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Unannounced events 2019


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24. August


Crown Prince Frederik made an unofficial visit to Fejø. where visited one of Danish Save the Children's family clubs.












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3 hours ago, mls said:

Crown Prince Frederik made an unofficial visit to Fejø. where visited one of Danish Save the Children's family clubs.



"Apples were both picked and pressed when H.R.H. The Crown Prince as patron today together with the Save the Children's Family Experience Club

in Maribo was on an excursion to the South Sea island of Fejø.
In the Family Experience Club, children and families with limited networks get new experiences and friendships in their local area. The clubs are distributed throughout Denmark,
and the Crown Price was on a visit for the fourth time.










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Thursday, 5th September



"Last Thursday, H.R.H. Crown Princess visited Psychiatric Center Copenhagen at Rigshospitalet to attend a summer concert in the center's garden.
During the visit, Her Royal Highness was given the opportunity to greet the staff as well as volunteers and patients who have jointly planted and cared for the garden.
The Crown Princess is patron of the Danish Mental Health Fund 📸 Psychiatric Center Copenhagen © ️"





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20. September


"Earlier today, H.R.H the Crown Princess visited the Minister for Food, Fisheries and Equal Opportunities Mogens Jensen.

At the meeting, Her Royal Highness and the Minister discussed common areas of interest, and the Minister told the Crown Princess about the priorities in the field of equality."


Mogens Jensen travelled with Mary several times back when he was minister for development cooperation.









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1. October



After doing some digging, this is indeed an unofficial visit that the Crown Prince Couple did to a laundromat in Copenhagen yesterday,

with DR.dk filming, with the Mary Foundation and in the company of the Neighbourhood Mothers.


" It was with great pleasure that the laundry in Østrigsgade 22, today was able to welcome HRH the Crown Prince and HRH the Crown Princess,

the Mary Foundation, Neighbourhood Mothers and DR"










"Today we had the honour of meeting real celebrities Crown Prince Frederik and his beautiful wife Mary"



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9 minutes ago, JosephineDane said:

If the Mary Foundation was with the Crown Prince couple do we so still think this visit is in connection with the Crown Prince couple Awards? :)

I was wondering about that. And Frederik is not often involved with the Mary Foundation stuff.

I guess time will tell or if more news come up.


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2. October


Crown Princess Mary was appointed rigsforstander at today's State Counci!


The news and a photo here:



And the news has started to do the rounds in the Danish press...





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Adding the press release in English



"At today’s Council of State, Her Majesty The Queen got approval so that Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess can function as regent, starting today.


During the Council of State, The Crown Princess thus signed the necessary declaration about acting in conformity with the Constitution in the presence of The Queen,

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince and the government.


As regent, The Crown Princess will, from now on, be able to attend to The Queen’s duties as head of state when The Queen and The Crown Prince are prevented from doing so,

for example during a stay abroad. Today, The Queen’s duties can be handled by The Crown Prince as regent or by Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte as regents."


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Some time this week


"The Crown Princess joined us this week, together with Save the Children, we gathered project leaders for Free of Bullying in Greenland, Estonia, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Romania to exchange good experiences with the Free of Bullying program and the latest knowledge on the prevention of bullying. We visited Vibenshus Fritidshjem for showing a good example of a place where Free from Bullying has become part of the institution's DNA"




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HKH The Crown Prince was back in Futurebox this week to meet some of the many new startups that are part of DTU Science Park's incubation in Futurebox or acceleration in Danish Tech Challenge. His Majesty, among other things, learned about eelgrass and light therapy technology, and then he himself was inspired to jump out as an entrepreneur.





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28. November


"Today, H.R.H. The Crown Prince visited Save the Children's headquarters in Copenhagen. As the children's organization's long-time patron, His Royal Highness was invited

to a briefing on the growing climate crisis, which is causing hunger in the East African countries on the Horn of Africa."











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Not sure if (or where) I have posted about this...


National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark - Press release from 17. December:



Crown Prince Frederik has been one of the members of the jury choosing 3 candidates for 'Sports Name of the year 2019' award.




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