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Mary's Patronages - Part 1


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I noticed today that CIFF is no longer listed as one of Mary's patronages on their official website (Designers Nest still is)

Mary's Patronages

Just a mistake or is that patronage really over?

CIFF is back on the Danish section of the website now! So her patronage continues! :SmilieHappy:

I didn't really expect them to cut their work - weather is it CIFF or Mary herself. She loves fashion (as many woman do) and is proud to be patron of such a patronage to create attention for fashion in Denmark (she told some journalists in the beginning of her patronage for CIFF, we have it here on the board but I cannot find it yet, maybe some of the older members know where to search....... :rose: !!!!! And CIFF..............without any words.........IMHO they couldn't and won't find a better promoter for them as Mary......I cannot imaging f.e. Marie (sorry Muhler :hug2: ) to do this patronage instead of Mary and so successfully as Mary...........Marie is of course a beautiful lady but IMHO not as stunning, elegant and stylish as Mary (so please do not shoot me - it is just my very own opinion and I did not want to offend someone who (perhaps) appreciate Marie more :rose:!!!!).


This topic has now closed. Please continue to post about Mary's Patronages in Part 2 located here. :smilie_flagge14:

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