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The Crown Princess' views on bullying and communities: We have come a long way, but we still have some way to go.


"As someone who works to reduce bullying and as a mother of four, I am very grateful for the commitment and attention that professionals who work with children have to create good and safe communities. For it is through the safe communities that our children thrive best.


" Watch the entire interview with the Crown Princess, where she thanks the many who work purposefully with children's communities, and provides perspectives on what it takes to prevent bullying.


image.png.9329b9a0083c13615c37462f80e34ee9.png          image.png.4c8826e3a40df8a322065a236117cb88.png



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Press release from Danish Football Association




The Mary Foundation and DBU stand together for strong communities in children's football

"Every fifth child has experienced being teased, bullied or left out in their leisure activity and the football clubs, the tone is generally a little harder than in other sports, according to a new study. H.R.H. The Crown Princess, Kasper Schmeichel and Pernille Harder are now working together on ‘Antibulli Football’, which can help the adults to strengthen community and well-being among the small football players.


In recent years, the Mary Foundation has launched ‘Antibulli Handball’ and ‘Antibulli Swimming’. With ‘Antibulli Football’, a basis has now been created for even more children to experience a strengthened focus on community: "We are very pleased that together with DBU we can now launch 'Antibulli Football', which can help create better well-being and prevent bullying in children's football. It is so important that the joy of going to football is not ruined by bullying or by someone being left out.

'With ‘Antibulli Football’ we want to help strengthen the community so that everyone feels part of the team ", H.R.H. The Crown Princess says."





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"Today is World Book Day


UNESCO has proclaimed the day as official book day because books develop us and inspire understanding, tolerance and dialogue.


We in the Mary Foundation completely agree with that. Our project BookFun has been developed to promote dialogue in day care institutions and schooling and thereby strengthen children's abilities to enter into relationships from an early age.

Congratulations and thanks to the books for all they give us - big and small 🙏


BookFun is a collaboration with the Egmont Foundation."



"-When we read with children, we increase their vocabulary and imagination, and with a large vocabulary they become better at expressing themselves in their own words.

It strengthens their ability to enter into communities that benefit them both now and in the future.

HRH The Crown Princess"

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From Free of Bullying, which is a Mary Foundation cooperation with Save the Children Denmark and Ole Kirk's Foundation.


We asked: What is the most important ingredient in a good children's community?

we asked H.R.H. The Crown Princess, Save the Children's Secretary General Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen and a lot of others who work with children on a daily basis.




"-One word? That's difficult.

Safety.  If the children are to develop and thrive."









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Annual report 2020






"With the annual report, you can e.g. see what the status is for our many projects and programs within our three focus areas Bullying and Well-being, Loneliness and Violence in the family and how we work in other ways to combat social isolation. You can also read the foreword both from our chairman H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary and from director Helle Østergaard.


Consequences of the corona

Our chairman Crown Princess Mary has in the annual report written a current foreword, which addresses the consequences of the pandemic for social well-being and loneliness among young people.


"Last year, when our annual report came out, we were at the beginning of the corona crisis, and we could only see the outlines of what it would mean for us. Now a year has passed and the pandemic - and its consequences - has become a condition we live with every single day. We have become more accustomed to it being here, but at the same time we also really feel how much it demands of us. The social distance in particular leaves its mark".


Director Helle Østergaard puts into words in the annual report how the past year has offered a lot of change and the need to think differently and new. "Corona, restrictions and lockdowns have had consequences for our work and all our projects in different ways. At the same time, we have been in a situation where all three of our areas have become more relevant than ever, and in that way there has been no less need for our work - on the contrary. We have therefore had to think creatively and innovatively to rearrange our activities so that we have still been able to help combat loneliness, domestic violence and create well-being for our children in a corona reality" .

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