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Mary's Patronages - Part 1


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I can tell this forum has a lot of experts for those royal issues, especially related to Mary? I just wonder what patronages mean? And what does she exactly do for those organizations she patrons? Donate money to them? Making "Marketing" campaign plans or What else? Thanks.  :P Mary-Manias :D

And also this threads can be a collections for those patronage campaigns in 2005 that Mary is to attend. That will be helpful to show more clearly how she is going to play her roles in this year... ;)


As potter has said, a patronage is a role of support from someone who is in a position to help draw attention to a cause which is usually through an official organisation. Mary is developing patronages as she grows into her role as CPss (not yet quite a year!) and she does them exactly the same way every other royal does them. In fact, we do not even know all the behind the scenes support and activity there is by the royals for their patronages, we mostly just see the public face through events determined by the organisations which are represented by whichever royal.

Re donating money, it was reported F&M privately donated money for the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal, like so many millions of other people all around the world, but that is not their primary function in being a patron. It is the drawing power of the royal which allows an organisation to raise its public profile and raise funds.

Re marketing, my guess would be that is not Mary's main role as patron. But, with more experience over the years I am sure she will be able to make many behind the scenes contributions to the organisations she works with, just as Queen Ingrid must have, as QMII must do, and all the rest. The fact is we do not know the full extent of the royal involvement, I do know from the BRF that the involvement can be quite extensive and not really reported by the media. What we do know is that Mary has chosen patronages in consultation with the court and the organisations who have asked for her and that she has chosen ones that she believes she can contribute to. She will have these pretty well for the rest of her life, so it is important in these early days that these selections are carefully done and also leave room for many new ones in the future for when eventually she becomes queen.

We already have separate threads for everything Mary does so I'm not sure re your part marked in bold above. If you want to make a list for this thread you are more than welcome. Also:

But here we could have some discussion and suggestions. What do you think, Potter?

:D Aren't we already doing this in this thread?

Mary, nor any other royal for that matter, is not just a person who does charity work. It is a complex role which is connected to the social fabric of Danish life, it is also her personal life lived in public and there are symbolic dimensions, too, and it is all rolled up into one--that would be more than a handful for most people, don't you think?

Lotte :D

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I don't think we should be hard on Fashion bug at this point. I think one thing we can all agree on is that the internet cannot convey feelings and intent. Plus when you get people from all over the world together trying to speak one language their are bound to be mistakes.

I didn't find anything negative about her posts at all. I think she was innocently asking questions. For instance some people write in CAPS and don't realize they are shouting. Some people write someting thinking it means one thing when it may mean another.

Fashionbug, don't worry about asking questions at all. I think you will find this group to be quite friendly and willing to help. Everyone gets misunderstood at somepoint. Don't let that discourage you from posting.

P.S. Mary manias was not offensive to me. I took it as something funny or cute.

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=potter,May 10 2005, 01:15 PM
Protektorens rolle

Translation of the Danish text under 'Protektorens rolle' at:


- the Danish text posted by Potter:

The Role of the Patron

When members of the royal family take on patronages, it means that they undertake to favour the association, institution, cause or organisation in question. This may be done in many ways, but generally the royal person supports the patronage by helping to disseminate knowledge of the individual patronage and through this work to inspire other people to contribute with their support in various ways.

The patron will often pay yearly visits at the patronage and will moreover be present at special occasions and events. Depending on the type of patronage, there may also be frequent meetings.

Promises of royal patronage may vary from case to case and may e.g. be based on generally charitable activities or export promotion.

By and large, patronages may be grouped into those with a lifelong promise of patronage and those with a one-time promise. Many, particularly humanitarian associations and organisations, have promises of permanent patronages, whereas patronage of exhibitions, conferences or the like is only granted if the royal member in question is able to be present at the opening.

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We've just read that Mary has gotten a new patronage, Dansk Flygtningehjælp (Danish Refugee Council)!

From Danish Refugee Council's homepage:

HKH Kronprinsesse Mary protektor for Dansk Flygtningehjælp 

Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary har påtaget sig hvervet som protektor for Dansk Flygtningehjælps arbejde med at sikre flygtninge en fremtid i verdens brændpunkter.

