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Mary's Patronages - Part 1


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During the period from May to November 2004, thousands of applications for the patronage of the new Crown Princess were received. Danish newspapers reported in September that the Court Office had been besieged by applications from societies, clubs and public institutions all seeking the Crown Princess as protector. All applications were assessed and considered. The successful organizations were announced in late 2004 and early 2005

I though I'd start this on after seeing that some posters on another message board are getting very negative about Mary not having taken on any charities officially yet.

I notice in Vogue article that she says thet she would like to thoroughly research them first. I agree with this but obviously there are a few that don't.

I wish to put forward some background information that may not be known outside Australia(or even forgotten within). In the 80's and 90's Australia had a number of charity scandals involving the disappearance and misappropriation of funds from large, well established and registered charities. This sort of thing could cause great embaressment to the royal family if they are seen putting their name or Mary's to a charity that rips off donors and recipients. I can remember this as one of our local charities "Jesus People" was the recipient of our School Fun Run money until the minister took all the money.

Looking at the very negative comments coming from Royal Blue I have to ask. Would these people understand if Mary rushed in and took on a charity that unbeknown was "cooking the books". I DOUBT IT

Mary has to face a few issue:

The very large international and very reputable charities are well covered by family members

She needs to thoroughly analyze the financial and public standing of the charities when all documentation will be in Danish. She may be able to read it but it wil be SLOW

It will take a while to delve through the charities to find ones she is interested in.

Mary obviously has shown interest in issues. Her appearance at the breast cancer launch shows this. Obviously this is already covered by Alex so she can't really take it on. I have seen mention on Australian Media that she put her name to BeyondBlue the Australian government sponsored charity for clinical depression www.beyondblue.com.au

I cant see any mention at the site but it could have been unofficial. It is much easier for her to take on an Australian charity; the accreditation process would be much more transparent to her and this site has received recognition from many well known names including the ex-premier of Victoria.

Hope this isn't too long-winded.

Please put forward charity ideas for Mary that other family members aren't already covering. There's got to be some way we can make Mary's day easier.

Hotdog <au> F)

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Thank you so much for giving some balanceand perspective to this question. I never thought less of Mary for not announcing a list of charities to take on. I also did not know about the scandals in Australia. Let me tell you about one that took place here in my home city, New York.

We had a charity called Hale House that many high profile folks gave large sums of money to. Last year, I believe it was, the daughter of the founder stood trial for all sorts of financial misdeeds. It was especially sad because there was a real fear that this isstitution would close, hurting the people ho needed it most, the children of Harlem. Since then, things have been corrected and the program is going forward.

The celebrities who gave were angry and embarrassed to have their names associated with a charity that had such a scandal.

Mary does have to be careful. I seem to recall that, Per Thornit may have said something along those lines, but cannot remember when that was.



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Thanks BrooklynGirl

I was a little unsure in starting this post that it would be positive. So much of the commentry on RB and Royal Forums on this isn't. I can understand the anger of the people of Harlem. PEOPLE DO REMEMBER

Expanding AGAIN:

There appears to be a lot of criticism that she isn't doing as much work as the Spanish Crown Princess. I find this very unfair as Mary is dealing with a much smaller country, in a new language and not having come from a journalistic background.

Leticia (spelling?) probably knows more about dodgy charities in Spain than the entire rest of the country. She has had privilaged information for many years that journalists can't put to print. Mary can't rely on having local knowledge she must rely on palace advisers and the Royal Family only.


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I totally understand your frustration ....

If one listens to Mary's comments in the doco, and the Vogue interview, it is crystal clear she intends to make any charities to which she is connected her life's work. She isn't interested in just being a figurehead, but to really make a difference - that's what she said.

When you consider the deliberate, careful and thoughtful manner in which she moved into Danish society, public life and the DRF, it should come as no surprise she is being just as deliberate in choosing her charities.

Some of the charities that would suit the CPss have already been taken up by P. Alexandra. Whether or not Alexandra will continue in all of these charities after the divorce remains to be seen. For when she no longer has the official imprimatur of the RF, the charities themselves lose their royal connection. So, who knows?

Princess Benedikte has the equine associated organizations covered, which are obvious choices for Mary as well. And, I think PAlex. has animal welfare in her column, which is a natural choice for Mary, too.

