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Translation of interview in BT, 2009-09-13.

Her er mit livs project – Here is the project of my life.

Interviewed by Marianne Singer.

She has sat face to face with women afflicted by violence, visited children in Greenlandic orphanages and held speeches for experts and professionals.

The Crown Princess has for the past two years with a lot of energy thrown herself into the struggle against bullying and she has tried to help families and youths affected by violence with among other things economic aid-programmes, information campaigns and conferences via the Mary Foundation.

Already while studying in Australia she started to get interested in the subjects and today she has a burning wish that her work will become a life-long project, which will also continue after her death.

BT has had the opportunity to ask the Crown Princess a number of questions regarding her subject that is close to her heart.

Q: What does it mean to you that the Mary Foundation is your very own project?

- “The Mary Foundation has provided me with a platform to work from – an opportunity to follow me heart in the work for and with the socially exposed groups and people in the Danish society.

It’s an exciting work. And it gives me a great satisfaction to be so involved in the areas of focus and projects, we have chosen to work with”.

Q: How much of your time are you using on your work in the Foundation?

- “As working chairman of the board I am very involved in what is going on in the Mary Foundation. It has from day one, been an exciting process, which it is still easy to spend a lot of time on. When that is said, there are many really good and competent resources present in the Mary Foundation, who all do a unique work”.

Q: How much does it affect you to have met socially exposed people so close up?

- “You can learn a lot by reading and listening. But the word that has been read or heard only becomes reality the moment you yourself face a person who has been through the situation and who can put words and images on that. That’s why it’s important for both me and the Mary Foundation, that we are in direct contact with the people we wish to help, because their experience and history is a part in increasing my knowledge of their situation – and thus the Mary Foundations ability to go in, where we believe, we can make a difference. Also from a purely human perspective I benefit from these meetings.

I still learn a lot about courage and willpower. And I learn about how important a community/togetherness is. And how much a good start and a new chance mean to us people. There are meetings that a remains with me for a long time and which suddenly pops up later in a completely different context, which I remember and draw on as a part of my experience and knowledge. (*)

The meeting with socially exposed people confirms for me that what we want to do is so important: Can we help just one child to understand that there is another way that bullying, we will have made a difference. And can we help just one fellow human being to take the bold step out of domestic violence, we will have come far”.

Q: Is it true that you have previously written a treatise about domestic violence while you were studying?

- “It’s true that I while studying wrote an analasys about a defence used in USA, which is known as “The Battered Wives Syndrome”, (**) and which was about how legitimate that defence was and what the possibilities were for reducing sentences.

It’s long ago so it’s difficult to remember in details. But what I remember most clearly is how violent the spiral of violence is, in which women afflicted by domestic violence is in – and how hard it affect the reactional and behavioural pattern of the women. (***) My personal knowledge of bullying and domestic violence, primarily stems from my work as chairman of the Mary Foundation – and from the knowledge I have gained via my patronages in Denmark and abroad”.

Q: Your foundation has for the past two years developed rapidly. Are you proud of what you have so far accomplished?

- “We have only just started. But I think we have come far. I’m very pleased and proud of what the Mary Foundation is today. We have made a difference, because the issues we have touched have been seen and has created a debate.

That is some of the essential: That we have accomplished to shed light on some problematic issues – and to put focus on people in dire straits. But what makes me the most glad and proud is to get positive feedback from those we have wished to help”.

Q: What dreams and goals do you have for the Foundation in the future?

- “My greatest wish for the Mary Foundation is that it will be a part in making an even bigger difference for people who are socially isolated and who needs the tolerance, understanding and openness of others. And as such I hope the Mary Foundation will always be an important part of my life and that it will hopefully live longer than I.

So that it can be of benefit of really many people for very many years”.

Q: Have you addressed the issue of bullying with your son, Prince Christian?

- “As a mother I am naturally very preoccupied with bullying. I cannot bear the thought that my children will be exposed to bullying (****) or bully them selves. We all have a responsibility – both as parents, teachers and pedagogues – to teach our children basic values about how to associate one another and how to build up communities. That is something, we are very attentive about in the bringing up of our children”.

Q: You have a commercial background in advertising and marketing. How can you use these experiences in your work?

