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General news for F&M 2019


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On 5/14/2019 at 3:06 PM, mls said:

Crown Prince Frederik is visiting Bornholm this week, on Thursday the 16th.


He has an official event and also takes part in a private hunt. Prince Henrik visited Bornholm

yearly for the hunts but his visits were more official with invited press.






The Royal Yacht Dannebrog has (according to myself and the article) left Copenhagen and is on it's way to Bornholm.

She is expected to arrive there during the night.


"The ship has left Copenhagen Harbor, and is heading for Bornholm, where Crown Prince Frederik tomorrow will first go on a hunting trip in Almindingen,

and then participate in a training race ahead of Royal Run."

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The Royal Yacht Dannebrog has been out and about today and seems to be heading back to Copenhagen now.


Sletten Havn - Sletten Harbour today -

"Guests for lunch"


The kids and the Heerings in the first video, M&F in the second with don't-know-who.




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Looks cozy. Maybe a birthday lunch for Frederik who has birthday tomorrow.

Nice seeing them out and about with children, friends and their children without media following them.


And a BIG thanks to your members for the great work here on the Crown Princess Mary message board. You can always be sure to be fast updated here. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, Hannelore said:

Whose birthday was it? Is there any more information about where they were celebrating?

I can't remember reading anything about whose birthday. Anyone?

The photos are outside 'Telia Parken'.


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Crown Prince Frederik attending "DHL-stafetten", DHL relay, in  Aarhus this evening.





"Royal surprise on the second night of the DHL Relay

Some of the participants in Wednesday's relay were somewhat surprised when they suddenly ran side by side with the country's crown prince.
The occasion of Crown Prince Frederik's appearance was the 25th anniversary of his running team back from his Aarhus time.

It must have felt nice to take a runaround Marselisborg  astle and the cavalry building where the Crown Prince lived during his time in Aarhus."






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Royal Danish Playhouse close to Amalienborg.

This is where I saw Mary last year.





"On a beautiful summer evening in Copenhagen, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik spread good mood around them as they strolled in the area of their private residence Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg.

At Ofelia Square near the Playhouse, there was a stir when Mary and Frederick smilingly walked together.


The Crown Prince couple were on their way to a special performance in the Playhouse, where they, together with several good friends,

were to experience the play "The Address Unknown." Among those invited to the special evening were also several actors".





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"When Crown Prince Frederik's old frogman friend Jeppe Handwerk in July turned 50, he celebrated his friend with a huge party at Gråsten Palace.

Then they also took their families on a joint holiday at Châuteau de Cayx in Cahors.

Last Saturday all the friends gathered for a birthday party again. This time in private with Jeppe and his wife, Birgitte, in their splendid mansion on Vedbæk Strandvej."

"Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived among the last. With them they had the children Prince Christian and Princess Isabella."




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Christian, Isabella, Vincent & Josephine and one of the Handwerk girls at 'Eventyrteatret', The Fairy Tale Theater's premier of 'Skovens Dronning'

(Queen of the forest) today, Saturday. They were as usual received by PH's good friend Fritz Schur, who is on the board of the theater.




with a video





Christian looks so tall!








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