CP Mary has said she is interested in mental health issues and more than likely she will be associated with something in this area. In addition, she is still getting comfortable with Danish society and issues unique to it. It is reasonable to think she will take on a charity when she feels she understands the part it plays in Danish life.

There will be an annoucement in due time and the charity that gets Mary as its' protector will, no doubt, be delighted and honored with someone who has said she will dedicate herself wholeheartedly to it.

So, don't let the other message boards get you steamed. Just think how annoyed they get when Mary and Frederik keep winning the popularity polls. :clap:



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Hotdog & Leonie:

I truly appreciate the expansion and balance on this issue.

How is it, tha,t nobody has taken the time to recognize the royal visits and other activities that Mary has taken part in. Moreover, I well remember her big, generous heart, when over the summer, she took an old disoriented woman back to her rest home. Still, we know why folks write what they do. Sad business.

It is early days to see, what Mary will do. I am certain that she will not disappoint.

Just one more though, en passant: I understand that Mary has become friends with C.P. Victoria ( My other favorite she is so cool) who is a work horse. I am certain she is getting a lot of input from the right people. In the end, that is all that matters.

"BG" :clap:

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I think the palace PR department is twigging to the good publicity the "helping the old lady across the road" and the "old man in the fountain" episodes have generated (or the marketing princess herself, Mary). There seems to be quite a few openings of centres aimed at the elderly as well as health care related trips. Will Mary be the darling of the blue rinse set? :rolleyes:

It seems to me that she will be sponsoring in the health, aged care and mental health areas.


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I think the palace PR department is twigging to the good publicity the "helping the old lady across the road" and the "old man in the fountain" episodes have generated (or the marketing princess herself, Mary). There seems to be quite a few openings of centres aimed at the elderly as well as health care related trips. Will Mary be the darling of the blue rinse set? :rolleyes:

It seems to me that she will be sponsoring in the health, aged care and mental health areas.



I think you are right on the money about that. I can see here doing really good work on behalf of senior citizens.

"BG" ;)

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Hi All

I agree with other posters - there seems to be a number of functions that are leading Mary into a number of directions with her future sponsorships etc. Considering her closeness with her family and grandmother and her mothers illness, I would be surprised if she doesn't have some links to healthcare and mental health in the near future (the grief she has experienced with her mother's death was so difficult).

I think the palace has 'eased' her into her role so well - building her confidence etc. This must also be helping Mary with learning about Denmark and the language. Something other CPs like Letizia doesn't have to be concerned about - 'learning' their new country.



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Mary wants to take time to choose the organizations with which she wants to really work. It holds to listen to its heart and to go towards associations in which it can really bring its knowledge, its attention.

It will be able to choose very well without really reflecting and right to be satisfied to appear in the demonstrations to be made see and be made publicity.

Mary prefere to choose carefully and also to listen advise them other members of the royal family who can help it to choose

Let us leave him to it time to make its choices and I am sure that it will make the goods. Lastly, let us not compare Letizia and Mary, it is not important to know which takes part more in offcicielles demonstrations. Letizia for the moment accompanied her husband much and fact few demonstrations solo since its marriage. what is not the case of Mary

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Hi all,

I've been away for the last few days so I don't know if this has been announced somewhere and I've just missed it but I thought it was worth it's own topic anyway!

Crown Princess Mary has announced which charities she will be patron for:

Danish Association for Mental Health

The Christmas Seal Foundation

The Danish Mental Health Fund

This can all be found at a new section in the HRH The Crown Prince website along with a new photo of Mary :lol:

There was a tiny article on Mary's choice in a Canberra paper a few days ago which I read when I was there visiting relatives but I can't find it online yet - I'll keep trying.

It's very exciting, mental health has in the past been a much neglected area and I think it's great that she's offering her support!!!


Edit: Apologies everyone I've now found all this information scattered elsewhere throughout the forum but it still might be nice to have it all located here... administrators feel free to delete or do what ever you like cheers syd

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Edited: I first praised Alisa, who corrected me below. It is news this afternoon!

