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Summer activities 2015


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"Royals on iron horses" - F&M and kids on their way to the stables this morning.


More photos from PurePeople http://www.purepeople.com/article/famille-royale-de-danemark-joyeux-prelude-avec-les-enfants-a-grasten_a163099/1















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Lots of photos around and lots of people commenting on them. This is from a young man:

"As a guard for the Crown Prince family when at Fredensborg, I see them often.

They are truly, as is said, incredibly likeable and completely down to earth. And the kids can be seen

with their parents all the time.

I am proud of Her Majesty the Queen and the Crown Prince couple!"

I have seen a few more similar comments from other young men, former guards at Kancellihuset.



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H&N huge gallery with photos of the CPC summer holiday. Some we have already seen and some not.

Photos 1-22 are from Danfoss Universe with the Heerings and Australian friends Hamish Campbell (Christian's godfather)

with wife and two kids. 23-40, on their way and riding in Gråsten. 41-45 is Saturday the 18th July, the day before receiving the parade. They were privately watching another riding procession.

It could be Carina and Gustav in pic 45 but don't know if the man with the camera is a friend or not.


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Thanks very much, mls. We have all benefited from your excellent coverage of DRF activities over the Summer.

I assume that the Crown Prince Family have all left Gråsten as they did not appear to be at the neighbourhood reception and concert on the 27th of July, and Crown Prince Frederik is in Malaysia by now for the IOC Session.

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Princess Alexia lives in the Canary Islands, but Mary is in Palma in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca), where the Royal family of Spain spend their holidays.

Regards :)

Thanks Carolina.

I've always thought Alexia lives in Mallorca.

And if you know where to find the photos of Mary, please post! :rose:

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