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(Updated November 2016)


Kronprins Frederiks og Kronprinsesse Marys fond

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's Foundation


"The Foundation supports humanitarian, social, culturalal, scientific, sporting, education, non-profit and charitable purposes"



Crown Prince Frederik Fund



"Crown Prince Frederik Fund is the result of the people present, Crown Prince Frederik received from the Danish-Americans in connection with

the Crown Prince's 25th birthday, when he studied at Harvard Kennedy School - John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

The Foundation awards two scholarships annually for studies in the social sciences at Harvard Kennedy School."



Mary Fonden

The Mary Foundation


"In 2004, the people of Denmark and Greenland raised and donated 1.1 million kroner as a national gift in honour of the Crown Prince Couple’s wedding.

This national gift, combined with Crown Princess Mary’s vision of creating a foundation that gave something back to the people, became the first step toward establishing The Mary Foundation in 2007."



Kronprinsparrets Priser

The Crown Prince Couple's Awards

"Since 2005, Bikubenfonden has been behind the Crown Prince Couple's Awards, which was established in 2004 as a wedding gift to Crown Prince Frederik

and Crown Princess Mary. Originally, the award was called The Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Award, but the award changed in 2009 it's

name to the Crown Prince Couple's Award in connection with the expansion of the number of awards and an upgrading of the social award"


The Awards: The Crown Prince Couple's Social Award, The Crown Prince Couple's Cultural Award an the Cultural Stardust Award.



The Crown Princess Mary Scholarships



"The Crown Princess Mary Scholarships are part of the University of Copenhagen's wedding gift to the Crown Prince Couple. 

Each year, the University of Copenhagen invites the Australian exchange partner Universities to nominate a student for the

scholarship. The Danish scholarship committee then selects two candidates to be approved by the Rector's office."


Crown Princess Mary's former University, the University of Tasmania, grants an annual scholarship to a Danish student

undertaking an exchange at UTAS. Partner universities in Denmark are nominating the students and are encouraged to

nominate highly competent students who have shown a particular interest in studying in Tasmania

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