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CP Mary's Patronages - Part 2


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Continues from Part 1


Previous thread can be found here:




CP Mary is patron of the 1st International Conference on UV and Skin Cancer prevention

3-5 May in Copenhagen.


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New patronage for CP Mary:

KFUM Soldatermission.

I don't know the correct translation for KFUM: google translates it as YMCA

Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary er protektor for KFUMs Soldatermission

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary is patron of the YMCA Soldiers Mission

Short article from TV Syd: CP Mary visit Fredericia- 10 April

There is a picture from Mary's visit to Afghanistan in 2009 a little bit down this page


A longer article from Vejle Amts folkeblad


It has also been updated to Mary's patronages on the DRF Website


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HRH Crown Princess Mary is patron of the Danish Mental Health Fund and the Danish Association for Mental Health


Foreword by CP Mary in a new book: Talk about....with every child by Karen Glistrup


About the book:

This book will help adults and children talk about mental health. It will also help you talk about thoughts and feelings, about happiness and suffering

- and about good relationships between people.

Many teachers and professionals are unsure about how to approach these issues. This is understandable, as they themselves might see mental illness as a taboo.



Sometimes we get sick


We can all be physically ill – but, it is also possible to be ill in the mind

And this is what we call mental illnesses


When you have a mental illness, you are not quite yourself


Mental illness is

not easy to understand – it is especially difficult for children when an adult in their life is suffering from one

“Why is my mother crying all the time?”

“Why is my dad in bed all day?” Many children even think that it is their



Anxiety and depression are the most well-known mental illnesses


In Denmark as well as in Australia where I was born, these illnesses are



It is estimated that one in five families are affected


This means that every child knows an adult who has a mental illness – either in

their own family or in their friends’ families


The best way of supporting these children is by making sure they know something about mental illness

Wars, catastrophes, and life as a refugee can also harm the human psyche


This type of mental illness is called trauma


Trauma is also very difficult for

children to understand


This book ’talk about it...’ is informative and very helpful


The illustrations

and text discuss issues that might seem difficult to share with children


The book is also a tool that makes it easier for us to talk about our

thoughts and feelings – and this, is so important for both children and



Crown Princess Mary

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CP Mary new patron of Healthcare Denmark



H.K.H Kronprinsessen protektor for Healthcare Denmark


HRH The Crown Princess patron of Healthcare Denmark

The Crown Princess commences as patron of Healthcare DENMARK, which is the international showcase for the Danish health sector

and Danish health care companies.

Healthcare DENMARK is a public-private partnership between COWI, KMD, Falck, Systematic, the Confederation of Danish Industry,

the Region of Southern Denmark, Danish Regions, the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


(In English)

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New patronage for CP Mary:


HRH The Crown Princess patron of Børn, Unge & Sorg / Children, Youth & Grief

(google translation)

By joining as a patron of the Children, Young People & Grief is the Crown Princess helps to highlight an aid organization,

which aims to contribute to a good life for children and young people who have lost a parent or sibling, or whose parents or siblings

are suffering from serious physical illness.



Press release in Danish

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COPENHAGEN - 07 - 09 MAY 2015

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Mary has made us the great pleasure and honour to be the patron of the 16th International Inner Wheel Convention in Copenhagen. HRH The Crown Princess is very socially engaged and has undertaken a wide range of patronages, many of them related to children and women, which is in line with the international project 2012-2015 of International Inner Wheel and the values of our organisation.


Copenhagen - 8-10 May 2015

HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is patron of the

14th World Congress of the European Association of Palliative Care.


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CP Mary is Honorary Patron of the University of Tasmania's 125th Anniversary Celebrations this year.


She didn't attend the university dinner last week but according to the article below, there was a video message

from her. (Not available in the article).

"The article is written by a Tasmanian author, Richard Flanagan, who was presented with the 2015 University Distinguished Alumnus Award. This is the speech he made in reply."

Mary's parents are both mentioned in his speech:

Talking Point: This place changed my life

"IT says something about our university that on a night when snow lies low on the mountain and last drinks have been called at Knoppies that 400 people choose to come out to this dinner.

It was interesting too watching Princess Mary’s video message just now given that long before the Donaldson family lay claim to the realm of Denmark they had no small claim on the university here."

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"HRH The Crown Princess has as patron of the Danish Refugee Council written the following message in occasion of

the Danish Refugee Council's 60th anniversary


"My greatest wish is to return home and rebuild my country and my life" - Syrian refugee from Za'tari- camp in Jordan


"Those words I hear again and again during my travels with the Danish Refugee around the world. The words says that

many refugees and displaced peoples greatest wish is to restore the life they had - and the cirumstances which have

forced them to leave.


My ambition with this post was actually just write a few lines about the refugee crisis and the Danish Refugee Council's work.

But as they say: "I would have written something short, but I had no time."

I actually had enough time, but the problem is so complex that I think it should be several lines.


The number of refugees has grown significantly. Today, more than 65 million. people fleeing their homes. At the same time they are typical refugees for a long time - 17 years on average. It is partly due to that conflicts and crises around the world has changed and lasts longer. This results in additional challenges, especially for the most vulnerable groups such as children and women. And it places greater demands on the aid work being done by the Danish Refugee Council.


