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Unannounced Events 2017


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Director of Communications at the Danish royal court, Lene Balleby, stated many years ago, that not all official events and 

work that the members of the DRF do, are added to the official calendar at kongehuset.dk.

Events like meetings, audiences, visits to patronages and charities and so on. 


This is a thread where these unannounced/unofficial/unpublished events for 2017 that we know of, can be gathered in one

place and the general news thread can be kept for just that.


We will continue with a new thread for 2018 when the time comes.


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Crown Prince Frederik visited the Danish Royal Airforce exercise 'Winter Hide', Base Aérienne Orange, France - 30.-31. January 2017,
"Fighter Wing Skrydstrup detatchement on exercise Winter Hide in France, got a nice visit on Tuesday, 31 January 2017. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik visited the exercise together with Chief of Flight Staff, Major General M.A.L.T. Nielsen and the head of Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, Colonel Anders Rex.
The guests were briefed about the exercise and had the opportunity to greet the soldiers."



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2 February 2017



"HRH The Crown Princess met today with the Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs to discuss issues of common interest,
among other things the implementation of the UN's 17 new world goals, girls and women's rights as well as future activities in this regard."




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Monday 6th February.


"There was a discussion on mission and strategy, knowledge and challenges, project design and schedule on yesterday's workshop on one of the Mary Foundation's

upcoming big projects. Throughout our way of thinking and planning projects is the holistic approach and long-term goals. We know it well; there are no easy solutions

to complex problems, but with a sustained and comprehensive effort, we believe that we reach the longest. Yesterday we took a small step."



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10th March - Unofficial meetings at Amalienborg



"In her meeting room at Frederik VIII's Palace HRH Crown Princess today met with the Maternity Foundation and subsequently with the President of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), Sarah Kambou.

During the first meeting the fund's ongoing activities and projects for mothers and newborns access to safe childbirth and pregnancy was discussed.

At the second meeting Sarah Kambou updated the Crown Princess on the foundations work with knowledge-building and research on global challenges for girls and women's equality."



"The Crown Princess had today, as patron, a meeting with Maternity Foundation to discuss the status of the fund's ongoing activities and new projects, partnerships and countries."
Maternity Foundation works to ensure that even more mothers and newborns have access to a safe childbirth and pregnancy."




"The Crown Princess with the President of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), Sarah Kambou."





"The Crown Princess today had a meeting with the President of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) Sarah Kambou, who updated the Crown Princess on the foundations work with knowledge-building and research on global challenges for girls and women to ensure gender equality.
Crown Princess joined in 2016 as a member of ICRWs Leadership Council and at the meeting also future cooperation was discussed."






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Some time mid-May:




"Vanessa Trump on secret visit to Denmark


---But the visit was not just a family visit. Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen invited to a lunch at Marienborg,

where the Crown Prince couple also participated."



"In mid-may John Ewans Porting got a visit from his niece. Her name is Vanessa Trump, married to

Donald Trump jr. Black secret service cars came with security people.

John's father, musician Kaj Ewans, moved to the United States, and John has three sister over there.

Here is Vanessa with John and Jette Porting."


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Unofficial work: Mary Foundation workshop on Wednesday the 31st May


"In the Mary Foundation we gathered on Wednesday leading professionals for a full day workshop about Greenland.

Since the establishment of the Mary Foundation, it has been natural to include Greenland in our work.

We work to combat social isolation - also in Greenland, and as the Crown Princess summed up today's workshop, it

can only be done through involvement, ownership and action."








Foto: Erik Refner and the Mary Foundation




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November 2015 CP Mary visited Senegal with the organizations 'Orchid Project' and 'Tostan'.


From Orchid Project Denmark back then:

"Orchid Project and Crown Princess Mary was in November (2015) in Senegal to see our amazing partner TOSTAN's work, and to testify that 52

villages stopped circumcision. The visit is made in order to experience and obtain a deeper understanding of the organizations' work with

"Community Empowerment Programs" with a special focus on women and girls' rights and female genital mutilation.



Today, 9th June - Mary hosted an unofficial meeting at Frederik 8 Palace


"HRH The Crown Princess today hosted a meeting at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg, where the director of Tostan,

Molly Melching, spoke about the organization's work on changing social norms. Tostan is an NGO with headquarters

in Senegal, which through education and training helps local communities in Africa to create sustainable development and social transformation based on human rights."


Birgitte Zachau Handwerk, a close friend of F&M's, is Vice Chairman of Orchid Project Denmark and was also part

of the visit to Senegal. Birgitte is standing behind Mary in the photo.




