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The Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2020


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To the show:
It was once again a really good show and some really nice award recipients that F&M has chosen to support - both in art, culture and social work.

I would say tonight showed extra big emotions, tears, and gratitude. Maybe because of the difficult time we are all living in right now?

And F&M's down to earth and pleasant shape really come across in these sort of live broadcasts.


One of the most popular comments in one of DRF's posts on Instagram after tonight's show is this one:


“I'm not even the biggest into royality  .....
But okay ... I'm blown away after tonight's broadcast .... of love for this couple!
TRH the Crown Prince Couple are so completely pleasant and sympathetic people to see, listen to and experience. They seem so damn down to earth and wise.
And just as two completely good people! It was expressed once again tonight during the Crown Prince Couple's Awards. A show where they pay tribute to the Danes. Fantastic award recipients this year! Denmark has without a doubt the best Crown Prince couple on earth.

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8 hours ago, Paulamary said:

Adding another link, just in case.


"Actress Danica Curcic received the Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Award 2020.

In this video, His Royal Highness visits this year's culture prize recipient and hears about her work."





"The organization Kofoed's School received the Crown Prince Couple's Social Award 2020.


In this video, Her Royal Highness visits the Crown Princess Kofoed's School, which was established in 1928 to help Copenhagen's many young unemployed men.
At the school, the long-term unemployed, the mentally ill, drug addicts, young homeless and vulnerable Greenlanders have the opportunity to develop their skills in workshops or in teaching offers, and at the same time they become part of a strong community. In this way, they themselves help to create better opportunities to get a job, get a home or get treatment."



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12 hours ago, JosephineDane said:

Most times, though, I have the feeling that F&M just taking the car back and forth and then it takes the hours it takes.
But it will be 3,5 long hours home in the night.

I don't know if and how they went home but they did arrive by car from Copenhagen.




"The Crown Prince and Crown Princess sailed with Molslinjen when they were to arrive at their show in Randers on Saturday night.


There were no airs about the crown prince couple's mode of transport when they took the trip from Zealand to Jutland on Saturday afternoon
Frederik and Mary sailed with the Mols line across the Kattegat from Sjællands Odde to Århus, to get to Randers on Saturday night.
During the crossing, Mary and Frederik of course both wore face masks, as did all the other passengers on board the ferry."
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On 11/1/2020 at 8:03 AM, mls said:

"The Crown Prince and Crown Princess sailed with the Molslinjen ferry when they were to arrive at their show in Randers on Saturday night.




No photos.


"It was something of a surprise for the passengers on board the ferry from Sjællands Odde to Aarhus to see Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik drive on board their crown car, and then enjoy 75 minutes in the restaurant and lounge.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess wore black face masks as they walked from the car deck to the restaurant and returned after an hour and a quarter crossing.
Therefore, it was far from all passengers on the ferry who noticed that they were actually in company with the Crown Prince couple."
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24 minutes ago, Paulamary said:

Lucky that people catch a glimpse but they dont overwhelm the royals by running to take photos. Or at least not sharing them to the tabloids. 

Unless the photos are in this weeks tabloid....;) Well, someone must have tipped the tabloids off.

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