- “The Mary Foundation is a big and exciting part of my day to day and work life and I try to contribute in all aspects – at work – and in board meetings and in connection with the exchange of experiences from my travels and work with my patronages – where I believe it has relevans and can create something valuable.

It’s completely natural that you use your background and all the things you have learned along the way in your life to contribute where you can. I’m very fortunate that my background in advertising provides me with an opportunity to contribute within both the strategic and marketing analytic and also within the visionary and creative fields. Just as natural is it that I draw on meetings I’ve had with interesting people and issues, when we are discussing prospects for the future and upcoming initiatives. So both my background and my work is of benefit to me in my position as chairman for the Mary Foundation”. (*****)

- Apart from her involvement in an issue that is very commendable, I’m very impressed with her mastery of Danish. She is very articulated and she speaks a beautiful Danish, with a very varied choice of words. Her meaning comes across very clearly, which of course is a great help when translating. – Remembering that she has spend less than ten years immersed in a language, which is still quite different from English.

(*) Flashbacks of faces and sentences? I know them so well.

(**) Perhaps someone can elaborate?

(***) The concept of women having their self esteem abused out of them? And/or the concept of such women finding a new partner who is also abusive?

(***) Yes, but they don’t say it, if they are being bullied, which is why it is so important that we parents are vigilant.

(*****) Including the old trick of keep repeating something, you want people to remember. In this case the name of the Mary Foundation.

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Thank you Muhler for that translation....

I really believe (know) that CPss Mary is a very intelligent woman, also having a high EQ. She really seems to understand that her position can influence so many aspects of life for others in Denmark, who find themselves less priviliged than herself.

I see her as someone who creates avenues now for topics that have also been taboo, and in many places in the world remain taboo... She should be extremely highly recognised for this!

Although we would all like to see her out and about daily, I realise now that her day-to-day work will most often be for the Mary Fonden and this will most times be behind closed doors. I believe she is a very busy person, and commend her for this dedication to just wonderful causes!!!

Yes, I hope the work will continue after her, but hope that is a VERY long time from now...

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From www.knr.gl

Mary is behind a new book on violence

Google translated with a little adjusting

Mary Foundation is publishing Greenlandic book about domestic violence - from children's view.

Crown Princess Mary and her foundation is now publishing Greenlandic children's book about domestic violence.

The book is one of the first to describe the violence as seen from the child's viewpoint, and has been done in collaboration with Greenlandic writers and illustrators.

The book is called Soorlu Ilumoortoq - True Fantasy Stories - and has been distributed to women's shelters, orphanages and schools around Greenland.

- In the Mary Foundation, we are working for, that children and adults treat one another properly. Therefore we have got the idea for this book. To tell that no children should be left alone with their problems - and to tell that it is never okay if Mom and Dad hits each other or hit their children, Crown Princess Mary writes in the foreword to the book.

The creative Greenlandic forces behind the book is visual artist Julie Edel Hardenberg, illustrators and Niels Christian Rex Motzfeldt and graphic designer Jette Brandt while the text is authored by psychologist Conni Gregersen in collaboration with the educator and teacher Naussúnnguaq Lyberth and Amalie Lynge Pedersen.

... and a press release from the Mary Foundation

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From www.knr.gl

Mary is behind a new book on violence

Google translated with a little adjusting

Mary Foundation is publishing Greenlandic book about domestic violence - from children's view.

Thank you very much commoner!

I hope this book will be a great success. This is a very important message.

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That's an odd response in the article. A critique of Mary's president's report as if it was a speech. It's not a speech to the public, but a written newsletter, mainly intended for the people with serious interest in the progress of Foundation, including donors and government ministers. So concise business language and the use of data is appropriate, surely.

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Agree gudinde, I found it bizarre. I suppose Berlingske Tidende were looking for an angle, but it isn't their usual style.

Mary herself writes at the beginning of the newsletter: "News from Mary Fonden [has been] written in turns by our director, by our project manager and by me - and [also] other relevant people."

Anyway, here is the Danish original pdf : Nyt fra Mary Fonden

and here is a GramTrans translation (such as it is):

Dear Everybody

I have looked forward correctly much to being able to present the first News from Mary Fonden here on our homepage.

Mary Fonden has been in a strong development since our establishment in 2007.

