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CPF attends meeting with Danish Red Cross


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26. januar 2022

H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltager som protektor i arbejdsmøde med Røde Kors.

Røde Kors, Frivillighedshuset, Blegdamsvej 27, København, kl. 10.00.


26. January 2022, 10:00 am

HRH The Crown Prince attends as patron a working meeting with the Red Cross.

Røde Kors, Frivillighedshuset, Copenhagen






"On Wednesday, the Crown Prince met some of the evacuated Afghans, who will soon be moving out into Danish society, where volunteers from the Red Cross are ready to receive them.It was the first time the Crown Prince heard about the evacuation from the Afghans, and their stories made a big impression


At the Red Cross, the Crown Prince received an update on the current situation in Afghanistan and a review of the process of evacuating the Afghans from Kabul in August. After this, three of the evacuated Afghans told their personal stories - stories that made a great impression on the Crown Prince, who asked interestedly about the course.
In the coming months, the evacuated Afghans will move from the asylum centres to the country's municipalities. Here, the Red Cross is ready with the offer to be matched with a volunteer friend or family of friends through the project Friends Show the Way, and therefore the talk fell on how the volunteers can help the Afghans get off to a good start with their new life.
“The voluntary effort is a supplement to the help you get from the municipality. It is both about practical help, but there is also an important social aspect. We know that a volunteer friend or family of friends can make a decisive difference when you as a refugee have to adjust to Danish society. You become better at Danish, have a stronger social network and have better opportunities to find a place in the labour market, ”explains Anders Ladekarl, Secretary General of the Red Cross."
The Crown Prince is patron of the Danish Red Cross.










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What a wonderful program they have set up to assist these refugees to assimilate into Danish society.  And great photo of the CP with some of the refugees he met today.  Why this was not on the calendar is beyond me, unless they preferred not to have press there as it might make the refugees uncomfortable with cameras clicking away in their faces.  Glad we got to hear about the event. 

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Crown Prince Frederik to secret meeting | PICTURE MAGAZINE (billedbladet.dk)


For Crown Prince Frederik, it was important to participate in a working meeting focusing on a project that helps refugees. The meeting at the Red Cross was not announced in advance on the royal family's list of official programme items.

Crown Prince Frederik is patron of the Red Cross, and he has just attended an important working meeting of the organization.


The meeting was not announced in the Royal Family's list of official programme items with royal participation.


Crown Prince Frederik arrived discreetly

Therefore, Frederik was able to arrive at a meeting in the organization's volunteer house, without any media coverage, where the focus was on a very special project.

Through the project "Venner Viser Vej", a nationwide collaboration between the Red Cross and the Danish Refugee Council, more than 9,000 refugees have been assigned a volunteer friend or friendship family since 2016.


Greeted three Afghans

The Crown Prince was given the opportunity to greet three of the Afghans who were evacuated from Afghanistan last year, as well as employees and volunteers from the Red Cross, who, among other things, help refugees settle in Denmark.

Frederik took over from Prince Henrik

The Crown Prince has been patron of the Red Cross since 2018, when he took over patronage from his father Prince Henrik, who was patron of the Red Cross for 17 years.

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