”Kronprinsesse Marys engagement er en uvurderlig styrkelse af Dansk Flygtningehjælps muligheder for at hjælpe de mange millioner flygtninge, der er blevet tvunget til at forlade deres hjem og begive sig ud i uvisheden,” siger Dansk Flygtningehjælps formand Knud Larsen.

Hovedparten af Dansk Flygtningehjælps arbejde foregår i verdens brændpunkter. Dansk Flygtningehjælp har projekter i 20 lande i Afrika, Asien og Europa. Flygtningehjælpen arbejder uafhængigt af internationale moderorganisationer, og er en af Danmarks største internationale hjælpeorganisationer.

Flygtningehjælpen er med hele vejen fra etablering af hjælpeprojekterne, til udbringning af nødhjælp, genopbygning og minerydning – med det mål bedst og hurtigst muligt at sikre en genetablering af en hverdag for flygtningene.

Dansk Flygtningehjælp arbejder i Danmark for at styrke integrationen af flygtninge blandt andet gennem sprogundervisning, jobformidling og et stort frivilligt netværk landet over.

”Dansk Flygtningehjælp har i 50 år været en markant og synlig organisation, der talte flygtningenes sag herhjemme og ude i verden. Det er et stort skulderklap til vores arbejde, at vi nu har fået mulighed for at knytte et medlem af kongehuset permanent til Flygtningehjælpen,” siger Knud Larsen.

Dansk Flygtningehjælp har tidligere haft HKH Dronning Margrethe som protektor for sine landsindsamlinger.

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This is the statement fromMary's patronage Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (UNF)


Kronprinsesse Mary protektor for UNF

Det er med stor glæde at Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (UNF) kan meddele at H.K.H. Kronprinsessen påtager sig hvervet som protektor for foreningen.

UNF har siden sin stiftelse i 1944 arbejdet på at udbrede interessen for naturvidenskab og teknologi, fortrinsvis blandt unge. Dette gøres ved at tilbyde vores mere end 3000 medlemmer mulighed for at høre foredrag af nogle af Danmarks førende forskere indenfor naturvidenskab. Derudover giver vi mere end 120 unge muligheden for selv at arbejde med forskningsområder som bioteknologi, nanoteknologi og spiludvikling på forskellige sommerskoler.

”Vi fandt det naturligt at spørge H.K.H. kronprinsesse Mary om hun ville være protektor for UNF, da hun er tæt tilknyttet naturvidenskab via hendes far John Donaldson, som er verdenskendt professor i matematik” udtaler formand Joan Ilsø Sørensen og fortsætter ”Vi er meget glade for den påskønnelse af vores arbejde som kronprinsesse Mary viser os, og vi håber meget, at hendes kongelige højhed kan hjælpe med til at skabe interesse for vores arrangementer, så vi i fremtiden kan give endnu flere tilbuddet om en unik naturvidenskabelig oplevelse”

Af: Mathias Bach Poulsen

Dato: 6-5-2005

Article on Mary's patronage Dansk Flygtningehjælp


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Crown Princess Mary becomes protector of UNF

It is with great joy that the Youths Natural Science Association (UNF) can announce that H.R.H. the Crown Princess undertakes the job as protector of the association.

UNF has since it's founding in 1944 been working for the propagation of interest in natural sciences and technology, mostly among the youth. This is done by offering our more than 3000 members the possibility of attending lectures by some of Denmarks leading scientists. Further more we give 120 youths the possibility to work with areas of research like biotech, nanotech and game development at different summer schools.

"We found it natural to ask H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary if she wanted to be protector of UNF, since she is tightly connected with natural science through her father John Donaldson, who' is a world-famed professor of mathematics" says chairman Joan Ilsø Sørensen and continues "We are very happy for the appreciation of our work that Crown Princess Mary shows us, and we really hope that her royal highness can help in creating interest in our events, such that we, in the future, can give the offer of a unique experience in natural science to many more people".

By: Mathias Bach Poulsen

Date: 6-5-2005

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HRH Crown Princess Mary becomes protector of the Danish Refugee Council

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary has undertaken the job as protector of the work by the danish refugee council of securing a future for refugees in the hotspots of the world.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary has undertaken the job as protector of the work by the danish refugee council in securing a future for refugees in the hotspots of the world.