We work hard and engaged on preventing and setting right social isolation.

Why have we chosen to write News from Mary Fonden?

Because we here would like to give a deeper insight in our daily work behind the scenes - and in our thoughts about our effort for them socially postponed;

report what Mary Fonden bargains over, and what Mary Fonden does in order to help they socially postponed in Denmark.

News from Mary Fonden are written in turns of our director, by our project manager and by me - and maybe of other relevant people.

It may be everything from that parts an insight, we just got at one of our effort areas, to tell about new results, to describe a few hectic days up to an event or to a thought-provoking or funny experience and to reflections on the year that left.

I will start with the last;

my thoughts and reflections on the year that has left.

In my work as chairman of the board of Mary Fonden I experience many personal and professional highlights.

And I learn part new all the time - also of the way we work on.

Mary Fonden is a different fund that oneself identifies, develop and carry out one's projects - in close cooperation with our experts and partners.

We have together created effective projects and strong social partnerships within our two effort areas "Bullying and Well-being" and "Violence in Hjemmet".

Mary Fonden matters a lot for me.

That we in 3 years - together with other strong strength -

have been able to make a concrete difference for the people we'd like to help, give me further motivation.

Both to spread out our daily work with the projects, but also for our long-term work in order to break taboos - and for create understanding of the very difficult and complex situations, that socially postponed, stand in or on the opposite side.

Under our first effort area "Bullying and Well-being" are our concrete tools to prevent bullying now reached out to 343 schools and 963 kindergartens.

That means that more than 75,000 Danish children have been or have been involved in "Free For Mobberi" the programme that has had OAK Foundation as financial partner in 2009 and 2010, and in 2011 and 2012 sheep on June 15th Fonden as a new financial partner.

On a year the number of involved children has risen with about 50 %.

It's a good result.

And the programme's relevance and importance are very clear.

Researchers from Roskilde University have documented that the use of "Free for Mobberi" makes a positive difference:

The children have become markedly better to tackle teasings and bullying at the schools and institutions where we intensively work with "Free for Mobberi".

For the third year Mary Fonden held together with The Save the Children Fund "Free for Mobberi" the children's-dispatch rider in Århus and Copenhagen.

This year I participated in "Free for Mobberi" the children's-dispatch rider in Århus.

The rain poured down from start in the end, but 370 tenacious and tense children had defied the rain and were together their parents presented to run the dispatch rider and at the same time mark the fight against bullying.

News from Mary Fonden December 2010

When I participate in "Free for Mobberi" the children's-dispatch rider, there always are children that come over and tell me their history.

They tell me that it is great fun to work with "Free for Mobberi", and that they have become better to listen to each other, be careful with each other and to be good friends.

And the parents come spontaneously towards me and express great enthusiasm for "Free for Mobberi" - and for what the programme means for their children's development and daily experiences in the kindergarten or at school.

In Mary Fonden we also are in full swing with establishing "Free for Mobberi" in Greenland.

Many will maybe ask:

Why focus on the prevention of bullying in Greenland, when there are so many other basic challenges to solve in Greenland?

When we work together with the Greenlandic players, it has always been our tanks to start from the Greenlanders' own needs and wishes.

A report on children's well-being in Greenland has shown that each 3. child in Greenland has well-being problems.

And bullying is a basic problem in Greenland.

Therefore the Greenlandic players have concrete tools in demandly to fight bullying.

And "Free for Mobberi" is a very suitable tool in the fight for better well-being and safety in Greenlandic kindergartens and schools.

That the project gets it greatest possible effect for the Greenlandic children, we have a lot of focus on, "Set free for Mobberi" Greenland's own culture, language and institution- and school structure is adjusted.

Our director Birgitte Hagemann Snabe and our project manager Helle Østergaard were together with The Save the Children Fund in Greenland in week 36 in order to visit some of the test institutions that are in in the pilot phase.

Heating in rainy weather with tense runners to "Free for Mobberi" Børnestafetten 2010 in Århus Happy children in front of Anna Wulffs Børnehave that uses "Free for Mobberi" School children from the settlement Saqqaq, test, like one out of 8 institutions in Greenland, "Kammagiitta - Free for Mobberi"

Our director and project manager misworded me with enthusiasm about the great backing, about the positive meeting with the children - and about the many deep and touching impressions.

