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Unannounced events 2019


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Director of Communications at the Danish royal court, Lene Balleby, stated many years ago, that not all official events and 

work that the members of the DRF do, are added to the official calendar at kongehuset.dk.

Events like meetings, audiences, visits to patronages and charities etc. 


This is a thread for unannounced/unofficial/unpublished events for 2019

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23. January 2019


"In Japan, Kumamon is the best known of all the country's mascots. It comes from the city and region of the same name, located on the country's

southernmost island of Kyushu,and in December, Kumamon hosts the Women's Handball World Cup.
On the occasion of the current World Cup in men's handball in Denmark and Germany and the upcoming World Cup in women's handball,

the mascot is visiting Europe, and this afternoon H.K.H. Crown Prince Kumamon in Frederik VIII's Palace"




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24. January 2019


"HRH The Crown Princess received today Executive Director for UN Women and UN Under-Secretary General Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at

Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.

At the meeting, Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka told about UN Women's ongoing work and priorities in ensuring equality.
In addition, she also told about the challenges the organization faces in its global work."




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6. February


"This afternoon HRH The Crown Princess received Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director (ED) of UNFPA Dr. Natalia Kanem, who is currently visiting Denmark.

At the meeting, the director of the United Nations Population Fund, which the Crown Princess is the patron of, briefed about the organization's ongoing work and priorities and the challenges the organization faces in its global work. Her Royal Highness and Dr. Natalia Kanem also discussed possible joint activities."


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21. February 2019




Today, Thursday, the Crown Prince will attend a press meeting at Copenhagen City Hall, 10:30 am

The press conference is expected to be about Tour De France in Denmark 2019.



"Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Lord Mayor of  Copenhagen Frank Jensen and Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Rasmus Jarlov

will hold a press conference today on Thursday, 21 February.

The press conference will take place in the banquet hall at Copenhagen City Hall at. 10:30.
HRH The Crown Prince will be present."



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DRF Instagram



H.K.H. Kronprinsessen var i dag sammen med @mary_fonden værter ved en workshop om sociale normer.
Deltagerne var nogle af fondens nære partnere, og til at gøre alle klogere, havde
Kronprinsessen inviteret professor Ben Cislaghi fra London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine til at stå for workshoppen. Ben Cislaghi er ekspert i sociale normers indflydelse på blandt andet menneskers sundhed.
Dagens workshop fandt sted i Frederik VIII’s Palæ på Amalienborg. 📸 Kongehuset ©️

CP Mary ,with The Mary Foundation, hosted a workshop on social norms in Frederik VIII Palais, Amalienborg Palace.

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Another unannounced event yesterday, 20 March, for Crown Princess Mary



"Yesterday, H.R.H. The Crown Princess as patron held a meeting with the Danish Refugee Council's new president, Agi Csonka,

as well as Secretary General Christian Friis Bach and Communications Director Annette Spanggaard.


The meeting took place at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg, and here the Crown Princess got a briefing on the global refugee situation

and the organization's many activities in order to create lasting solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons around the world.

In addition, the meeting discussed upcoming joint activities."





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5. April - Unofficial meeting for Crown Prince Frederik


"Earlier today, H.R.H. The Crown Prince received a group of public leaders at Frederiks VIII's Palace at Amalienborg.

The meeting was arranged in collaboration with Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership, which His Royal Highness opened last year

in connection with his 50th birthday."


"At the meeting there was, among other things, a presentation round where the participants came up with suggestions on how to create more value

for the citizens in the public sector. The new research center in the Crown Prince's name at Aarhus University is an international center for delivering

research-based knowledge about public management.

The Crown Prince is a member of the Center's Governance Committee, which works to secure the Center's international position."


📸 Kongehuset ©









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7- 9. April 2019 - Crown Prince Frederik in the Mediterranean



"Today, H.R.H. The Crown Prince returned home from a two-day visit to the frigate Niels Juel, which is currently guarding a French aircraft carrier

group in the Mediterranean.

