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State Visit - Day 1

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Tuesday 14 May


Welcome ceremony at Honnørbryggen
11:00 am

TM The King and Queen arrive sailing in a chalup from the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to Honnørbryggen in Oslo, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Haakon and HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. Upon disembarkation, the Regent Couple are welcomed by TM King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway.


On arrival at Honnøbryggen, the Danish and Norwegian national anthems will be played. The King and Crown Prince Haakon will subsequently inspect the guard of honour. Before leaving for the Royal Palace, the King of Norway presents the Norwegian delegation, and the Royal Couple greets Danish compatriots in Norway and Norwegian schoolchildren.


Arrival at the Royal Palace
11:25 am
The Regent couple, the Regent couple of Norway and the Crown Prince couple of Norway arrive at the Royal Palace.


In Den Lille Festsal, the Regent Couple, the King and Queen of Norway and the Crown Prince Couple of Norway will greet the delegations from Denmark and Norway. Afterwards, there will be a presentation of gifts in the White Salon.


Wreath laying at the National Monument for the victims of the war 1940-1945
12:30 pm
The King inspects a company of honour from HM The King's Guard, accompanied by the Crown Prince of Norway and the Commander, before a wreath is laid at the National Monument.

Courtesy visit to the President of the Storting
12:50 pm
The Regent Couple are received by the President of Stortinget, Masud Gharahkhani in the Storting. The Storting is Norway's parliament with 169 members. The parliament building was completed in 1866 and is today among Norway's most distinctive buildings.


During the visit to the Storting, the Regent Couple will be accompanied by the Minister for the Environment, the Minister for Education and Research and the Minister for Digitization and Equality.


Lunch at Kongsgården
1:45 pm
The Regent Couple arrive at the Royal Palace, where the King and Queen of Norway are hosting a lunch with the participation of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit.


Visit to Oslo Science City and MiNaLab
4:15 pm
The Regent Couple and Crown Prince Couple of Norway participate in a visit to Oslo Science City, where the focus will be on research into microchips, the potential of quantum technology and the cooperation between Norway and Denmark on the green transition. The visit begins with a tour of the laboratory MiNaLab, after which the King and Queen and the Crown Prince couple attend the closing seminar and the signing of a cooperation agreement on quantum technology between the University of Oslo and the Niels Bohr Institute.


During the visit, the royal couple will be accompanied by the Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Digitization and Equality.


Gala dinner at the Royal Palace
8:00 pm
The Regent Couple participate in a gala dinner at the Royal Palace hosted by the Regent Couple of Norway.

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The earrings are a lovely touch.  They were gifted to her by QMII plus they perfectly represent the Norwegian flag.  She's worn them but I believe it has been quite a while since she has.  

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