I hope to and see until seeing the project give out the same heat, please and use in Greenland who in Denmark, so that "Free for Mobberi" can also benefit the Greenlandic children.

Our other effort area "Violence in Hjemmet" also is in a very positive development.

One of our projects within "Violence in Hjemmet" is "Council to Live", who financially offers, legal and social counselling to battered and exposed women.

The project has the page 2009 had Nykredit and the Society Østifterne like financial partners, and the cooperation has been extended until and including 2012.

"Council to Live" has turned up to be a pioneering and striking cooperation.

Studies of the project since August 2010 have shown that the women experience much greater well-being and better mood and thus more surplus to tackle very difficult private situations.

More than half of the women who just got help from "Council to Life", experience that they better can understand their economy.

Till now almost 600 women just got help from "Council to Life".

And it isn't only the exposed women, who profit from the project.

The feedbacks from our partners Nykredit and Mødrehjælpen are that "Advice to Life" also creates greater co-zest and professional development among the project's lawyers, social advisors and economical mentors.

With so good results we had to question us:

How can we still reach more exposed and battered women?

In October we therefore launched the enlargement of "Council to Life" to the country's crisis centres in collaboration with Nykredit and LOKK (the nationwide organisation of Kvindekrisecentre) and voluntary, local lawyer's offices.

Crisis centres in among other things Elsinore and Århus can offer as the first "Advice to Life".

The scaling of "Council to Life" thus happens through 2 channels:

Parallel with the enlargement of "Council to Life" at crisis centres continue the existing offer at Mødrehjælpen in Copenhagen.

On the occasion of the launching of "Council to Life" to the country's crisis centres I talked at Århus Kvindekrisecenter with women, who just got counselling from "Advice to Life".

The women I do not forget.

Strong and brave women, who hard fight to create a good life for them and their children.

Our other project under the effort area "Violence in Hjemmet";

"Backpacks to children at crisis centres", in collaboration with LEGO and LOKK, still have great importance.

The backpack is a small step on the road.

It's a marking - and at the same time a symbolic gesture - in relation to the exposed children about what we hope can become a crucial turning point in their life:

From now on they are seen, heard and acknowledged.

In all there have till now been distributed 7500 backpacks to children at crisis centres in Denmark, in Greenland and in the Faroe Islands.

On a basis of the good results Lego has

The fund as a financial partner made up one's mind to extend the cooperation until and including 2013.

Arrival for the launching of "Council to Life" at the country's crisis centres, October 2010 in Århus.

Nykredit's concern boss Peter Engberg Jensen and Mary Fonden's director Birgitte Hagemann Snabe accept.

That has great value for me to talk with the women at the crisis centres and hear their own stories Mødet with happy children and strong women at Århus Krisecenter much did impressions

An engaged, retired LEGO employee from the packing of backpacks at LEGO in March 2010 Front page of the children's book "Soorlu ilumoortoq - Real imagination stories" In May published we a Greenlandic-Danish children's book "Soorlu ilumoortoq - Real imagination stories" about violence in the home.

The book describes violence as one of them first in the home in Greenland, seen with the children's eyes.

The book with the strong theme has come about in a cooperation between Greenlandic experts, authors and illustrators and contains stories about children's experiences with failure and violence in the home.

The book has been published to women's crisis centres, children's homes and schools in Greenland as well as to women's crisis centres in Denmark.

The positive feedbacks and measurings of our projects confirm us in that we are on our way right.

And we do us trouble.

I am very interested in how we work.

How can we - of and with respect for them socially exposed - reach as many as possible, in the best possible way?

When we created our work-platform and decided to take the catalyst role, we didn't think about that we were active with cupboards something new within a social entrepeneurship.

We thought only about creating a model, who could help they socially postponed in the best possible way.

When professor Thigh's Hulgaard invited us to a conference in Roskilde University in January about a social entrepeneurship because of our creative working method, we therefore became a little surprised and a little proud.

My main message in my opening speech was and is:

We have to professionalize the good intentions.

Like further elements in the professionalization we always and on priceless help from experts work.

In close interplay and sparring with our valuable expert panels consisting of professionals, researchers, organizations and other qualified people, who work on social problems ordinarily in practice, we tailor our project work.

