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Queen Margrethe's New Year's addresses

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BT has a gallery of photos from the Queen's past new year's eve speeches


Thankyou very much for posting this link gudinde!!

It is always interesting to see such a historic speech in images and from looking through the photos I have made some observations:

HM the Queen wore the same outfit in 1985 and 2000

Her hairstyles are very similar throughout the years

From 1991-2003 she has the same red glasses holder on her desk

The two crescent shaped items are on her desk from 1978 onwards

A turtle ornament was first seen in 1976 and next seen on the desk in 2008

IMO, HM the Queen looks more radiant and 'streamlined' in the 2000s than in any other year. Her happiness and contentment seem to shine most brightly (to me at least) in the last decade, which is wonderful to see :lol::P

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The two crescent shaped items are on her desk from 1978 onwards

Is it the two white things, you are refering to? On the photo posted by Tamriko, you can see one of them at the left front.

If it is them, then they are art from Greenland. I can´t remember the material, but I think it is narwhal :SmilieHappy:

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The Queen and Prince Henrik have arrived back in Copenhagen by train according to B.T. and assume she has returned to Amalienborg to polish her New Year speech as she usually does. There had been train delays and passengers arriving from Norway were surprised to see QM. Passengers called out New Year wishes to her as she made her way through the crowds.

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:) That's a nice verbal image, of the people calling greetings to their Queen who happens to be passing by.

The Queen's New Year's (Eve) speech can be seen at this link - live and afterwards:

correstion: http://www.dr.dk/nu/live#/DR1

While waiting, if you click on some of the other links for Aftenshowet Kongehuset 2010, there is footage available from the Danish Royal Family's year.

Happy New year to all our Members!

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A few details from DR's summary of the speech, which will be available in full.

In her New Year speech Queen Margrethe warned that the economic crisis is likely to be replaced by an attitude and value crisis. The Queen refered to other crises and difficult times which Denmark has undured over the years. But we got through them together - and all were involved.

- However, in recent years there are indications that we have become more selfish, that we have been prone to first and foremost to call in and make sure that we each get what we feel entitled to. Are we becoming distrustful of each other and give each other less benign motives? asked Queen Margrethe.

In this case it is not only an economic crisis we find ourselves. So it is our attitudes that are moving.

- It is a crisis that comes creeping, and can poison our relationships with each other. So we are putting something at risk which may be irreparable.

- The crisis, so to speak, can be measured and weighed, as one can quantify and graph curves are not nearly as serious as if it is our values and attitudes that falter. The economic crisis we now face, we'll find out on the short or long term. But we need to come out of it with decency intact and without putting the community at risk," said Queen Margrethe.

The society is ourselves

Since the Queen in 1972 for the first time took her glasses off and said "God bless Denmark", her New Year talk indeed - according to historians - slowly got a more conservative stamp, where the value of maintaining the existing was highlighted.

This year the Queen invited the Danes to remember that although we no longer live in "small villages" to recall our responsibility for each other:

- Today it is left for the society to cope with many of the obligations that were once everyone's job. Often it goes so far that we overlook, or completely forget the fact that the society is really ourselves, and that it does not work if we do not each make an effort and feel a commitment to both our immediate circle, and for those we do not encounter on a daily basis. We should also remember that no one can fend for themselves alone. Therefore, we must also beware of the society which we know as a safe setting for personal development, and having eyes and ears and hearts open to our fellow men, the Queen said, among other things in his speech.

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I'm watching the palace opposite too, mls. Looking carefully to see if the Crown Princely Couple's car comes rushing out from the opposite side of Amalienborg Square on it's way to the hospital. :happy2:

What if they have managed to sneak in at the hospital and out again with the twins without anyone noticing... :happy2:

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It was on DR, after the speech Caity. The media commentators were down in Amalienborg Square outside the palace interviewing some relevant people. It was difficult to see F&M's palace across the square. MLS has sharper eyes than mine. My imagination was getting the better of me ;) .

A very Happy New Year to you too.

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Queen Margrethe's full speech is here:


web translation


- The speech is transmitted directly at the stroke of 6:00pm from the Queen's study at Christian IX's Palace at Amalienborg.

- The draft speech comes from the Prime Minister's office. The Queen talks through the contents of the draft with her Cabinet secretaries and supplements it with one or more themes. When the speech is complete, it is sent to the Prime Minister to read.

- The tradition of the New Year speech goes back to the beginning of the German occupation during WWII, to 1 January 1941. At that time the queen's grandfather, King Christian X, held the first broadcast speech.

- In 1958 the Queen's father, King Frederik IX delivered the first televised New Year speech.

- About 75% of the Danish population listens to the Queen's New Year speech.

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