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General news for F&M 2022


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In northeastern Greenland, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has been on a sleigh ride in the harsh - but also beautiful - landscape over the past week. Two sled drivers from the Sled Patrol Sirius led the journey, which began in the patrol's headquarters Daneborg and ended in Dødemandsbugten on Clavering Ø 🛷❄️
The sleigh ride was the Armed Forces 'official gift to the Crown Prince on the occasion of His Royal Highness' 50th birthday back in 2018. But due to the situation with COVID-19, it has only been possible to complete the trip now.
In 2000 - over four months - the Crown Prince traveled a 2,795 kilometer long sleigh expedition from Qaanaaq in North Greenland to Daneborg in Northeast Greenland with the Sled Patrol Sirius. The task of the patrol is to enforce the sovereignty of the Commonwealth over Northeast Greenland.
📸 H.K.H. The Crown Prince ©



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F&M attended Birgitte Handwerk's 50th birthday  *a week/a couple of weeks (?) ago. Arriving to the church with Prince Gustav and Carina Axelsson.



"Just returned from Australia the day before, Crown Princess Mary celebrated her close friend Birgitte Handwerk last weekend.* Together with Crown Prince Frederik, she participated in her 50th birthday, which started with a service with parish priest Kathrine Lilleør in St. Paul's Church in Nyboder and continued with a party at Sølyst in Klampenborg.



Looks like the dress Mary is wearing has been shortened from the previous version.



Foto: Anthon Unger





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On 5/16/2022 at 4:05 PM, mls said:

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog with Frederik on board arrived at Rønne, Bornholm this morning.

Dannebrog left Bornholm yesterday evening and is now approaching Copenhagen.

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No photos


"The Crown Prince Couple has now arrived in Bad Berleburg and the castle in the city, where there is a love party for Gustav and Carina both today and tomorrow Saturday. Frederik and Mary looked happy, and were received in the castle courtyard by white-clad servants who carried their luggage into the castle. After festivities on Friday and Saturday, there will be a smaller private event on Sunday in connection with the wedding festivities."



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