The expert panels contribute for instance with the latest professional knowledge and newest research - and participate in all the time testing and developing ideas for Mary Fonden's work further.

Roskilde University's management accepts on the Entrepreneur day in January 2010 Medal to a grand runner in "Free for Mobberi" the children's-dispatch rider in Århus on May 30th 2010 Mary Fonden's "young Think tank" has since the establishment in June 2009 given us valuable knowledge in our strategic work with finding new effort areas and possible solution models.

The meaning of Mary Fondens Unge Tænketank is to question the true experts in the field, namely the young people even though, what takes up them.

And Mary Fondens

Young Think tank gives us a systematized and structured insight in how the young people really are against the background of different problems.

Our latest analysis from November has shown that far too many young giants with loneliness and turns it in.

And, many of the young people, we have questioned, experience that their loneliness is due to the fact that they aren't suitable for something.

That many of the young people think their loneliness is self-inflicted, worry me.

Why do so many young people have it so bad?

And how do we solve the problem?

That and many other questions about being socially isolated, doesn't have we unfortunately the answers to.

But it's important that we is searching and try to find possible answers - and possible solutions.

In our work we search for the answers in many places;

and I always give priority to meet and talk with as many as possible of the people it all is about.

Both happy children and parents to relay race and strong battered women with their children at crisis centre.

That gives me not only professionally inspiration, but also personal food for thought.

Far too many people fight against social isolation and the feeling of being outside.

And luckily there are so many people, who would like to help.

But they do not know maybe entirely how they can help.

Mary Fonden's presidium-meeting September 2010

As a chairman of Mary Fonden I will do everything, what I can - together with our co-founders, the board, secretariat and our experts and partners - in order to manage to create a greater understanding and tolerance for disparity.

To create and make opportunities safe for the future that the ones, that would like to help, can reach the ones, that need help.

Without our co-founders, experts and partners we weren't reached here, where we are today.

I'd like to thank everybody that contribute to Mary Fonden's work in each their way.

And I'd like to not least thank the, postponed, who step forward, put on face and tell their history.

Thus we better can understand the difficult situations, they are in.

Right now I am very busy with new and happy circumstances in my family, and therefore the priority for my focus will of course be different for some time to come.

Lately I and Mary Fonden's secretariat have therefore concentrated our energy about planning Mary Fonden's continued positive development.

Soon a lot of Christmas with their family and friends will celebrate.

It's a time to wish.

One time to give.

And one time to hope.

I hope that all of us can find a moment to - either in tanks, words or action - sending and showing heat to the ones, that are without community and that feels very only.

You that stand outside and look in.

No human being has to feel invisible.

Because everybody has the right to belong.

Happy Christmas and good New Year.

H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary Formand for Mary Fonden

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From Website of Mary Fonden


4. marts 2011

Undervisningsministeren ser skolebørn arbejde med ”Fri for Mobberi”

Fredag den 4. marts 2011 besøgte undervisningsminister Tina Nedergaard Randersgade Skole i København sammen med Red Barnet og Mary Fonden.

På Randersgade Skole oplevede undervisningsministeren, hvordan børn og voksne i 0.-klasse arbejder engageret med de pædagogiske redskaber fra den såkaldte ”Fri for Mobberi”-kuffert. Hun så bl.a., hvordan samtaletavler og rollespil bliver brugt i undervisningen til at skabe positive børnefællesskaber, der bygger på værdierne respekt, omsorg, tolerance og mod.

”Det er som altid en fornøjelse at se glade og motiverede børn arbejde med ”Fri for Mobberi”-redskaberne. Det var positivt at møde undervisningsministeren, og vi er stolte af, at der endnu engang er sat fokus på, hvor vigtigt det er at lære vores børn gode værdier”, fortæller projektchef Helle Østergaard, Mary Fonden.

Randersgade Skole på Østerbro i København arbejder med ”Fri for Mobberi” som en del af deres internationale profil med udgangspunkt i nøgleordene tolerance, demokrati og medborgerskab. Skolen ser trivsel som en forudsætning for al læring.

I dag brugere mere end 900 børnehaver og 350 skoler de pædagogiske redskaber i ”Fri for Mobberi”.