"Crown Princess Marys involvement is an invaluable strengthening of the possibilities of the Danish Refugee Council for helping the millions of refugees that has been forced to leave their home and venture into uncertainty," the chairman of the Danish Refugee Council Knud Larsen says.

The main part of the work by the Danish Refugee Council takes place in the hotspots of the world. The Danish Refugee Council has projects in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. The Refugee Council works independantly of international mother organisations, and is one of Denmarks largest international helping organisations.

The Refugee Council takes part all the way from establishment of the helping projects, to delivery of emergency supplies, rebuilding to clearing mines - with the purpose of a quick reestablishment of everyday life for the refugees.

The Dainish Refugee Council works in Denmark to strengthen the integration of refugees through teaching language, job finding and a large nation-wide voluntary network.

"For 50 years the Danish Refugee Council has been a marked and visible organisation, which spoke for the refugees at home and abroad. That we now have been given the option to attach a member of the royal house to the Refugee Council permanently is a big pad on our back," Knud Larsen says.

The Danish Refugee Council has previously had HRH Queen Margrethe as protector of its nation wide fundraisers.

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My thanks also for your translation. ^thumbsup^

Also, a thank you to userdane for a translation on page 4 of potter's earlier post. :rolleyes:

We non Danish speakers wouldn't have a clue otherwise.

Hah!! a statement of the obvious :D

Lotte :P

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Now it is also on the website of Danske Kunsthåndværkere that Mary is their patron.

Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary protektor for Danske Kunsthåndværkere

Det er med meget stor glæde, Danske Kunsthåndværkere bringer nyheden om, at Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary har påtaget sig hvervet som protektor for organisationen.

Kronprinsparret viser begge stor interesse for kunsthåndværk og design, og da H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik er protektor for Dansk Design Center, og H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary allerede har påtaget sig protektorater inden for modens verden, vil alle de relaterede områder være i dækket på fineste vis.Vi ser frem til den spændende dialog med Kronprinsessen, så vi sammen kan styrke synliggørelsen af det nutidige danske kunsthåndværk og design.

To summarize it says that while Frederik is Patron of Danish Design and Mary already holds patronages within the Fashion industry this patronage "completes the circle"


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Thank you very much for translations, Valdemar ^thumbsup^

Thanks to Ingrid :@: for link to her patronage

The Danish Arts and Crafts Association

Crown Princess Mary's new patronage Dansk golf union / Danish Golf Federation has no statement on their site yet, but Ekstra Bladet has an interview with its president Morten Winter. He says with her as their patron they will try to get more youngsters and women become golf players. It is the biggest sport for the 25+ with 150 000 members.

Mary er kølleglad 

Dansk Golf Union vil med Mary som protektor prøve at få børn, unge og kvinder til at interessere sig for golf


Af David Andersen - 8:23 - 22. maj. 2005  


Dansk Golf Union har scoret et 'hole in one'. Selveste kronprinsesse Mary af kongeriget Danmark vil fremover - i den gode sags tjeneste, naturligvis - lægge krop og navn til udbredelsen af den ædle sport.

Nye målgrupper

Med deres nye royale protektor, som pr-stillingen så smukt betegnes, håber Dansk Golf Union på at tiltrække nye målgrupper til sporten.

- Det har længe heddet sig, at golf er en sport for ældre mænd. Med Mary som protektor vil vi prøve at få børn, unge og kvinder til at interessere sig for golf, siger formanden for unionen, Morten Vinter.

Godt tag om jernet

Kronprinsessen har aldrig lagt skjul på sin glæde for golfspillet, og har efter sigende et godt tag om jernet. Desuden er hun æresmedlem i adskillige danske golfklubber.

Derfor var det ikke svært for Morten Vinter og hans kølleglade, kugletrillende græsrødder at få Marys tilsagn om protektoratet.

- Efter et par henvendelser fra vores side kom der besked tilbage om, at det godt kunne lade sig gøre, fortæller formand Vinter.

Mary er i forvejen protektor for blandt andet Børnehjælpsdagen, Julemærkefonden og Designers Nest, som derfor har nydt stor mediebevågenhed.

Vil gavne sporten

- Vi er utrolig glade for, at kronprinsessen har sagt ja til opgaven. Jeg er sikker på, det vil gavne golfsporten, som i forvejen er inde i en rivende udvikling, kommer det forventningsfuldt fra Morten Vinter.