Here, His Royal Highness met the crew, which counts 140 men, and which consists of marines and personnel from the Air Force and the Army. Niels Juel, along with French, British and American ships, is tasked with looking after the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. The crew does that by solving maritime safety tasks, where they, among other things, ensure free navigation in risk areas and control the airspace around the aircraft carrier."





"For two days I have visited the Danish frigate Niels Juel, who is currently sailing in the Mediterranean. Here, the frigate and its crew help protect the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. Niels Juel does this by solving maritime security tasks, such as. ensuring free navigation through escort and defense of ships in risk areas.


In the pictures you can see French fighter aircrafts, which facilitate from the aircraft carrier deck. It is also among Niels Juel's tasks to handle the control of the aircraft carrier, and they do so by keeping an eye on the air traffic. During my visit I have been informed about Niels Juel and Charles de Gaulle's many tasks. In addition, I have greeted the crews and gained insight into the many complex tasks that the Danish Defense solves in this marine military operation. It has been a great experience. ”H.R.H. The Crown Prince."






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Yesterday, 9th April, Crown Princess Mary and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda visiting companies.



Crown Princess Mary:


"Yesterday, together with the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, Eva Kruse, I visited four Danish companies, Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, Designers Remix and Bestseller,

all thinking in sustainable strategies and solutions and contributing to the sustainability agenda.


The four companies are just a small sample of the many committed people in Denmark who think new and sustainable solutions. I visited the businesses because the important sustainability agenda interests me a lot but also as a prelude to Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May, which is just about creating a sustainable fashion industry.


I would like to learn more about what it takes for a company to think sustainably as a business strategy and also about the potential for growth that sustainable solutions bring.
The four companies are just a small sample of the many committed forces in Denmark who think new and in sustainable solutions."












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6 hours ago, mls said:

Monday, 29th April - Crown Princess Mary at WHO/Europe, regional office Copenhagen

"HRH The Crown Princess visited today the UN city as a patron at the WHO regional office in Europe.

During the visit, the Crown Princess received a briefing on the WHO's ongoing activities and priorities in relation to the organization's coordination of international

efforts to improve health and living standards globally and in the region. In addition, the forthcoming joint activities were also discussed."







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30. April - The Crown Prince Couple had a meeting with Margareta, Custodian of the Crown & Prince Radu of Romania,

Frederik VIII Palace, Amalienborg.



"On the third day of the royal visit to Denmark, meetings took place at the Danish National Olympic Committee, the Danish Red Cross,

the Amalienborg Palace, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, and the Danish Foreign Policy Society.

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20. June


"As the patron of the Heart Association, H.R.H. The Crown Princess today got an orientation on the development of the heart area and the Heart Association and the Children's Heart Fund's current work.

This happened at the Heart Association's headquarters in Copenhagen, where Her Royal Highness was presented the emergency services, the offer of cardiovascular courses and the association's efforts in the children's area. In addition, the Crown Princess was introduced to the children's book project "Something on the Heart", which is to help heart children and their families put into words the challenges that fill them."








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Added: Unofficial visit to the Faroe Islands - 12.-14th (?) of August



"Mortan Johannesen had the honor of taking the crown prince of Denmark on a fishing tour."

























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30 minutes ago, mls said:

Don't know if this took place in connection with Royal Run of the Faroe Islands or some time during the summer.

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1 hour ago, GalaSH said:

It was this week. Articles about the visit to the Faroe Islands.

Thanks. The articles are dated 12th -14th.


"The Crown Prince is in Føroyum in connection with film recordings for a documentary for DR"



Visiting The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands on Tuesday evening.







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22. August



"Today, H.R.H. The Crown Princess visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet with Development Cooperation Rasmus Prehn.

At the meeting, the Minister of Development Cooperation had the opportunity to tell the Crown Princess about priorities in the development area,

and there was also a discussion of future joint activities."










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