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"1000 børnehaver forebygger nu mobning med "Fri for Mobberi"


The kindergarten Gnisten in Orte, is the 1000th kindergarten in Denmark to join the Mary Foundation and Save the Children project "Free of Bullying". A total of 1000 kindergartens, 340 schools, 79,000 children are now involved in "Free of Bullying". 3000 adults have attended courses.


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I think the article is so interesting to try an automatical translation

Children Targeted efforts to prevent bullying works, according to new analysis by Mary Foundation and Save the Children "Free of Bullying". Children are more caring and helpful when working with good kids focused communities.

The analysis was conducted by McKinsey and Wilke, who has interviewed randomly selected kindergartens and schools throughout the country.

"It's very encouraging to see that the analysis reveals a marked effect on the main purpose of" Free of Bullying ": Being a good friend and helping to create good and inclusive communities of children. It's nice to see that we are an important step forward in our efforts to prevent and remedy social isolation ", says Helle Østergaard, Project Manager of the Mary Foundation.

"Free of Bullying" consists of a suitcase with educational tools through conversation and play works to prevent bullying based on the 4 values: tolerance, respect, compassion and courage.

Good tools in a busy life

According to analysis manages 80% of those surveyed kindergartens and schools to integrate the "Free of Bullying" in their everyday lives. And the analysis shows an extraordinary high level of satisfaction with "Free of Bullying" - the suitcase: 98% of those surveyed educators and teachers will continue with "Free of Bullying", and as many would recommend the tool to others.

The result is Professor Jan Kampmann from Roskilde University and a member of the Mary Foundation expert panel pleasantly surprised:

"Analysis of" Free of Bullying "is perfectly in line with SFI's analysis of January this year that 20% of anti-bullying programs work. But it is interesting to see that so many are satisfied with the project, especially in a time when educators and teachers often lack resources in daily life. Educators and teachers are clearly motivated and choose to spend time working with the good values ​​- which has indeed proves to be a good investment. "

Work on "Free of Bullying" creates not only more helpful and caring children. For 3 out of 4 institutions are anti-bullying program has become an integral part of the educational curriculum. A polled fagvoksen says for example in the analysis:

"There are basic elements in the project, we use a lot. For example, how to say stop to things and how you look at each other and see if you look happy or sad. "

Help with the transition from kindergarten to school

Mary Foundation and Save the Children, in conjunction great importance to continuously evaluate and adjust the "Free of Bullying", so the tools are easy to use for educators and teachers' daily lives and routines - and have maximum impact and recognition of children:

"The analysis gives us a picture of the importance of" Free of Bullying "suitcase is as anchor for the children in the transition from kindergarten to school. Many educators and teachers use the "Free of Bullying" suitcase as a regular part of everyday schedule or activities - and it's just repetition and routine, that makes the children feel the peace of mind through ongoing work with the good values, "says Lars Job Jeannette Berg, program coordinator for Save the Children.

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I think the article is so interesting to try an automatical translation

Thanks karline. I forgot to post the translation.

No problem, dear mls, I fought with the details of the original text so I post the translation after reading the english translation.

I find the article is very interesting and show a lot about Mary's milestones with the Mary Foundation

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And from Anna Johannesen in Billed Bladet today this is reported : Kronprinsesse Mary: Jeg er simpelthen så glad

Kronprinsesse Mary: Jeg er simpelthen så glad

Det er altid en stor glæde for kronprinsese Mary at besøge børn i "Fri for mobberi"-børnehaver. Her er hun sammen med en flok af de små i Anna Wulffs Børnehave på Christianshavn. (Foto: Lars Laursen)

04 juli 2011 | Anna Johannesen Marys projekt mod mobning viser flotte resultater.

nyereældreDet er fem år siden, kronprinsesse Mary præsenterede sit "Fri for Mobberi"-program i Danmark, og nu viser en ny analyse, at hun bestemt har grund til at være både stolt og glad over, hvor godt både børn og pædagoger har modtaget det.

- Det motiverer os blot til at fortsætte, siger hun til BILLED-BLADET.

Det er en glad kronprinsesse Mary, der om et par uger tager på sommerferie med mand og fire børn. En spritny analyse af Mary Fonden og Red Barnets "Fri for Mobberi"-projekt viser nemlig, at indsatsen for at forebygge mobning virker. Siden programmet, som Mary har taget med fra Australien, blev lanceret for fem år siden, har pædagoger og lærere oplevet en positiv forskel for ni ud af 10 børn.

