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CPM attends Children, Youth & Grief 20th anniversary conference


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12. november 2020

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen deltager som protektor for Børn, Unge & Sorg i foreningens 20-års jubilæumskonference.

Skuespilhuset, Sankt Annæ Plads 36, København, kl. 13.00.


12. November 2020, 1:00 pm

HRH The Crown Princess attends as patron of Children, Youth & Grief in the association's 20th anniversary conference.

Royal Danish Playhouse, Copenhagen


Children, Youth & Grief is part of National Center for Grief. The organisation was established in year 2000 and provided support to young bereaved people. Today the Center provides support and specialised psychological therapy to children, teenagers, young adults and adults+65 who live with a seriously ill family member or have lost a loved one.


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""For 20 years, Children, Youth & Grief has helped children and young people who experience that the most important person in their life becomes seriously ill or dies. As the only ones, you provide free and specialized treatment. Thank you for your great work and congratulations on the anniversary. ! "




“I know from personal experience that all people can make a difference for a partner, friend or family member in grief: We can help him or her feel that the person they have lost is still with them through life.
The greatest fear for many survivors is that one forgets the dead. The fear that the appearance, voice and personality of the deceased will be erased.
I can at least remember that from myself when I lost my mother. For a while, I had a hard time recalling her image."



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We have seen her wear the reading glasses but I can't remember if she has done it on official events.

Could be, that these are not reading glasses as she arrived wearing them.


BTW, I removed a post with a link to an article with a photo from BB at the request of a member.


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Aww Mary. She got so moved during her speech today that she couldn’t hold back her tears or a running nose 😢
I actually can’t remember a royal being so genuine moved during a speech before. I get very touched watching the video of Mary getting so moved. It's a difficult subject and Mary knows herself how it is to lose a parent to early.
And besides, we do not know what is happening in the lives of the royals. You know, some days you are more vulnerable than others. They are also just humans.

A beautiful and touching speech from a human and loving patron and Crown Princess. Nice every time you see such genuine feelings from royals.

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9 minutes ago, JosephineDane said:

And besides, we do not know what is happening in the lives of the royals. You know, some days you are more vulnerable than others.

Exactly. Adding to that, biggest part of this strange year has been difficult and trying for all of us, all over the world.

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"It is difficult, if not impossible, to find meaning in losing someone you love. But what makes sense, and something that can not be taken from us, is all we had with that person.


” With those words, I began my speech at Children, Youth and Grief's 20th Anniversary yesterday. Of course, for me it was one of the harder speeches to give. But to my own surprise, I was more moved than I would have thought. And so it is with grief, it can hit you at any time. Yesterday was not 'anytime', it was the mark of an organization that works to help children and young people through their grief and with the belief that life can become whole again, but…. in a new way. What touched me on the podium yesterday is a little hard to explain. It was not so much about my own loss, but more about the fact that many of us in the room had something special in common. We had in common having lost someone, and I could feel the common understanding that loss provides. It does not require words, it is just there And the common understanding uses Children, Youth and Grief as a central element in the work with grief. The volunteers at Grief Line, for example, find meaning in the meaningless when they use their hard experiences to give other young people hope. And hope is the focal point. The hope that you can learn to live with the grief as part of life and take the one you have lost with you. I have learned that…" 📸 Lasse Mehrfeld Brøndal © ️





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Beautiful reflection from Mary.

The very positive comments show that people were moved with Mary and that it is a large plus when royals as Mary (and Frederik) shows they are also just human with feelings, and that it only shows the young people it is okay to be vulnerable and sad. Grief never disappears and shows up when you least expect it.

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