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Swedish Royal Visit - 17 Sept


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16. september 2019

Kronprinsparret er værter for svensk kongeligt besøg fra den 16.-18. september 2019.

The Crown Prince Couple hosts a Swedish royal visit 16.-18. September 2019


The Swedish Crown Princess couple visits Copenhagen together with a larger Swedish business delegation.




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Tuesday, 17th September


Visit to UN City

8:40 am

The Crown Prince couple, together with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, will visit the UN City in Copenhagen's Northern Port.

Their Royal Highnesses will be welcomed  by Grete Faremo, Executive Director of the UN Project Management Office, UNOPS.

The theme of the visit is innovative partnerships behind the UN World Sustainable Development Goals.


Attendance at Danish Industry Summit

4:30 pm

Their Royal Highnesses attend Danish Industry summit at the DR Concert Hall, where the Crown Prince will hand out the DI Prize 2019 and Crown Princess Victoria gives a speech. The theme of the summit is green transition.


Reception at HMS Nyköping

7:30 pm

The Crown Prince couple is invited aboard the Swedish warship HMS Nyköping. The ship will dock at Amaliehaven.


Dinner at Swedish Ambassadors residence

8:20 pm

The Crown Prince couple, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are invited to dinner with the Swedish ambassador, Fredrik Jörgensen, and wife.

In addition, representatives from the Swedish and Danish business communities also participate


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According to BT, many Danes seems to be asking why Queen Margrethe is not involved with this visit. Well, she is abroad on a private visit,

the Crown Prince is regent and QM is really not needed here...

It's a business promotion, not a State Visit. Had it been a State Visit she would have hosted a few events but for the past

10 years, since the Greek State Visit in 2009, the CPC have handled most events in connection with them. This seems to be something Danes are not aware of..

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