:clap: Larzen, nice found of the new addition to Crown Princess Mary's patronages published today! The link to her 4. patronage Copenhagen International Fashion Fair was provided by Chickaree in the board's old topic

Mary at Copenhagen Internat'l Fashion Fair, 5 august 2004

The CIFF site now tells about Copenhagen fashion days 10. - 13. february 2005

Additional info: Perhaps you didn't know that the fashion industry is Denmark's 4. biggest export industry!

This older info has indeed become true!

More patronages of Crown Princess Mary will be announced in 2005

on the page syd linked, so OK, why not have a special topic in her forum for it.   :D

Her 3 first patronages were published on 21.december 2004   :D

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Sorry :D OK :clap: now I have corrected my error <_< above. I wonder how I could write that, I read Larzen's RB post and checked it out here that Larzen had posted here 6 minutes before there. Nice that Larzen found it! They do work late at the palace, even on a friday, it seems? Wonder if F&M have "posting" access?

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BT has an article about Her Royal Highness' 4. patronage CIFF and tells of

2 more patronages not yet published on F&M's website!

5. Hjerteforeningen - From Prins Henrik, an official take over ceremony will take place later this month before Crown Princess Mary starts her work for the heart disease association. Press release

Kronprinsesse Mary ny protektor for Hjerteforeningen

H.K.H. Prinsen overdrager sit hverv som protektor

for Hjerteforeningen til H.K.H Kronprinsessen

Hjertesagen optager særligt den danske kronprinsesse, da hendes mor, Henrietta Clark Donaldson, døde i 1997 efter en hjerteoperation.

- Vi glæder os meget over, at Kronprinsessen har sagt ja til at blive protektor for Hjerteforeningen og ser frem til et spændende samarbejde, siger Hjerteforeningens direktør Susanne Volqvartz.

Prinsen har gennem årene deltaget aktivt i mange af Hjerteforeningens arrangementer. Sidste år var han det festlige midtpunkt i lanceringen af en række udvalgte opskrifter fra kogebogen: "Ikke altid gåselever” i en særlig hjertevenlig udgave. ”Prinsens lette livretter” gjorde de lette måltider kongelige og understregede Prinsens interesse for de gode råvarer og den sunde mad.

Prinsen har været Hjerteforeningens protektor siden 2001.

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen vil begynde sit arbejde som Hjerteforeningens protektor efter den officielle overdragelse af hvervet senere på måneden.

Samme dag udkommer nyhedsbrevet HjerteLiv med et ekstra nyhedsbrev om H.K.H. Kronprinsessens besøg i Hjerteforeningen.


6. Hjerneskadeforeningen - an association for brain injured persons - Pressrelease:


Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary

protektor for Hjerneskadeforeningen.

Det er med stor glæde, vi hermed kan informere om, at Hendes Kongelige Højhed, Kronprinsesse Mary har påtaget sig hvervet som protektor for Hjerneskadeforeningen.

Mange hjerneskaderamte oplever i forbindelse med deres skade manglende ligeværdighed og manglende muligheder for at genskabe tabte kompetencer i det omgivende samfund.

Vi ser derfor frem til, at dette forhold ændres fremover i forbindelse med den bevågenhed Hendes Kongelige Højhed, Kronprinsesse Mary nu udviser for de hjerneskaderamtes sag.

For yderligere information kan Hjerneskadeforeningen´s direktør Svend-Erik Andreasen kontaktes på  tlf. 4343 2433.

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OK Kate ^thumbsup^

Ritzau article about the latest additions to Crown Princess Mary's by now 6 patronages (it appears in most danish media)

Nye protektorater til Mary

Kronprinsesse Mary har føjet flere protektorater til sit cv, og det ene har hun overtaget efter sin svigerfar.

Prins Henrik har siden 2001 været protektor for Hjerteforeningen, men dette protektorat overtager kronprinsessen nu samtidig med, at hun blandt andet har sagt ja til at være protektor for Hjerneskadeforeningen.

Kronprinsesse Mary er optaget af sundhed, sygdom og børns trivsel og er i forvejen protektor for Julemærkefonden, der bl.a. hjælper overvægtige børn, Psykiatrifonden, der arbejder for at udbrede viden om psykiske sygdomme og Landsforeningen Sind, der arbejder for at støtte psykisk syge og deres pårørende.

Ud over de nævnte protektorater har kronprinsessen også sagt ja til at være protektor for modemessen Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.


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