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  1. Thank you very much commoner! I hope this book will be a great success. This is a very important message.
  2. Møde i Mary Fonden Fredag d. 14. marts 2008 H.K.H. Kronprinsessen deltog i møde hos Mary Fonden.
  3. http://www.mpidenmark.dk/default.asp?page=57 Professional Education Conference, PEC-Europe 18.-20. March 2007- Kronprinsesse Mary protektor for PEC 2007 To the MPI-conference http://www.mpidenmark.dk/FileLib/HRH%20Mar...ence%202007.doc
  4. Not a new patronage - though a new honorary membership! International Committee of Women Leaders for Mental Health
  5. Thanks Valdemar, very much appreciated, you really must be glad, that you escaped the "hatefactory inc". <": <": Sorry, couldn't resist - I know - I'm just a nasty old hawk! <:> <:> <:> F) F)
  6. Thanks Valdemar! I was hoping that someone else would also think that the whole excitment about Mary who alledgedly does enough or doesn't do enough for the danish fashion is not only exaggerated but more than anything else the result of a misunderstanding. I know that I also have labeled her the patron for the danish fashion. It's common at royal boards. Though to my knowledge she is patron of the CIFF. The Copenhagen INTERNATIONAL Fashion Fair. Maybe I'm not able to understand this, though to me a fair is different to the business in general. To me helping the CIFF isn't identical with wearing danish designer clothes. The CIFF will only grow with an international interest in the CIFF and with this the interest in the danish fashion will also grow. I don't see how wearing only or mostly danish design would help the CIFF. Don't know why I allways think about the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Book Fair in Frankfurt). I don't know how it could help this FAIR if a german famous patron for this fair would announce that he reads only or mostly german books. I even think that the responsible people for this fair wouldn't be pleased with such a statement. :blink: To me the important issue is raising awareness about a fair among the international suppliers and customers and the general public. This will than also help the business in the country that runs the fair.
  7. Decide for yourself and discuss it if you want. The article below is about danish fashion, a rather (very) flattering and somewhat funny one. Germany is the most important country for Denmarks fashion export. Die Welt is one of the three biggest daily newspaper in Germany. Though for this board the important part of the article is this: "Malene Birger is the favourite designer of crown princess Mary. This has the pretty, unpretentious crown princess also told to Australian "Vogue", when she was photographed for their cover. Today the born Tasmanian, who recently was voted " most elegant woman of the world " from the British magazine "Hello", does everything to help the Danish fashion trade with her publicity factor. She is the patron of the fashion fair and guest of honor at a lot of shows. To the midnight fashion show of "Day Birger et Mikkelsen" she came to the fashionable art museum and industrial museum, stylish like always. In a gleaming sequin skirt, brown, clinging sweater and with suitable suede boots. She was very much amused, when she saw the mishap with horse dung in the beginning of the shows." (It seems they had a horse at the catwalk and one of the models step into the horse dung). http://www.wams.de/data/2005/02/27/543793.html?s=2
  8. She has now nine official patronages. The Research Day is added on the official homepage. http://www.hkhkronprinsen.dk/2f60029
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