Mange børn er blevet langt sødere over for hinanden, ligesom også pædagoger og lærere er blevet motiverede af antimobbe-programmet.

- Jeg er simpelthen så glad for, at analysen af "Fri for Mobberi" bekræfter vigtigheden af det, vi fortsat arbejder hen imod, nemlig at forebygge mobning ved tidligt at lære børnene at være mere omsorgsfulde og hjælpsomme over for hinanden i gode, inkluderende børnefællesskaber, siger kronprinsesse Mary til BILLED-BLADET.

"Fri for Mobberi" består af en kuffert med pædagogiske redskaber, der gennem samtale og leg arbejder for at forebygge mobning med udgangspunkt i de fire værdier: tolerance, respekt, omsorg og mod.

En hjertesag for Mary

Et af de markante resultater ved analysen, som jeg hæfter mig særligt ved, er, fortsætter Mary, at stort set alle pædagoger og lærere vil anbefale programmet til andre. Det motiverer os blot til at fortsætte udbredelsen af "Fri for Mobberi", så de let anvendelige og effektive værktøjer kan komme endnu flere børn til gode i fremtiden.

"Fri for Mobberi" har lige fra starten været en hjertesag for kronprinsesse Mary, og da hun som bestyrelsesformand for Mary Fonden første gang præsenterede antimobbe-programmet i en børnehave i Gentofte, var det som mor til den dengang knap halvandet år gamle prins Christian. Her sagde hun bl.a., at hun ikke "kunne bære" tanken om, at hendes søn blev mobbet eller selv mobbede.

- Som forældre har vi alle et ansvar for at gøre vores børns liv til et liv fri for mobberi, sagde den gravide kronprinsesse Mary den dag. Et par måneder efter blev lille prinsesse Isabella født, og nu er der så kommet et par tvillinger til.

and the machine translation:

Princess Mary: I am just so happy

It is always a great pleasure for Princess Mary to visit children in "Free of Bullying" kindergartens. Here she is with a bunch of little Anna Wulff Kindergarten at Christianshavn. (Photo: Lars Laursen)

July 4, 2011 | Anna Johannesen Mary's project against bullying shows great results.

It's five years ago, Crown Princess Mary presented his "Free of Bullying" program in Denmark, and now shows a new analysis that she certainly has reason to be proud and pleased at how well both children and educators have received the .

- It just motivates us to continue, she says to Billed-Bladet.

It is a happy Princess Mary, who in a few weeks go on vacation with her husband and four children. A brand new analysis of the Mary Foundation and Save the Children "Free of Bullying" project shows that efforts to prevent bullying works. Since the program, Mary has brought from Australia, was launched five years ago, educators and teachers experienced a positive difference in nine out of 10 children.

Many children have been much nicer to each other, just as educators and teachers have been motivated by anti-bullying program.

- I am just so happy that the analysis of "Free of Bullying" confirms the importance of what we continue to work towards, namely to prevent bullying by early to teach children to be more caring and helpful to each other in good, including children's communities said Princess Mary to Billed-Bladet.

"Free of Bullying" consists of a suitcase with educational tools through conversation and play works to prevent bullying based on the four values: tolerance, respect, compassion and courage.

A heart for Mary- One of the striking results of the analysis, as I note in particular know is that Mary continues that virtually all educators and teachers would recommend the program to others. It motivates us just to continue the spread of "Free of Bullying", so they are easily usable and effective tools to reach even more children in good stead in the future.

"Free of Bullying" has always been at the heart of Princess Mary, and when she as chairman of the Mary Foundation first introduced anti-bullying program in a kindergarten in Adelaide, it was like the mother of the then nearly eighteen years old Prince Christian. Here, she said, including that she "could bear" the thought that her son was bullied or even bullied.

- As parents we all have a responsibility to make our children's lives to a life free from bullying, said the pregnant Crown Princess Mary that day. A few months later, little Princess Isabella was born, and now there so got a pair of twins.

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"Nyt fra Mary fonden juli 2011"


It's a pity they don't provide an English version.