The Mary Foundation:
"How do you create sustainable and locally driven change? One of the women who is the best to answer that question is Molly Melching, founder and CEO of the organization Tostan. The Crown Princess has met Molly Melching on several occasions and also experienced Tostan's work in Senegal.


Today, the Crown Princess invited a number of the fund's collaborators to a meeting where Molly Melching shared some of her many experiences. For joy and inspiration - not least for us in the Mary Foundation. It became an exciting talk about how any change requires deep understanding of culture, values and social norms. And lots of patience."



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News from June - A private audience with Crown Prince Frederik




"Danish Morten Andersen, who has been a major star in American football in the United States, was invited to Crown Prince Frederik at Amalienborg.


The 57-year-old former American football player Morten Andersen was invited to Amalienborg by Crown Prince Frederik during a stay in Denmark back in June.
Here, the Crown Prince congratulated Morten Andersen with his admission to Hall of Fame, and the two sportsmen got a nice talk.

"I am very proud of the congratulations and visit to the Danish royal house," writes Morten Andersen on Facebook."



F&M met with him on an official visit in 2011.




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Unofficial event for Mary today, Monday the 25th


"HRH The Crown Princess participated today in an orientation meeting with the Danish Refugee Council on the current refugee situation and on the organization's ongoing work and focus areas. Among other things, the Crown Princess was told about the project 'Mindspring' and on Danish Refugee Council's future strategies.

It was also the Crown Princess's last orientation meeting with Secretary General Andreas Kamm before he stops on November 1st."


2 photos




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Today, Friday, the 10th November, Crown Princess Mary has attended an unofficial meeting with



"Gender Diversity Roundtable Denmark #2
From insights to action: Members implementing key initiatives



09:45   Arrival and group photo

10:05   Welcome and introduction

10:15   Getting the most from you diversity dollars, Rich Lesser

10:25   Presentation of key implementation insights

10:40   Introduction to presenters

10:45   Member presentation (Ørsted, DJF, DTU, Novozymes)

11:15   Discussion around table: Implementation challenges and best practices

11:50   Final remarks, next steps"







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Another unofficial/unannounced event for Mary today, Monday the 30th October



"HRH The Crown Princess visited today as patron Danish Swimming Federation and had the opportunity to meet the

Danish national team for the European Short Course Championships.
The team was selected at the DM in Greve on Sunday evening and will compete at the European Championships

13th-17th. December in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen."



Foto: Dansk Svømmeunion ©










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More photos from yesterdays visit to Danish Swimming Federation




google trans


"It was a big surprise for the 32 out of 37 EM team swimmers when they were told Monday that the patron of Danish Swimming Federation,

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, was on her way to the union office in Brøndby to greet the team.

It was also an unofficial visit, which was thus not advertised to the outside world.

It was clear for everyone that the federations patron is very interested in our dear sport, which all swimmers were given an opportunity to experience, as good time was spent for conversation with the whole team."


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Continue to post unannounced/unofficial events for 2017 visits etc for CP Frederik & CP Mary,

events that the DRF don't add to the official calendar in this thread. 

If you come across events that we've missed, events that you think could be moved to this thread, please let us know. :rose:



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Crown Prince Frederik at unofficial meeting and lunch Today, Wednesday the 22nd at the Prime Minister's office.


"The Prime Minister and Crown Prince meet today the Director of Tour de France. Denmark is working to get the Tour to DK"




With a second video


"At the time of writing, the Tour de France run director visits the Prime Minister's Office where he meets with Prime Minister Lars Løkke

Rasmussen and HRH Crown Prince Frederik for an informal lunch to talk about the Danish bid to get the Grand Depart to Denmark."









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3 hours ago, mls said:

Crown Prince Frederik at unofficial meeting and lunch Today, Wednesday the 22nd at the Prime Minister's office.


"The Prime Minister and Crown Prince meet today the Director of Tour de France. Denmark is working to get the Tour to DK"


Article with a few more photos









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Unofficial visits to recipients of The Crown Prince Couple's Awards. No dates mentioned.


Crown Prince Frederik visiting 'Dignity'



Crown Princess Mary meeting 'Den Sorte Skole' some time during the "summer". August perhaps?








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:rose: The visit took place yesterday, the 28th.



"HRH The Crown Princess visited yesterday the organization Neighborhood Mothers.

"The women are primarily women of ethnic minority backgrounds who volunteer in the local area to support other women so that they are better

able to help themselves, their children and their families."






"November 28 was a big day for Neighborhood Mothers. The Crown Princess visited and listened to personal stories from the Neighborhood

Mothers and how they make a difference and why they are so important. It was an unforgettable evening!

We went home proud and full of energy.
Thank you to the Crown Princess for the visit!"
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