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DRF Christmas 2020


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11 hours ago, mls said:

Still is, it seems.

QM is attending Christmas eve service at Aarhus Cathedral.




Due to the spread of the new more contagious variant of coronavirus Danish Health authorities earlier today recommended Christmas services to now lasting a maximum of 30 minutes and without singing.


Tonight, bishops, provosts, priests and parish councils held an emergency meeting. The Provosts 'Association, the Priests' Association, the National Association of Parish Councils and the Danish bishops now all recommend that all services should be canceled until 3. January.

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10 minutes ago, JosephineDane said:

They are not cancelled, All Danish bishops, provosts, priests and parish councils just recommend it. 

Garnisonskirken, which the CPC have been photographed at during a couple of Christmases, have now cancelled both services today and

for the rest of the year

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🎄Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 🎅 and hopefully a happier, more normal New Year!







“There’s no place like home,” exclaims Elf Mother when the three elves land on the roof of Amalienborg. Now, it can finally be Christmas and the Royal Danish House’s Elf Family can, at long last, celebrate the festive occasion together – for the first time in 100 years. They have many adventures to share, but first they must dance around the Christmas tree.


With her fill of rice pudding, the Elf Girl recounts her big Christmas journey. About the Faroese Christmas ræstkød, the mystical huldufólk and the Christmas Ship, and about the Greenlandic national costume, the juniper Christmas tree and the radiant Christmas star which, at last, put her and her brother on the trail of their sister. It has indeed been an eventful Christmas time.


Close to midnight, it’s time for the elves to hide themselves in drawers and out-of-the-way places until next Christmas. So, the Elf Parents are busy trying to find hiding places for the two recently returned elf children before the clock strikes midnight. “Shall we then find places in the Banquet Hall or down in the kitchen?” they wonder. But even though it has been a lovely Christmas Eve, neither the Elf Brother nor the Elf Sister want to stay. They will go back to the Faroes and Greenland where they feel at home. Elf Father lets them borrow the sleigh to go home to the North Atlantic islands and the vast, snow-covered land, just as long as they promise to visit a little more often – maybe next year for Christmas.


So, if you take a close look, it could be that you will catch a glimpse of a small sleigh in the sky on Christmas night. Or it might just be Santa Claus. Who knows? Because anything can happen in a fairy tale.  


Merry Christmas.

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11 minutes ago, mls said:

Garnisonskirken, which the CPC have been photographed at during a couple of Christmases, have now cancelled both services today and

for the rest of the year

Yes, and I think all other churches also has cancelled now as recommended. Until 3. January. 
That’s good! Although that also means we will not see the Crown Prince family tonight then.


🎄 A Merry Christmas and yes hopefully a better year 2021 🎉. Thank you for your great work on this site!

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with a video



While the Queen celebrates Christmas at Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus, there is a change of guard in front of the palace every day at 12 o'clock.

It has attracted a large audience both Christmas Eve and Christmas day that crowds and stands close up to each other to get up close and take pictures of the guards.


-We saw again today that many gathered out there. We have tried to the best of our ability to keep people together in small groups, but considering the good weather, there are a lot of people who go there, says Bo Christensen, duty officer at East Jutland Police.

East Jutland Police have had several patrols present at Marselisborg to recommend distance between the visitors, and that they only gather in small groups of a maximum of ten people.


But no fines issued so far. Many/most guards that go to Marselisborg are from the Southern Jutland area, which means, that also members of their family

come to Marselisborg to watch the change of guard, to see and photograph their sons and relatives.

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 A tweet from a Dane visiting his nephew who was guarding Frederik 8. Palace, Amalienborg on Christmas Eve




"Ps. And the Crown Prince naturally came down and wished the guards a merry Christmas. He will be a king king." (A good King)






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