I tried a maschine translation - here is Part I (as I am away today maybe some others would provide the rest of the translation?)

Ability to take on a trip - or on a vacation in Denmark. Advice for a vacation. And profits for a vacation. Many disadvantaged and abused women can not afford or profits, either for a vacation or for everyday bills. The Mary Foundation, we are in these months therefore continue busy spreading "Advice for Life" on its shelters. "Advice for Life" is free economically, social and legal advice for vulnerable and abused women not only have lost track of the economy, but also must live daily with the large dark secret that domestic violence is. And the economy is often an instrument of power in violent circumstances. Until now, about 800 women received counseling through the "Advice for Life" - and the effect is among other things, that women get a better overview of the economy and better welfare for the advice.

In our process of spreading "Advice for Life" on its shelters we visit shelters one by one, it is important for us to ensure that the project has local support and that it are the right forces, we have in relation to the task. At shelters shows both managers and employees continued strong interest in "Advice for Life", and also the local law firms that help with free legal advice demonstrates a commitment that we are very grateful for. And all parties, including the economic volunteer mentors Nykredit shows great professionalism, respect and human insight into the vulnerable and abused women with difficult situations.

The harsh experiences with domestic violence, as women often fleeing into the darkness of night, going often beyond children. On 31 March we packed again this year a n y game "Backpacks for children in shelters" along with volunteers LEGO retired employees. The backpack is sent to all children who come to the shelter with their mother in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and contains practical necessities such as toothbrush and pajamas and also contains toys, a teddy bear and a diary. until now we have distributed about 7,500 backpacks. As project manager it is important for me to continuously be in dialogue with our partners and volunteers. the volunteers LEGO employees put a lot of work - and a big heart - in the pack. The backpack is packed heavily with care - to make life easier for the children. during packing of backpacks, which takes place over several days in a LEGO's warehouses, we often talked about what difficult situations, children and the vulnerable and abused women are in the midst in. Every time we talk about children and women, each time we are helping to break a taboo and hopefully create a greater understanding of the complex social issues. And we are reminded again and again about how important it is that children are seen, heard and acknowledged in a vulnerable position.

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Nanoq.dk -News from Greenland-

Article with photos


( http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=da&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=ja&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fdk.nanoq.gl%2FEmner%2FLandsstyre%2FDepartementer%2FDepartement_for_uddannelse%2FNyhedsforside%2FNyheder_fra_dep_udd%2F2011%2F09%2Fkammagiitta.aspx )

Sunday was the official starting signal for the launch of Kammagiitta, a project about preventing bullying and create a framework for developing confidence, tolerance, respect, compassion and courage in our children...
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Thank you jema for the interesting link!

This is a result of the so-called behind-the-scene-work which we do not see or know, isn't it? I imaging the work to establish/begin such a project means a lot of work, beside her official engagements......

Does this woman has more than 24 h a day? I would be so excited if I could manage half of her daily/weekly program (great relationship and time for her husband, 4 children, official program, inofficial program, her sports, some minutes for the planning of her clothes, some free-time for herself, care for her family (her father and sisters e.g.) and friends................She is a very fit, healthy and strong person otherwhile she couldn't do this! I admire her much for managing all to fit together (and I'm sure we just see 30%) and for being so happy as it looks!

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Loneliness can strike anyone.

Selv kronprinsesse Mary kender følelsen, som hun sammen med Mary Fonden har valgt at gøre til et indsatsområde, der ved åbenhed, fokus og samtale skal forebygges og afhjælpes.

Even Princess Mary know the feeling, as she and Mary Foundation has chosen to make a commitment that by openness, focus and conversation must be prevented and remedied


All the best mitchell :rose:

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12. september 2012 H.K.H. Kronprinsessen afholder Mary Fondens præsidiemøde i Frederik VIII's Palæ, Amalienborg, kl. 11.00


Mary Foundation Presidium Meeting

12 September 2012, 11:00am

HRH The Crown Princess holds the Mary Foundation Presidium meeting in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.


The Mary Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees with Crown Princess Mary as Chairman.

The Mary Foundation is advised by an Executive Council that follows the work of the Foundation.

The Council consists of up to 25 members made up of co-founders, operating partner and other cooperative partners or relevant experts.

Present yesterday were both the Board of Trustees and the Executive Council.

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