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2 new books connected with CPF's 50th birthday


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"Under bjælken"

Under the beam- A portrait of Crown Prince Frederik                     

By Jens Andersen to be published November 1. 2017



"In eight chapters - Boy, Teenager, Academician, Frome, Erobrer, Family Fare, Sports Man and King -

Jens Andersen tells about Crown Prince Frederik's life.


From the birth at Rigshospitalet in the midst of the youth revolt in 1968 to the modern family community in Frederik 8th Palace to today,

where a mature and strong Crown Prince is ready for the great task that for many years was an oath for the Crown Prince.


Under the beam - a Portrait of Crown Prince Frederik is an unusual book about an unusual person in an unusual situation in life.

It is based on talks and journeys with Denmark's future king during a year and a half, as well as a series of interviews with his wife, brother, parents, private circle, former chief of court, Crown Prince Haakon or Norway and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.


The book goes close to Crown Prince Frederik's strong-willed struggle to reconcile to his destiny and role,

portrays his many manifestations with himself and his surroundings and follows the personal journey from rebel boy and shy

young man to a frogman and happy father to four."




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On 8/28/2017 at 9:57 PM, mls said:

Under the beam - A portrait of Crown Prince Frederik                     

By Jens Andersen to be published November 1. 2017






Prince Henrik:

" Frederik will be a good king. A clever and human regent.
Prins Henrik says in a new book about the crown prince "Under the beam", written by journalist and author Jens Andersen.
- He has a good judgment in relation to moral things. He knows when to give in and when he wants to put his will through.
"And then he has a sense for equality," says Prince Henrik in the book, which will be published on November 1 at the publishing house Gyldendal."


Per Thornit:

" In addition to talks with the Queen, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim and Crown Princess Mary, the book is based on talks with,

among others, former chief of court Per Thornit.

He emphasizes the Crown Prince's ability to communicate with all sorts of people.
"It's absolutely unbelievable. You can go in to a bar in San Francisco with him and then he comes to talk to all of the people in there"



Today: The press queue to get a copy of the new book.



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Crown Prince Haakon:

" Crown Prince Haakon tells in the book "Under the beam", a portrait of Crown Prince Frederik, that he has always seen the Danish Crown Prince

as an inspiration.

"One of the things I've learned from Frederik is to bring myself more into the Crown Prince role.
"When I grew up, the private Haakon was completely incompatible with the official prince. The two never met and would rather be separate,

I felt, says the Norwegian crown prince in the book."



Ellen Hillingsø has some lovely things to say:

"Actress Ellen Hillingsø, who has known the crown prince from childhood, describes in the book Crown Prince Frederik as an unspoiled and caring person.

"There was once naturopath who looked into my eyes and said that if you have an iris with a flower pattern, you're an experience person,

an open person.

"When you look into Frederik's eyes, you see a flower. He is completely unprejudiced, spirits open. There is a space inside him that is not corrupt, something that is not spoiled, but completely genuine, says Ellen Hillingsø."



Crown Princess Victoria:

"Also the Swedish heir, Crown Princess Victoria, says that she has learned a lot of Crown Prince Frederik's authenticity.

"Frederik always comes into a room with sparkling eyes and looks at people.
- There are people who ask questions, but never wait for the answer. Frederik is always waiting for the answer, says Crown Princess Victoria."



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Has anyone bought this book? Is that worth to buy (for someone who has a limited knowledge of Danish language), how many photos are there? It's quite expensive itself + delivery abroad, so I would like to get some reviews :-)


Well, I found some pics from the book here:


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A new photographic book has been released today, on the Crown Prince's actual birthday:

"HRH Kronprins Frederik"





Acknowledgement goes to Stig @ SRMB for this news. 


From the publisher's blurb and autotranslate:

"On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the HKH Crown Prince, HKH the Crown Princess, together with four of Denmark's most talented photographers, collected a number of very special moments from the last 25 years of the Crown Prince's life. The Crown Princess also contributes with selected images from his own archive.

It has become a poetic narrative in words and pictures that invite the reader behind the official facade and draw a nuanced and honest picture of Denmark's future king. 
Frederik André Henrik Christian, His Royal Highness Crown Prince, Prince to Denmark, Count of Monpezat. The Crown Prince was born on May 26, 1968, celebrating his 50th birthday in 2018. The Crown Prince is a cand.scient.pol. from Aarhus University and has an impressive military career, where he has, among other things, completed the PhD education at Søværnets Frømandskorps.

Presentation of the Photographers: 
Steen Brogaard (born 1961) has photographed the Kongehuset since 1992. Based on the activists and reportage photographs of the eighties, he is today recognized for his extensive work as a portrait and reportage photographer in political, commercial and cultural Denmark .

Steen Evald (born 1963) has photographed the Kongehuset since 1998. He has received great recognition for his work in portrait, art, advertising, fashion and magazine photography for 35 years.

Marc Høm (born 1967) is a fashion photographer and residing in New York since 1987. As a sought after portrait photographer, Høm has taken pictures of the greatest stars from Johnny Depp to David Beckham and photographed for major international fashion magazines.

Franne Voigt (born 1967) has photographed the Kongehuset since 2009 and is considered among the country's best portrait photographers. Franne Voigt has photographed fashion campaigns for major Danish clothing companies and works for a number of foreign magazines."

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"On the occasion of H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday d. May 26, 2018, released the ultimate people gift of this book, which is HRH Crown Princess Mary's personal declaration of love for Denmark's future king. The book is full of completely personal images taken in special moments through Crown Prince Frederik's life."
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To cph: Do you know if this Arnold Busck has a book shop in Copenhagen or if they only sell online?


It would be great to check this out when I'm in Copenhagen next week.



Mary's 50th birthday present to her husband.



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Yes, AB has several stores in Denmark, this one in Copenhagen is not far from the Round Tower (so in the tourist area):



Another bookshop chain, Bog&Idé also sells this book:



And this online bookstore:



You can pre-order the book and pick it up at their places for free, but I'm pretty sure that you will find it all over Denmark :-) Most probably at the museum shop of Amalienborg, Rosenborg or Frederiksborg, too.

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I received my copy of this photo album today. Shipping fee was quite a lot, but this book is absolutely worth the money.

It is fantastic! Huge and very high quality photos, beautiful colours and you can browse all the details. Nice and interesting comments to pics. Previously known photos and the links above show about 70-80% of the photos it contains.

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On 5/28/2018 at 10:27 AM, cph said:

Yes, AB has several stores in Denmark, this one in Copenhagen is not far from the Round Tower

Bought the book today after visiting the Round Tower. The only thing I can say about it at the moment, is, that it's big...

I haven't opened the plastic packing yet...

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