Kronprinsesse Mary – er i forvejen æresmedlem af adskillige golfklubber. (Foto: Kasper Weinstrup)

Crown Princess Mary is a honorary member of several golf clubs already

Patronage Children's Aid Foundation

Børnehjælpsdagen - one of the new patronages - was one of Queen Ingrids patronages too (1948). After her dead, Queen Margrethe has paid the fund attention, but she has never been their patron.

Patronage The Danish Kidney Association - press release

H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary protektor for Nyreforeningen

Pressemeddelelse 10. maj 2005

Hendes Kongelige Højhed Kronprinsesse Mary er blevet protektor for Nyreforeningen.

Nyreforeningen har med glæde modtaget meddelelsen om, at H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary har påtaget sig hvervet som protektor for Nyreforeningen.

Nyreforeningen er en patientforening for kronisk nyresyge, herunder dialysepatienter og nyretransplanterede, samt deres pårørende.

Landsformanden for Nyreforeningen Stig Hedegaard Kristensen udtaler om protektoratet:

”Nyresvigt er en belastende sygdom, ikke alene for den pågældende, men hele familien berøres af de gener og begrænsninger, sygdommen medfører. Nyreforeningens arbejde, for at nyresyge kan leve et så normalt liv som muligt i alle livets facetter, styrkes med den bevågenhed, H.K.H Kronprinsesse Mary hermed udviser ”.

And that concludes :lol: perhaps, the info on patronages released 4.may, posted on page 3

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Just a note on the golf topic. June 18th their is a golf turnament called "Stjernegolf" (Star Golf) taking place in Odense. In this connection they have arranged a Kids Cup for children aged 5-15. Maybe this could turn out to be a "Mary event".

Kids Cup - en ny juniorturnering

Kids Cup er en ny landsdækkende juniorturnering for børn i alderen fra 5-15 år og en del af velgørenhedsarrangementet Stjernegolf med deltagelse af de danske stjerner og kendisser.

Pressemeddelelse, 16. marts 2005

Kids Cup er for børn og etableret, fordi Stjernegolf netop afvikles til fordel for syge børn. Derfor var det naturligt at inkludere børnene i arrangementet for at understrege, at det netop er dem, der er i fokus - og forhåbentlig give dem en oplevelse for livet.

Kids Cup er en golfturnering for alle børn i alderen 5 – 15 år. Arrangørerne har valgt at fokusere på bredden af dansk golfs juniorer, da der i forvejen er en del golfturneringer for eliten – selv om de bedste naturligvis er meget velkomne til at deltage.

Målet med Kids Cup er at give børnene en god oplevelse og forhåbentlig på den måde være medvirkende til at få nogle flere børn ud i klubberne og prøve sporten.

Kids Cup afvikles som en landsdækkende turnering lokalt i klubberne, med fem regionsfinaler i Frederikshavn, Lillebælt, Horsens, Nivå og Sorø Golfklub, som alle har stillet deres baner gratis til rådighed for børnene. Herfra går de bedste videre til Kids Cup finalen i Odense Eventyr GK den 18. juni. Finalen spilles lige inden Stjernegolf 2005, hvorefter juniorerne har mulighed for at møde deres idoler og efterfølgende gå caddie for dem. For specifikke detaljer om turneringens opbygning henvises til de matchpropositioner, som er sendt til juniorledere i alle landets klubber.

Stjernegolf afvikles til fordel for Rigshospitalets Børneprogram (RBP). Stjernegolf er en selvejende institution stiftet af BG Bank filialdirekør Søren Bach i år 2000. I bestyrelsen sidder udover Søren Bach, RBP’s leder Charlotte Blix og håndboldlandsholdets venstrefløj Lars Christiansen. Stjernegolf er en TV-transmitteret golfmatch, hvor Danmarks stjerner dyster om at blive Danmarksmester i Golf. Fodboldlandsholdets målmand Thomas Sørensen er protektor for Stjernegolf.

I anledning af 200-året for H.C. Andersen bliver Stjernegolf i år spillet på Odense Eventyr Golfklubs dejlige bane den 18. juni. De seneste fire år har Stjernegolf årligt indsamlet minimum 150.000 kr. til de syge børn på RBP.


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