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CPM attends presentation of the 2020 Christmas Seal


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26. oktober 2020

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen er som protektor for Julemærkefonden til stede ved præsentation af årets julemærke.

Julemærkehjemmet Liljeborg, Baldersvej 3, Roskilde, kl. 10.45.

26. October 2020, 10:45 am

HRH the Crown Princess attends as patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation the presentation of the 2020 Christmas Seal.

Christmas Seal Home Liljeborg, Roskilde


Every year since 1904, the Christmas Seal Foundation has released the special Christmas Seal, which aims to raise money for children in one of Denmark's five Christmas Seal Homes.

At the homes, 1,000 children a year can stay and receive help in combating loneliness, bullying, social isolation and obesity.



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"The government's new restrictions in connection with the corona crisis greatly affect Crown Princess Mary's visit to the Christmas Seal home Liljeborg in Roskilde on Monday morning.


During the cozy Christmas event, the Crown Princess should have met four children from the Christmas Seal home, who are sitting and writing a letter to their former self.
However, due to the new restrictions, only a 15-year-old Christmas stamp child, Benedicte Vinge, will meet the Crown Princess and will read her letter aloud to her while she receives the letters from the others. The other three children will, however,  see the royal guest on arrival and when she leaves again.


In addition, the deputy chairman of the Christmas Seal Foundation's board, TV host Anne Glad Wagner, will not participate in the event, but has instead taped her speech so that it will be shown on a video screen. However, Anne Glad attends a subsequent smaller reception.
Also participation from the press is greatly reduced, so only two media will attend the event."

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