the New Year with good friends in North Zealand, while the Prince's family was at Schackenborg

Castle in Møgeltønder.

The Queen also put health above her New Year's traditions and held a quiet evening in Christian IX's Palace at Amalienborg.

Queen Margrethe will also hold a private New Year's party tonight, but it will not be as usual. For usually the Queen holds New Year's Eve with the same 10-12 friends, all of whom are usually dressed up according to a predetermined theme, but this year it will be very subdued.

The number of guests has been greatly reduced because everyone has to take care of themselves and each other

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