It is 60 years since the Danish Refugee Council was established temporarily to handle the refugees from Hungary. The idea was that the organization would be abolished, as the crisis was over - that didn't happen.


In the 10 years I've been a patron, the Danish Refugee Council has grown to become a major international relief organization with stakes in about 40 countries. A development that we can be proud of in Denmark, but unfortunately also an expression of the need for help is greater than ever before.

Danish Refugee Council helps more than 2.5 million refugees and displaced annually, both in the world and here at home. The organization provides life-saving humanitarian assistance in the midst of the crisis: It may be shelter, water, food and warm clothing. It promotes dialogue and conflict prevention between the warring parties, helps with integration where there is need, and providing assistance to refugees to return home.


At the same time the Danish Refugee Council assumes the role of advocate - locally and globally - for the refugees and displaced people, who often have difficulty getting their voices heard.

Over the past many years I have as patron of the Danish Refugee Council visited several camps for refugees and internally displaced persons. In different countries, in different camps and created based on various reasons - from Dadaab in Kenya to Za'atari in Jordan to Say Tha Mar in Myanmar and Tierkidi in Ethiopia.


While travelling it has been clear to see that the camps has changed from being temporary to be actual communities where people live permanently - unfortunately for many without the ability to support themselves or create a future.


Danish Refugee Council has been able to adapt its activities and growth to this sad development, we are all witnessing. The refugee crisis is a global problem requiring a global solution. It requires broad cooperation and the right partnerships. In 2007, Danish Refugee Council, a strategic cooperation agreement with UNHCR, and today the Danish Refugee Council is one of the UN's largest and most preferred partners in refugee work. It testifies to the Danish Refugee Council professionalism and efficiency.


The refugee problem is right now one of the world's greatest challenges. It will probably not to change in the near future.

Experience suggests that when a problem is long-term, it risks losing international community's focus. This must not happen.

Today, the need for using much greater than the resources that are available. For the affected people to flee means, for example, less food rations, lack of heat in the winter cold and less access to such. education and medical care. And that comes on top of unbearable tragedy of loss and fragmentation of families.


When we talk about the world's refugees, it is hard to relate to such high numbers. But it's not hard to be touched by the faces

and personal stories behind the numbers.


Today, the Danish Refugee has nearly 6,000 employees - the vast majority in the world. And many volunteers who help locally in Denmark. Sunday, November 6th, the  number of volunteers grows for a single day: On this day, more than 20,000 people

go out to the streets to participate in the annual national collection.


I am proud to be patron of the Danish Refugee Council and of the organization's work to ensure that refugees not only survive -

but to survive with dignity and hope.


I wish the Danish Refugee Council a good national collection and a big thank you from me to all collectors for their time and dedication."

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Meeting with Maternity Foundation at Frederik 8. palace - 10 March


"The Crown Princess had today, as patron, a meeting with Maternity Foundation to discuss the status of the fund's ongoing activities and new projects,

partnerships and countries."
Maternity Foundation works to ensure that even more mothers and newborns have access to a safe childbirth and pregnancy."





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European Immunization Week 2017 - With a photo



"Timely #vaccination is a lifelong responsibility. The effect of persistent rumours can cause some people to delay or decide against vaccination.

But no rumour can be as compelling as the simple truth that vaccines save lives."


Watch the statement for European Immunization Week 2017 from Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark,

Patron of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.





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A new patronage for Mary: The Danish National Center for Grief,

founded by Children, Youth & Grief, one of Mary's patronages.


"To the great delight of the National Center for Grief, the Crown Princess revealed in her speech that the Crown Princess also wishes to be the patron of the National Center for Grief, just as she already is for Children, Youth & Grief." 






"The Danish National Center for Grief was founded in 2017 by Børn, Unge & Sorg, a Danish organization which over the past two decades has provided specialized counseling and treatment to grieving children, teens, young adults and their families.


Areas of focus for The Center include conducting research, disseminating knowledge, and providing professional training to health care professionals, focusing on how to support and respond to people in grief. A primary focus is to help professionals learn to recognize the difference between normal and complicated grief, and how to target interventions accordingly. We strive to raise public awareness and acceptance of death and grief as natural occurrences, and encourage a dialog about these occurrences to decrease stigmatization and the avoidance of these topics. Death and grief should no longer be considered taboos."

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Crown Princess Mary patron of 'Volunteering Capital 2018 Aarhus'


"In 2018 Aarhus is Volunteering Capital. London, Lissabon and Barcelona already had the honoúr of being Volunteering Capital and

in 2017 Sligo, Ireland is the Volunteering Capital.


The title is given each year to a European municipality which has been particularly notable in terms of volunteering. In Aarhus's case,

the jury emphasizes that Aarhus City Council has adopted a citizenship policy that you measure and follow up in the city."

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As patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation, Crown Princess Mary has lent her voice to a new campaign film.



"In the film, the Crown Princess tells how difficult it is to feel outside and how much a stay at a Christmas Seal Home can help children and

young people to get better again.


The purpose of the campaign is to focus on the many children who are unhappy in today's Denmark and who are not part of the community."

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