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DRF at daytime events in Aarhus

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Wednesday, 8 April

Coach tour through Aarhus

The Queen and The Prince Consort ride in a coach through Aarhus accompanied by the Hussar Guard Regiment. The coach tour ends at Aarhus City Hall.

See map of the coach route.

Luncheon reception at Aarhus City Hall

The birthday will be marked at Aarhus City Hall with participation by The Queen and The Prince Consort, the Crown Prince Couple and TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, all of whom will be received by the mayor, city manager, and 1st and 2nd vice mayors.

Read more about the celebration in Aarhus.

The balcony appearance at Aarhus City Hall

The Queen and The Prince Consort appear on the balcony out towards the City Hall square at 12.20, after which there will be, among other things, a speech by the mayor and presentation of the city’s gift. The Aarhus School of Music presents musical selections.

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Yes, it is, coco. I wonder if today's events are intended for the people of Denmark, or the Jylland region specifically, and perhaps we will see the relatives at next week's events? I'm just guessing, of course.

Preparations are all in place in Aarhus, according to multiple local newspaper articles.


58 horses with the Guard Hussar Regiment are in Aarhus ready to escort the carriage tour


The Aarhus and Neighbourhood Bakers Guild has been busy baking birthday cakes to serve the whole city, to be distributed in Ridehuset while the Queen goes to lunch at Aarhus City Hall.


Chef KimHansen has been making preparations for days to cater for 1320 guests tonight, according to this article


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Can anyone else see the live feed?

Mary and Frederik arrived. Mary looking very elegant. Recycled pretty old coat, I think. Looks familiar.

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I can see the live feed now.

QM in white & PH


The rest of the family have arrived at City Hall. I don't have the tools on this laptop to take good screen captures today, but I'm sure the press photos will start to flow soon.

BB with quick reporting





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